Civil Engineer’s Structural Design and Analysis Can Turnaround Your Business

Civil engineering is an industry that encompasses a wide variety of processes on both software and hardware planes. Companies and entrepreneurs involved in this industry have to invariably go through all these processes, irrespective of the size of any given venture. Whether it is 2D drafting, 3D CAD conversion, structural steel design or structural analysis, you have to hire seasoned resources to take care of these civil engineering services. Finding and hiring such professionals becomes a cumbersome task and consumes a lot of time and resources. However, you can avoid this burden by hiring remote dedicated civil engineers in India.

To hire civil engineers India is the ideal location. This is because people and government here put a lot of emphasis on engineering education. As a result, India has become a hub of engineering talent. Whether you want to hire structural engineers or CAD xperts, your chances of getting the right resource multiply in India. If you want to hire structural civil engineers from India do it with us; you will not only get the right mix of skill and experience but will also get a work environment at par with your onshore office.

Indian Civil engineers hired with are bespoke professionals who work in close coordination with you just like your in-house employees. We expedite the whole service delivery by assuming the role of your local representative.

  • By hiring dedicated Structural Engineers with, you get access to the rich engineering talent pool of India from where you can choose the most suitable engineers.
  • Hire dedicated Structural Engineers from US $1495 – $2595 per month. This cost varies depending on the expertise and experience of the dedicated engineers.
  • Depending on your requirements, you can either hire a single structural engineer or an entire team – with all members working for you from under one roof.

The other outsourcing civil engineering services that our dedicated resources can deliver include:

  • Structural Steel Design
  • Civil 3d Cad Services
  • Structural 2D Drafting
  • Steel Structural 2D Drafting Services
  • Structural 3D Modeling Services
  • Steel Detailing Services
  • Construction Documentation Services

Technologies you can hire

It makes great sense to outsource civil engineering services to dedicated civil engineers from VE. We have a huge talent pool of engineers from India who not only deliver the best solutions for your needs, but also help you save substantial costs.

Whether you require construction drawings, land development master plans, or mechanical-electrical-plumbing (MEP) designs, we have the best experts who will work for you dedicatedly and professionally.

Digital Prototyping

AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical, Autodesk 3ds Max Design

3D Mechanical Design Software

Autodesk Inventor

Piping Softwares


CAD Software

AutoCAD, SmartDraw, Alibre Design Xpress, Unigraphics

CAM Software

EdgeCAM, TubeCad, AlphaCAM

4 Simple Steps to Hire a Civil Engineer

  • Send us your Civil requirement NOW!

  • We send you resumes of screened, shortlisted candidates

  • Test and/ or interview shortlisted candidates

  • If you like any one, you can hire them straightaway

Structural Engineering Q & A

  1. A dedicated structural engineer offers you customized solutions
  2. Helps you reduce expenses without compromising on the quality of work
  3. Never misses project schedules and deadlines
  4. Has access to latest hardware and software
  5. You have total project management authority

  1. You hire the best Indian engineering talent at Indian salaries
  2. No investment on office space, hardware, software or infrastructure
  3. No additional cost of HR department as we take care of that for you
  4. You save on IT support as our in-house IT resources do it for you
  5. You add value to your engineering products through better communication
  6. You can have better focus on your core business

Structural engineering is a specialty discipline within Civil Engineering. Dedicated Structural Engineers analyze, design, plan and research structural components and structural systems to achieve design goals and to ensure the safety and comfort of users or occupants. They have extensive experience of designing structures that do not deflect or vibrate beyond acceptable limits.
So, a dedicated Structural Engineer is your very own employee who is sufficiently qualified and experienced to advise on structural issues and provide the necessary design and calculations to ensure buildings are safely constructed. This professional makes sure that structures are strong enough and stable enough to resist all appropriate structural loads like gravity, wind, rain, snow, temperature, earth pressure, seismic effects, and traffic so that they do not collapse, warp or sink.

A dedicated structural engineer displays keen commercial awareness and understanding about the business implications of the decisions you make.
This professional is highly analytical, has good mathematical acumen and is able to apply IT and mechanics to design structures that are safe and comply with the latest building statutes.

This resource has excellent communication skills in English and can thus convey complex concepts to a client who is unfamiliar with structural engineering principles.

Another important attribute of this resource is good problem solving skills. With this skill the dedicated structural engineer is able to manage a whole project, including looking after the budget.

This resource generally has a post graduate degree in structural engineering from a reputed engineering college or university.

To hire your very own dedicated structural engineers, you simply have to give your requirements to us. Once we receive your requirements, out HR finds the most pertinent skill sets from the rich English-speaking engineering talent pool of India. The profiles are first shortlisted at our end and then sent to you for your consideration. You pick up the best candidates from these profiles and in turn interview them personally through video conference. All these arrangements are made by us and you can repeat the process till the time you find the most suitable structural engineer for you.

Absolutely. For high end processes like engineering we provide our clients with customized data security provisions. Apart from regular security provisions like access controlled office, non-disclosure agreements etc., we can also provide a cloud work environment for your dedicated structural engineers. If you want, these resources can access the data directly from your in-house servers; our IT team can make the necessary arrangements for that.

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