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The professional article writers at Virtual Employee are all University degree holders and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. This gives them a winning combination of English proficiency and industry expertise. So, it doesn’t matter what topic or domain you want article writers for. You’ll find one at VE.

6 Reasons to Outsource Article Writing Services to VE
Reasons to Outsource Article Writing Services to VE
  • Steady, reliable content stream
  • Power your content marketing
  • Improve your SEO rankings, get more traffic
  • Easily scale your content requirements
  • Stop worrying about new content ideas
  • Get more subscribers and conversions
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Get Articles That Drive Engagement

High-quality, well-researched and original articles are always in demand, and never more so in the digital landscape where it is all too easy to sound like an echo of hundreds of other brands. Thanks to eagle-eyed editors, stringent plagiarism checks and emphasis on unique and original copy, VE’s professional article writers from India help make content marketing a success for their global clients.

With VE, you hire dedicated article writers who work exclusively for you. So, the one-on-one interactions with you help them thoroughly understand exactly what you want (and don’t want) in the articles that get written. Through their intelligent approach of keeping the target audience in mind and applying the principles of persuasive copywriting, VE’s article writers in India create content that:

  • Has top-notch English

  • Builds trust with your audience

  • Establishes you as a domain authority

  • Speaks your brand’s voice

  • Gets you published on reputed websites

Professional Article Writing Services

Achieve Content Marketing Success with Engaging Articles

SEO-optimized Articles

Give a boost to your SEO rankings with keyword-optimized articles, anchor text optimized content, skyscraper posts and more. VE’s article writers in India also write guest posts for increasing search visibility and for link building.

Domain-specific Articles

For short-on-time businesses, VE’s professional writers come as a boon. With their vast experience of writing on a plethora of domains, you get well-researched, well-structured, informative articles on topics pertaining to your domain and industry.

Social Media Articles

Hang out where your audience does and make a buzz on popular social media platforms! Long-form articles for popular social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook is a powerful way to establish your brand authority before your target audience.

Lifestyle Articles

The lifestyle market is big business and with good reason. People are more aware today than ever before. Get lifestyle articles written for travel, health, hospitality, beauty and fashion that enrich your website’s content offerings and keep readers engaged.

Educational Articles

In the education domain? Need to create exhaustive training-based content? Find expert article writers at VE who can help you create not just course curriculums but also informative, well-researched articles for your subject.

Ghost Posting Articles

No time to write your own articles? You can still create a rich vault of articles for your content marketing campaigns, thanks to VE’s expert ghost writers who can do everything from writing to editing to formatting.

Research Articles

Research can be tedious but not for our content ninjas! Nothing screams authority as a deeply-researched, accurately presented, long-form article. Create strong pillar pages with cluster topics with our dedicated article writers from India.

News Articles

Many of VE’s article writers are ex-journalists and have worked in leading media houses. So, thanks to their ‘nose’ for news, writing news articles comes easily to them. Give your readers more insight into the events that are unfolding around them.

Personality Profile Articles

Personality-based articles require smart research and careful sifting of facts to create a realistic persona of popular personalities. VE’s article writers from India combine wit and a creative flair to achieve just that.

Access Creative Talent When You Need It

Our Top Article Writers in India

Our 4 Levels of Professional Article Writing Expertise

Find a Dedicated Article Writer for Every Need

General Writers

These are junior writers who can write articles that do not require too much research or are not too complex.

Expert Writers

These are mid-level but experienced article writers in India who need very little hand-holding to write the content you want.

Specialist Writers

These are domain experts who can write high-quality articles on niche domains like finance, legal, education, or the technical domains.

Authority Content

Only the most senior and experienced writers fall in this category. This includes very long, high-end content like White papers, Case Studies.

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6 Powerful Benefits From VE’s Article Writing Wizards

Short or Long-form, Get Every Type of Article Here

Hiring the best is your most important job! And, VE’s article writers in India have been helping their global clients in 34 countries get content that plays a pivotal role in their content marketing activities.

  • Fast turnaround time

    Get a 500-word article researched, written and edited within 3-4 hours.

  • Intelligent online research

    Experts at smart research that saves time and adds value to the article.

  • Unlimited revisions

    Changed your article angle? Feel free to get it rewritten, no questions asked.

Virtual Employee
  • Hawk-eyed editing

    Error-free content is what you will get and what your readers will love.

  • Free samples

    Try us before you hire. Ask us to write 2 samples, free.

  • Average 7+ years’ experience

    Expertise comes with experience and you never struggle with rookie writers at VE.

Achieve Content Marketing Success With VE’s Article Writers

Make Every Article Resonate with Your Target Market

Our article writers hail from varied educational backgrounds and can write articles of any complexity or length for any domain, be it technical, finance or lifestyle.

Get more backlinks and have your website articles published on third party websites as VE’s writers write SEO-driven content to boost your content marketing.

Choose how you want the articles written. Just share the topic and your VE article writer will do the necessary research and come up with the tone, format and word count you need.

No Matter Your Industry

We Have Your Back

They Grew Their Traffic and Revenue

Thanks to VE’s Wordsmiths

Pick Your Partnership

It Doesn’t Get More Flexible Than This

Finally, a super flexible, and convenient hiring model that makes scaling up and down effortless.

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  • Dedicated Model

    The dedicated model is best suited for those who wish to hire full-time or part-time article writers. You get to retain complete control over your content as well as resource.

  • Team Model

    If you need writers to manage a large and steady volume of work (as in an agency), then the team model is perfect for you. Along with a team of dedicated article writers you also get one senior Team Lead completely free.

  • Hourly Model

    Don’t have sufficient content requirement to go for either a dedicated or a team model? VE has a solution for that too! Simply choose our hourly hiring model and pay as you consume.


About VE’s Article Writers in India

How can I hire an article writer from VE?

You can get started with an article writer at VE in as little as 48 hours. Just share your detailed requirement with us when you fill up our form. Receive screened CVs of our triple-screened article writers. Interview selected candidates via phone/ video conference or assign tests. Happy with the results? Hire them straightaway and start instantly.

How good are your writers?

Virtual employee has one of the most stringent recruitment processes in place when it comes to hiring article writers from India. Every candidate goes through several rounds of in-depth written tests for grammar and language proficiency as well as multiple interview rounds before they get shortlisted. These professional article writers at VE are the cream of the writing talent and they are the ones who write content for you.

How quickly can I get content?

This usually depends on the type of content, the complexity of the topic and the time needed for research. On average, the time for writing a high-quality, well-researched article of 500 words takes between 3-4 hours, including editing.

What are your writers’ qualifications?

All our writers are graduates, with most having University degrees in either English or Mass Communication and Journalism.

Are your articles search engine optimized (SEO)?

Yes! Our skilled SEO article writers from India are aware of the latest best practices for SEO writing. You’ll always get authoritative content, which is so critical to SEO success.

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