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Top Reasons to Hire an HVAC Professional

Aim for a better building performance

Whether you are a homeowner or an entrepreneur, it is important for you to adopt energy efficient practices, especially now that the carbon emissions are at an all-time high. That’s exactly where the HVAC system design comes into the picture. A HVAC mechanical engineer can ensure that your residential or commercial project steers clear of these emissions and help you cut down on the ever-increasing energy costs. And more importantly, hiring a HVAC mechanical design engineer not only helps you with energy conservation but also ensures increased comfort. A win-win situation.

HVAC design and drafting outsourcing to India is your gateway to ensuring that your heating and ventilation systems become a part of your building design plans in little to no time. Also, if you have older building design plans with you, which are likely to be drawn using paper and pencil, and are looking forward to making some alterations, it makes sense to hire HVAC engineer from India and get those plans converted. HVAC outsource is imperative if you want to maintain the airflow, temperature, and humidity levels of your building without splurging on the design.

Here’s what a HVAC professional can do for you:

  • Design & Drafting

    From structural steel fabrication drawings to HVAC duct layout drawings, our skilled HVAC experts can address all possible requirements.

  • Calculations

    A DIY HVAC duct size calculator won’t give you accurate results. But an experienced HVAC design engineer from India can save the day. You can also get them to do HVAC design calculations for you.

  • Planning

    Construction plans, layout plans, demolition plans – anything that calls for expertise is better left to a professional. And who better than VE’s HVAC experts who know energy optimization like the back of their hand.

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Comprehensive HVAC Engineering Services

Making your life easier


Hire HVAC experts for central air systems, ductless split systems, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, air cleaners and filters, etc. Your hand-picked HVAC mechanical engineer can easily put an end to your ventilation woes.

Kitchen Design & Layout

Right from commercial kitchen exhaust hood to overhead units, every HVAC service engineer on VE’s payroll can cater to your individual requirements. Our HVAC experts are also well-versed with sheet metal ducts.

Heating Systems

We have some of the top HVAC design engineers with us, those who know their way around wall & floor furnaces, thermostats, gas & oil burners, heat pumps, direct vent heating, natural gas heating, boilers, heat pumps etc. Take your pick.

Cooling Systems

We’re not just one of the many HVAC engineering companies in India, but rather a one-stop destination, wherein you can find a fully-trained HVAC professional for air conditioners, air handles, ice machine installation/repair, etc.


Over the years, we’ve gained expertise in everything duct related, be it putting a HVAC duct sizing calculator to good use or plugging the air leaks in your air ducts, thereby helping you cut down on energy loss and get rid of hot & cold spots.


Our HVAC experts can install a residential HVAC system in no time and are equally nuanced in terms of fixing one. The icing on the cake is that all our HVAC design engineers also excel at installing & maintaining VRF systems.


With VE, you get to hire HVAC service engineers from India for systems and circulators, packaged units, generators, energy efficient systems, etc. Also, we are one of the few commercial HVAC service companies to undertake custom projects.


From HVAC heat load calculation to development of construction plan drawings, we do it all. Our HVAC engineering services also include, but are not limited to elevation drawings, equipment layouts and submittals, schematics, etc.


HVAC outsource should also free you of health and longevity related worries, when it comes to your air conditioning and heating systems. And with VE, it does. We are all for routine maintenance, timely reminders, and more.

Outsource HVAC Engineering Services to India

Hiring a HVAC design engineer from India makes pure business sense

Massive Cost Savings

Hire HVAC experts from India to save big on money (and time).

Largest Talent Pool

India has 2000+ engineering colleges. A greater talent pool to choose from.

Time Zone Advantage

A round-the-clock work culture ensures a rather quick TAT.

Why Choose VE for HVAC Services?

VE saves you time, money and plenty of grey hairs

Free Trial

Handpick the resource of your choice, test their work for free first before outsourcing and hiring your HVAC experts with us.

