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The Secret Behind ALL Successful Marketing is Powerful Content

You’ve clicked on a website. The fabulous design has grabbed your eyeballs. Then you start reading….and wince. The content, frankly, wilts and completely dilutes the initial great first impression that the website created on you. Disappointed, you hit the ‘close’ button. Poor content has claimed yet another victim.

Sounds familiar?

That’s the power of the written word on the web, even today. It’s not in vain that the phrase ‘Content is King’ was coined. Content continues to rule cyberspace. No wonder, despite Google’s periodic updates that send webmasters scurrying for cover, great content remains the one dependable ‘risk cover’.

Great content compels your reader to take action!

Leverage the art of Copywriting

Your prospective customers will view your content (and hence, your business pitch) for just 8 seconds before moving on to something else. You have all of just 8 seconds to grab their attention, convince them and convert those prospects into customers. You can pull it off with VE’s Professional Content Writers who have mastered 35 winning formulas for writing headlines alone! No need to hire a freelance writer anymore when you have VE’s proven, dedicated resources just one click away.

Industry Experts For Every Type of Content

VE’s Content Team is a one-stop solution for all the content writing services you need – and the services are highly cost-effective. You’ll find experts in every industry to write informed content, be it travel and lifestyle, fashion, real estate or software solutions. Let your brand earn credibility by roping in a Website Content Writer to power up your presence on Google search, thanks to smart keyword-centric SEO content writing techniques. From blog writing service to press release writing service, VE’s Content Wizards offer every content solution your business needs while you get to SAVE 70% IN COSTS.

Any Content That You Want – Be Sure VE’s Writers Can Write It For You

Website & SEO Content

With a Website Content Writer, get keyword-powered text that satisfies Google, so that your website shows up high on search engine page results (SERPs), every time.

Social Media Content

Reach out to prospective customers through crisp, catchy & relevant content for the most popular social media platforms.

Articles & Blogs

Turn your website into a rich vault of carefully researched articles & authoritative, well-written blog posts to satisfy even niche search queries

White Papers

Get professional, authoritative & convincing White Papers that are written only after intense research.

Landing Pages For Paid Campaigns

Through powerful, engaging content, convince visitors on your landing/ PPC pages to hit the Call-To-Action button.

Legal Content

VE’s writers are well aware of the international legal systems; they can handle all types of legal writing requirements.

Technical & Medical

From engineering reviews to documenting surgical procedures, the VE Content Team can turn the creative spotlight even in highly niche fields.

Press Releases & Newsletters

Win over the online media through news-worthy content from former journalists as part of VE’s press release writing services.

eBooks, Brochures & Presentations

Publish your very own ebooks, get information-rich brochures & flaunt eye-catching MS PowerPoint presentations with VE’s wordsmiths.


Light up a summit & take your audience by storm with a captivating speech written for maximum impact.

Travel & Lifestyle

Charm visitors to your online platforms with tempting, inviting content that’s engagingly written as well as informative.

Academic Curriculum & Courses

Watch the raw version of your study material turn into ‘gold’, thanks to the VE team’s knowledge base & rewriting skills.

CVs & Cover Letters

Give your CV the ‘voice’ it deserves in a cut-throat job hunt; get a neatly-written cover letter that lifts your image.

Product & Service Descriptions

Ensure that your products & services, from furniture to fast food delivery, grab customers through attractively worded descriptions.

Editing & Proofreading

Professional editors, with in-depth media world experience, can turn all your rough drafts & ideas into powerful pieces of content.

Book Pitches

Your pitch is as powerful as the manuscript of your book. Let your VE writer draft a proposition that will wow publishers.


Captivate your readership by giving your vault of online & offline fiction the perfect dose of creativity & language skills.

Movie Scripts

If you have a great movie idea, get hold of a gripping, tasteful script that will turn it into a must-watch flick.

Know Your Team Through Sheer Numbers

Your VE Experts come with a winning combination of experience, expertise, speed & ingenuity. These numbers will tell you why you need them for content writing services


Professional Writers, Proofreaders & Editors


Years of Combined Experience, Ensuring You Get Rich Content


White Papers & Ebooks Delivered to Clients from the US, UK, Australia


Highly-Informative Infographics Delivered & Designed for Clients


Words on Average are Churned Out by Your VE Team Every Day

Digital Marketing Success is Yours…But Only With Good Content

To dominate the intensely competitive digital marketing landscape you need great content that can slay rivals in a matter of seconds. You can do that with VE’s Professional Content Writers. Since digital marketing and content writing overlap so closely, VE not only gives you content writers who can write great content for any digital marketing activity, but who also have a deep insight into what makes those strategies succeed.

6 Ways VE’s Writers Turn Your Digital Marketing Strategies Into Winners:

We can achieve all this because we are more than mere content writers – we are copywriters, content marketers, editors, and proofreaders.

Why You’ve Come To The ‘Write’ Place

4 fantastic benefits you get with VE’s Content Specialists

  • Sample Articles Are Available For Checking

    Before you hire a Content Writer from VE, you’re welcome to check out a sample article from your VE Team that’s related to your field or domain

  • Brand-Building Through Exclusivity

    Enjoy 100% ownership & full exclusivity of the content you get from your VE Writers. It’s original content that will make your brand stand out

  • Content Team Led By Certified Wikipedia-Listed Author

    VE’s Content Head is a widely published ex-journalist & an author and has impressive certifications in Copywriting and Value Proposition from the Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy (UK) & Meclabs Institute (USA).

  • Popular Global Writing Styles

    VE’s Writers have deep knowledge of popular styles, like Chicago Manual & AP, AFP, BBC styles, so that you get content that the world now reads

From Searching to Hiring, VE Makes It So Easy!

Analyze work samples, shortlist resumes, interview/test the candidates and get your handpicked content writers on board.

Why Hire Content Writers from VE?

  • 100% original content
  • Experts in online research
  • Internationally trained in copywriting
  • Experienced in-house editors
  • Stringent Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Her output was very prolific in terms of her writing. It was very good English. I mean really the results were
indistinguishable and often better than the freelancers that we have been using in the UK.

Steve Sugden, Managing Partner, Pressies4princesses, UK

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  • Part-Time Model

    Don’t have the budget for dedicated resources? Hire them on a part-time basis

  • Ad-hoc Model

    When the volume of work fluctuates, just go in for our adhoc model, where you simply pay as you consume.

  • Team Model

    If you have a project that requires multiple resources, you can cherry pick a team

FREE EDITING: Along with a Content Writer, you also get our Editing and Proofreading services (worth $199) absolutely Free. Every piece of content that is written gets edited and proofread by our highly experienced in-house Editors before it is submitted to you.

Our Certifications

We learn from the very best so that you get optimum results

  • Value Proposition Writers

    What we learnt:

    • To identify a company’s/ brand’s Value Proposition
    • To craft a compelling Value Proposition
    • To test the impact of an effective Value Proposition
  • Ebook Writers

    What we learnt:

    • Understanding the A to Z of ebook writing
    • ebook trends and marketing tools
    • Publishing requirements and options
    • ebook distribution and marketing basics
  • Content Copy Writing Experts

    What we learnt:

    • Understanding AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)
    • The role played by emotions in copywriting
    • How to write powerful, engaging and intuitive copy
  • Content Writing Specialists

    What we learnt:

    • Writing result-oriented, persuasive copy (that your clients will love)
    • Structuring a copy and mastering the ‘tone’ of voice
    • How to write winning headlines

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