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Unsure whether we are the right fit? Try us before you hire. Assess the calibre of your GraphQL developer with a no-obligation up to 3-day free trial.

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VE’s free, bespoke recruitment support helps you do away with long waiting periods and expensive local recruitment fees for just one hire.

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Get your own ‘offshore office in India’, side-step pesky issues like employee benefits, etc. and pay only your virtual GraphQL developer’s salary.

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VE assures its clients of breach-proof data security and confidentiality, being an ISO 27001:2013 certified and CMMiL3 assessed company.

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Your GraphQL developers analyze the project requirements to deduce the aspects like budget, size, complexity and target audience.

VE’s virtual GraphQL experts review and examine the API project and its technical requirements to design an ideal project plan.

The dedicated GraphQL developers at VE create a wireframe concerning the design assets and mock-ups based on the advised project plan.

Your offshore GraphQL coder starts the API development process by following a verified goal-oriented approach.

Our virtual GraphQL developers perform rigorous API testing to make sure your business app is error and bug-free before launch.

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VE's Client Testimonial - Anders Jeppesen - Anjep Consulting, CEO, Copenhagen, Denmark

At Virtual Employee, we saved around €65,000 whilst scaling up & down easily.

Anders Jeppesen
Owner, Anjep Consulting, Denmark
Brian Martin, CEO, Versabit LLC, US

We had somebody who understood our mission equally and we are thankful.

Brian Martin
CEO, Versabit LLC, US
Brian Taylor Software Product Manager, SupplyCore, US

He incorporates my crazy ideas into the software and creates beautiful solutions

Brian Taylor
Software Product Manager, SupplyCore, USA

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GraphQL Development FAQs

Yes, you can surely select GraphQL for web development as it offers a stunning development experience and allows for seamless custom API creation for your web projects.
With the help of VE’s dedicated GraphQL developers, you can easily add a GraphQL API to your existing application. Also, our GraphQL experts help migrate your data from one database to another or develop a brand new backend for your app using GraphQL.
As the name suggests, SQL works by querying just one database. In contrast, GraphQL is presented as edges/nodes of a graph against a relational database’s tabular style. Comparatively, GraphQL is the most preferred query language owing to its performance and efficiency.
Anticipated to be a substitute for REST, GraphQL is a query language and runtime for APIs. GraphQL provides an even more flexible and efficient technique to create APIs and offers rapid iterations for scaling.
Virtual Employee has made the process of scaling up or down fairly easy. With just an email, you can increase or decrease your workforce effortlessly.

Conquer the API Mountain - Hire VE’s Dedicated GraphQL Developers

Application Programming Interface (API) has taken software development by storm and there’s no looking back. Almost 93% of professional developers around the world use APIs to simplify app development. And GraphQL can make things even simpler, being a dedicated query language for APIs. However, hiring GraphQL developers locally could be quite expensive and time-consuming. But, there’s a solution!...

Outsource GraphQL Development to India

Outsource GraphQL development to India and get access to dedicated API app coders who can build feature-rich applications backed by efficient APIs. Here are some compelling reasons to outsource GraphQL development to VE in India:

  • Top 3% Certified GraphQL Developers
  • 20+ Types of Industries Served
  • 2X Faster Project Completion
  • 80% Quicker Onboarding Process
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Unable to apply rapid iterations to the front end of your business app? With GraphQL, a query language to unleash robust APIs, you can eliminate such problems at warp speed. GraphQL offers a complete and coherent description of your API’s data, which enables the clients to request exactly what they need and nothing else. The reason why it becomes easier to modify APIs gradually and power dynamic developer tools with GraphQL. But, you need a certified GraphQL developer who can understand your vision and make your business app flourish in the API economy.

