What Does VE Advantage Mean to You?

Set up ‘your’ own office in India at zero cost

Handpick your own
dedicated employee(s)

Hire professionals from
any domain

Hire employee that works from a
supervised professional office

Scale up or down with ease

Ease of communication
with your employee (s)

Reliable service provider,
enjoy strong Government support

Be in total control of
your employee
and your work

Advanced communication technology (Video Conferencing, PC sharing, Skype webcam and much else)

We take care of ‘your’ employee!

Our multiple power generators are always on standby to provide a 24-hour power supply to your employee as frequent power cuts are common here. India is a very hot and humid country where temperatures often cross 50 degree Celsius in summers. We run air-conditioners on diesel-powered generators to keep the office environs comfortably cool at all times. ...

  • Cold, bottled water for the entire staff since no one drinks directly from the tap in India
  • Taxi cabs to pick and drop the night shift employees
  • A strong and expert IT team to help meet every client’s individual requirements and to troubleshoot any IT-centric issue with hardware, software, and communication devices
  • Keeping well-maintained government-related records for every employee

In short, the VE Advantage opens the doors to a unique outsourcing experience where you, the client, get much more than just a low-cost remote employee.

Unique Advantages of the Our Hiring Process

Access to a large talent pool

We recruit candidates from our local area of New Delhi NCR. New Delhi NCR is the capital of India and the region has a population of approximately 20 million. The city possesses an abundance of highly talented individuals in every field and profession. Hence, when outsourcing with us, you have access to a wide database of skills and expertise. Moreover, with us, you are not limited to hiring from just our in-house talent. This gives you the highest probability of hiring the most skilled, experienced, and qualified employee(s) for your job vacancy.

You select the employee you want to hire

You are firmly in control when you outsource with us. You select the employee or employees that will work with you. Often the client has extensive knowledge in the field in which they are outsourcing and has the best understanding of the duties of the position to be filled. Our recruitment model is, hence, ideal because you are not assigned an employee by us but you select the employee you want to hire.