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Unsure about the best-suited Hadoop implementation strategy for your business? Get expert consultation from VE’s Hadoop certified developers.

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Hadoop Migration Services

Hire Hadoop certified developers from India to enable a seamless transition of your existing frameworks and platforms through Hadoop migration support.

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Hadoop Maintenance

VE’s Hadoop application developers from India can deliver continuous support and maintenance for your vital business processes to improve their functionality.


Hadoop Health Check

Hire Hadoop developers from India who can conduct a health check of your system by reviewing the data cluster and submitting a comprehensive report.

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VE’s free, bespoke recruitment support helps you go from searching to hiring literally within days, if not hours. No more long waiting periods and expensive local recruitment fees for just one hire.

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Get your own ‘offshore office in India’, side-step pesky issues like employee benefits, etc. and pay only your certified Hadoop developer’s salary.

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As an ISO27001:2013 certified and CMMiL3 assessed company, VE assures its clients of breach-proof data security and confidentiality at all times.

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Your expert Hadoop developer understands your project requirement, business expectations and goals to deliver a future-ready Big Data solution.

VE’s certified Hadoop developer from India builds a prototype keeping the project requirements in mind and sends it across for the client’s approval.

Upon prototype approval, your Hadoop certified programmers from India begin developing and integrating the software with your existing system.

VE’s testing team thoroughly evaluates the system and informs the Hadoop development team about the issues and bugs that need to be fixed.

Once your Hadoop application developer fixes the bugs and issues in the system, the updated Hadoop solution is deployed into your active system.

Ve's Step Hadoop Development Process
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FAQs on Our Hadoop Development Services

You can hire VE’s certified Hadoop developers from India who are skilled in taking on the following responsibilities:
  • Analysis and management of Hadoop log files
  • Using scheduler for the management of Hadoop jobs
  • Employ ZooKeeper to cluster coordination services
  • Assist MapReduce programs working on the Hadoop cluster
The core Apache Hadoop modules used by our Hadoop application developers are:
  • Yarn
  • HDFS
  • Hadoop Common
  • Map Reduce
Yes, our Hadoop experts in India are adept at employing the Hadoop Distributed File System, which is a distributed data storage system used to store vast volumes of data. The integration of HDFS with Hadoop turns data processing faster and fault tolerant.
Yes, of course! VE’s expert Hadoop programmers can work with the following Hadoop Architecture components:
  • NameNode
  • DataNode
  • Job Tracker
  • Task Tracker
VE’s Hadoop certified developers in India are qualified to work across multiple domains and industries. That is why we also encourage our clients to take a Free Trial with us to gauge the calibre of the resources.
You can choose a preferred platform to connect or allocate tasks to your team at VE. Our experts are well-versed in MS Teams, Zoom, Slack, Asana, Skype, and Basecamp. We use Outlook for emails. If your company prefers to communicate on a different platform, you just need to inform us and we can quickly get on board.

Improve Your Data Loop – Hire Hadoop Developers from India

Sitting on a goldmine of data and unable to make the most of it? Model your data with Hadoop, an open-source framework that offers massive cost benefits by bringing parallel computing to commodity servers. This Big Data technology has proven to be reliable, easy to use, scalable, and cost-effective. It’s no wonder that tech giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft have adopted Hadoop for improved search, log processing, data warehousing, etc. However, you require hiring a dedicated Hadoop developer from India to efficiently optimize Big Data for sustainable business growth. At Virtual Employee, we help you get top-drawer Big Data Hadoop developers to access and process your data faster. VE’s expert Hadoop developers from India can help reduce the flaws in Big Data and build integrated systems tailored to your business needs. Here’s a list of benefits that a Hadoop certified developer brings to the table:...

  • High-Performance Data Tracking
  • Hadoop Best Practices & Strategy
  • Errorless Hadoop Implementation
  • Consistent Support for Queries
  • Swift Unstructured Data Processing
  • Adept Data Repository Analysis

Why Should You Outsource Hadoop Development Services to India?

By 2025, the Big Data Analytics segment in India is expected to achieve 8X growth and become a $16 billion industry. Hence, India is set to become a major shareholder of the Hadoop market and emerge as a global hub of Hadoop developers. This is why outsourcing Hadoop development to India can help you build worthwhile solutions to tackle today’s major data challenges.

To begin with, the architecture design must be appropriate to support your business needs and deliver superior performance. At VirtualEmployee.com, our dedicated Hadoop developers in India are going to strategize every single component sensibly to satisfy your business needs. Our professional team of Hadoop developers can also forecast your present and prospective data volume to identify the essential system speed. Owing to a detailed approach, our certified Hadoop developers help merge frameworks and suitable technologies to ensure ideal performance.

Moreover, effective Hadoop implementation requires expert advice to identify and resolve project complexity. Hire Big Data Hadoop developers from India to assist with assessing the structure and size needed for Hadoop clusters and set up your solution in the cloud. VE’s Hadoop experts can install and make all the required frameworks function accurately. Hire Hadoop certified developers from India to manage the clusters relying on the load to enhance the overall efficiency of the system.

Why Hiring VE’s Dedicated Hadoop Developers is the Right Choice?

Hire Hadoop programmers from India who can lend a helping hand in any phase like pre and post-implementation, backup configurations, settings and security concerns. Your offshore Hadoop developers are also skilled in migrating your system to a completely new platform. At Virtual Employee, your Hadoop developers can find the ideal solution that meets your real-time analytics requirements. The remote Hadoop experts can easily design, build and implement a system for various industry verticals.

Your humongous business data requires following the best practices so that there’s no information loss encountered. Discovering the secret procedure to handle Big Data is the crucial factor to frame the perfect strategy to aid business growth. So, you need to hire Hadoop developers from VE to manage massive amounts of data employing the best practices and strategy. With an expert team of Hadoop certified developers, we have never had to comprise the quality of our development services.

Technical Expertise of Our Certified Hadoop Developers

As a top-rated Hadoop development company in India, we help our clients in finding the perfect strategy that matches their business needs and delivers the ideal results. Our professional Hadoop development solutions ensure you choose the appropriate tools and technologies to fulfill your business objectives. Relying on the technology you choose, VE’s dedicated Hadoop developers will provide vendor-neutral suggestions.

Also, your expert Hadoop programmers can constitute a suitable modern architecture that boosts efficiency in performing everyday tasks. The authority of Big Data can help you enhance business outcomes. However, you need to hire Hadoop developer from VE to properly harness the immense capabilities of Big Data.

Why Outsource Hadoop Development Services to Virtual Employee?

You need an effective infrastructure model along with proper deployment of Big Data technologies for achieving your business goals. At VirtualEmployee.com, our remote Hadoop experts can help you handle both in one fell swoop. Outsource Hadoop development services to VE for streamlining the installation and integration of Big Data infrastructure and eradicate complexity.

Your offshore Hadoop programmers in India are always up for any task. Since client satisfaction is our top priority, we identify their business requirements and perform project analysis whilst ensuring complete transparency. With certified Hadoop developers at our disposal, we can help you achieve the desired results quickly. VE’s professional Big Data Hadoop services will make sure your clients keep coming back.

3500+ Clients in 48 Countries Have Accelerated Their Business Growth with VE’s Developers. You Could Be Next!