Dedicated Employees

Every HVAC mechanical engineer working for us is a full-time employee on VE’s payroll. You get to monitor their work, which is not the case with a freelance HVAC service engineer.

Value for Money

Hiring a HVAC design engineer from India, especially a team can be a costly affair. Not with VE. Pay for 1 HVAC professional, but leverage the expertise of 350+ HVAC experts.

360° Services

From HVAC load calculation to preparing an AutoCAD HVAC design, we have an all-inclusive HVAC design and drafting services portfolio.

Zero Hidden Charges

It’s all black and white. No surprises. VE is the one of the few HVAC companies in India with a transparent pricing structure.

Diverse Experience

Some of our experts are good at fixing residential HVAC systems while others are adept at commercial HVAC designs as well.

HVAC Engineering Services Process

  • Analysis

    Your HVAC mechanical engineer will develop a thorough understanding of your individual requirements and then proceed.

  • Planning

    Hire HVAC experts who analyze and evaluate every project and its technical requirements before coming up with a project plan.

  • Layouting

    Your HVAC design engineer designs piping layouts, plan drawings, etc., in tandem with your specific requirements.

  • Execution

    Once the layouts have been approved, your HVAC professional gets down to resolving your concerns right away.

  • Quality Checking

    Stringent testing is carried out by your HVAC design and drafting expert to ensure there are no grievances.

Our HVAC Design & Drafting Portfolio

Choose us as your HVAC service provider with conviction

architectural building design
Healthcare architectural design
architectural building designs

Choose from our 3 Easy Hiring Models

Dedicated Model

Hire a dedicated HVAC design engineer and feel free to speak to them, monitor their work, and give your feedback.

Team Model

You can hire a team of HVAC experts with mixed skill sets, but only need to pay for the equivalent of one resource.

Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc

Depending on the amount of work, you can go for 8 or 4 hours/day or ad hoc HVAC engineering services.

Hiring an HVAC Design Engineer is Easy

Hire your handpicked HVAC experts within 8 hours after sharing your requirement with us

  • Brief Us

    What all HVAC engineering services do you wish to outsource?

  • Handpick The Best Resources

    We offer you CVs of triple-vetted candidates. Take your pick.

  • Choose Your Team

    It’s possible to interview the selected candidates via phone or video conference.

  • Get Going

    Happy with the results? Hire a HVAC mechanical design engineer straight away.

Addressing All Your Hiring Challenges

Redefining recruitment for you

3072+ Clients Recommend VE’s HVAC Services

Start ups, SMEs and MNCs keep coming back to us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Outsource HVAC design services without a shred of doubt

What all software are your HVAC experts proficient in?

Our HVAC design engineers from India are well-versed with the use of Autodesk Inventor, CAEPIPE, CAESAR II, AutoCAD, Smart DRAW, Alibre Design Professional, EDGECAM, Tube CAD, ALPHACAM, etc

What is the scope of your HVAC engineering services in India?

From HVAC drawings or sheet metal design to sheet detailing solutions, we do it all. Our HVAC experts are good with digital prototyping, computer aided engineering (CAE), and analysis (static, fatigue, and thermal).

Are HVAC design engineers familiar with building codes?

Yes. And not just the building codes, but our HVAC design and drafting experts keep themselves abreast with everything HVAC related. So, when the production and import of the R22 refrigerant was banned, they took note.

What separates VE from other Indian HVAC engineering companies?

Detailed designs, finite element analysis, concept to prototype CAD, full product lifecycle management – and the list just goes on. Again, we’re one of the few HVAC companies in India with 500+ client testimonials on record.

Will I get a free trial with my HVAC design engineer?

Yes. Hire HVAC mechanical design engineer with a 4-hour FREE trial. Assess their skills and see if they are ready to take up the job. If you are looking for a relatively long trial period, you are advised to opt for a paid one.

What is your pricing structure?

Hire HVAC service engineer from India on a prepaid basis. When you decide to hire, pay for the 1st month’s invoice, the 15-day notice period fee, along with a copy of the signed contract before they start working for you.

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