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6 Excel Data Entry Tips and Tricks You Must Know

“I am still learning.” – Michelangelo at age 87 Managing a short to-do list or a stack of vital business data, without Microsoft Excel seems nearly impossible today. Launched more

Scope of 3D Animation and VFX in India

Do you remember the feeling of jumping out of your seat with a pounding heart while watching a 3D movie with splendid VFX (Visual Effects)? You and your group of

Top 6 Ways How a Virtual Assistant can be an Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

Running after the clients, preparing reports, writing e-mails, scheduling meetings, and what not – the life of a ‘solopreneur’ is certainly not easy. It is sad that many modern-day entrepreneurs

How to incorporate content first approach in design?

What do people visit your website for? Download your apps for? Purchase your subscriptions for? CONTENT. There is a lot that goes into creating a perfect website than just enticing

5 Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services to Outsource

The virtual assistant market has been growing rapidly over the recent years. You can hire a virtual assistant to perform a wide variety of tasks. From managing a website to

If You Think AI for Data Entry with No Manual Labor is a Good Move, Think Again!

Beneath the tall mountains of the south and the forested hills of the west lives a couple in a beautiful home that has all the amenities of a modern 21st

How Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Can Benefit Your Practice

If one were to ask, “What is the most challenging part in a doctor’s practice?” many medical professionals would say it is the billing. Who knew that in a profession

5 Signs You Need to Hire a Bookkeeper

These days, there is a new trend emerging in the offshoring industry in India. Bookkeeping services in India are gaining traction among Western clients, especially small businesses with limited budgets

Why outsourcing animation projects to India ensures better quality

The Incredible Hulk, The Narnia franchise, HOP, X-Men First Class, Knight and Day, The Mummy franchise, Night at the Museum 1&2, Alvin & The Chipmunks series, The Golden Compass…… No

How to Find and Use a Virtual Assistant?

The quest for the right one It isn’t always easy trying to find the right people to work for you. The best talents in the market are too expensive and

Business Process Outsourcing & SMEs

It isn’t surprising to see that numerous new businesses especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are going for outsourcing. There are many companies who prefer to outsource to India and

6 Most Common Problems in Website Design

As a business, you must never take things lightly and overlook the obvious mistakes that should be rectified. For every time you fail to plug the loopholes that are there