Hire GraphQL Developers from India

Virtual Employee has a team of skilled GraphQL developers to help you build, develop and manage a GraphQL interface effectively. The virtual GraphQL experts at VE adhere to the best practices and transform wireframes and designs into high-quality code. VE’s certified GraphQL developers also participate in support operations with UI developers to integrate services or APIs. Your offshore GraphQL coders offer the following advantages that can ensure a more prolific business model:

  • Professional frontend development background
  • Prior experience in writing GraphQL API queries
  • Knowledge of formatting graph schemas in GraphQL
  • Understanding of GraphQL servers, network layer
  • Experience in building isomorphic applications
  • Ability to handle API integrations and modules

These days, web and mobile applications are developed comprehensively: an app on the server-side provides data vital for launching numerous clients. Mobile and web applications, smartwatches, smart screens, etc. rely only on a server-sided app, which makes sure that data is being used effectively to accomplish different tasks.

A top-rated GraphQL development company like Virtual Employee takes all these tendencies into account as they could be utilized for backend app connectivity. Whether it is a sampling of definite required data or network needs, nested relationships between data, you get to justify the requirements of every client. Simultaneously, there isn’t any requirement to assign a separate API for every client.

Hire GraphQL Development Services

Generally, to sustain such an environment, the backend is fragmented into numerous microservices with distinct functionalities. Hire GraphQL developers from India to enable effortless function allocation for microservices with a technique known as Schema Stitching. Schema Stitching allows the GraphQL developers to pick a single common scheme out of the distinct ones in the lot.

As a result, every single microservice can have a GraphQL schema of its own. Afterward, they can all be gathered into a single scheme, which may be retrieved by any client app. The outcome is that every single microservice can possess its specific endpoint GraphQL. Only one GraphQL API Gateway incorporates every single schema into the global one.

Hire Virtual GraphQL Developers from India

So, your offshore GraphQL coder in India carries out a modern style of development owing to its powerful function, which enables merging several schemes into one global API. Every client then utilizes the resultant scheme to extract resources and perform different kinds of tasks.

All things considered, outsourcing GraphQL development to India will enable your business to build next-generation apps equipped with powerful APIs leveraging top GraphQL benefits such as:

  • Quicker than REST
  • Apt for Microservices
  • Swift App Prototyping
  • Effortless Code Sharing
  • Suitable for Complex Systems
  • Future-ready APIs

Additionally, VE’s unique business model provides the much-needed project stability, the reason behind our global clients working with the same developer for 5 uninterrupted years and counting. So, outsource GraphQL development to VE in India for unmatched benefits.

Why Should We Choose GraphQL Over REST?

Undeniably, the simplest reason for adopting GraphQL is if you require writing API queries to make your software communicate with any other software. However, from all the available choices that can achieve the same task, why should we opt for GraphQL?

GraphQL is frequently employed as a substitute for Representational State Transfer (REST), which is an architectural style that offers the standards for building web services. RESTful are the web services that are utilizing REST. A majority of issues experienced by developers using REST have been resolved by GraphQL. For an instance, GraphQL comes with the ability to collect data with a single query for the client whereas REST is quite chatty and needs a lot of input to reach the same outcome.

When compared with REST, GraphQL also enables a relatively cleaner organization as far as returning specific data is concerned. The structure of the query is perhaps easier to understand and quite intuitive. Being a declarative data fetching specification, you don’t experience over or under-fetching with GraphQL, and offers exactly what you want. On the whole, GraphQL is an amazing option for query writing if you need to save time and get rid of the waterfall network requests.

Why Hire Dedicated GraphQL Developers from VE?

VE’s dedicated GraphQL developers in India can adapt to different situations both outside and within the scope of their general skillset. At Virtual Employee, we tend to hold our certified GraphQL developers to a superior standard. We employ only skillful developers who either exhibit extraordinary skills or show incredible potential.

Another advantage of hiring an offshore GraphQL developer from VE is that you don’t have to deal with the recruitment costs as well as overhead costs connected to full-time employment. When you outsource GraphQL development services to VE, you get to hire dedicated GraphQL developers at a fraction of the local cost. Lastly, even the largest of projects can be handled effectively with our additional project management support.

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