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ms office specialist

Want to Stay Ahead of the Curve? Get Help from MS Office Specialists

Is the lack of IT savvy professionals killing your business productivity and growth? Maybe it’s time to incorporate Microsoft Office experts in your team! Whether it is business documentation and communication, or data computation, or leveraging cloud and SharePoint applications—a proficient MS Office specialist can improve and speed up your business performance in every department, eliminating risk of errors.

Discover what your business can do with MS Office

An MS Office specialist is professionally certified and trained in using the various components of MS Office suite including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, SharePoint, and OneNote. Our MS Office specialists support small and medium businesses (SMBs) by offering advanced MS Office skills in various business functions and contexts.

Our MS Office experts can identify opportunities and provide support to improve the way you run your business—cutting costs and enhancing workflow efficiency—by helping you:

Improve business performance, security and efficiency

From snazzy power point presentations to responsive Excel solutions to creating a custom app to delivering dynamic cloud-based data repositories—you can outsource a wide range of business functions to our experts and focus on your core business areas.

Proficient in cloud, mobile, and more traditional technology, we deliver effective MS Office solutions—scalable, error-free, and result-oriented—for multiple domains including finance, eCommerce, corporate, IT etc, and more.

Ms office specialist
VE offers you MS Office certified experts for the entire MS Office pack including:
Ms office specialist

MS Word— Create Perfectly Formatted Documents

Our experts can help you create and manage documents and large data, using powerful formatting and processing MS tools.

  • Create documents
  • Design and format documents
  • Design templates for customized use
  • Turn data into visual charts
  • Use Desktop Publishing tools
  • Use work collaboration, review, and track tools
  • Mail merge

We can create PDFs from almost any format, and transform difficult PDFs into editable data, ensuring user and data privacy at all times.

MS Excel—Leverage Excel Solutions to Save Time and Effort

Would you like to automate your book-keeping tasks but find Excel baffling? Givce humungous data shape and meaning with the help of MS Excel. Our MS Office experts can help you simplify and use Excel spreadsheets for compiling, processing, formatting, and manipulating business information and data.

These experts can design:

  • Customized spreadsheets with specific functions and formulas
  • User-friendly and dynamic Excel solutions
  • Excel software as an accessible database and form creation
  • Pivot table and pivot chart

VE can offer you MS Office specialists for Excel consulting as well programming.

MS Power Point—Deliver Expertly Designed Information

Our MS Power Point specialists can present your important business communications—from company meetings, proposals and agenda to marketing and sales tactics—with expertly designed information. MS Power Point is a powerful tool for making great and eye-catching presentations. We can help you create customized and innovative communications through:

  • Power point templates
  • High-end power point solutions
  • Business presentations

Our MS Office assistants can easily covert hand drawn or mechanically typeset slides, blackboard or whiteboard content, or overhead projections into MS PPT slides.

MS Access—Design, Develop, and Integrate Databases

Businesses can use MS Access to store, retrieve, analyze, and print information or data. This user-friendly software allows businesses to access data faster, in a customized manner, and accurately.

Organizations can use our MS Access experts to acquire the following competencies:

  • Quickly track and retrieve information
  • Design and develop databases
  • Incorporate automation
  • Documentation of systems
  • Financial system integration

MS SharePoint—Leverage workplace collaboration and Efficiency

MS SharePoint is a real time web-based application to integrate intranet, document and file management, social networks etc. Our MS SharePoint experts can offer their expertise to utilize SharePoint to:

  • House forms, files etc. about business processes and policies
  • Store electronic versions of documents
  • Use it as a workflow interface with your clients
  • Administer, access, and secure information

MS OneNote—Use OneNote as a data repository; access and share data across devices

OneNote is a great tool for small businesses that need to work with large volumes of information and data in real time. We can help you identify and design the way OneNote can improve your business in various ways:

  • Knowledge archiving and management using OneNote
  • Business objectives and productivity monitoring
  • Information exchange amongst the team
  • Bookkeeping, marketing, and strategizing
  • Customer and vendor communications
VE can help you leverage technology to create and consume information to run your business more efficiently by saving time, money and effort.