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One of the most important aspects of any legal practice is the easy availability of legal records. Every case generates reams and reams of documents which require proven legal experts to burn the midnight oil to make sense. It poses a challenge to carefully file and record such documents so that they are readily available as and when required. That’s where Virtual Employee’s legal records management solutions come as a boon to your legal practice.

Whether you need to fetch records of all cases or require new case records to be kept for future reference, your legal records management professional from India will make it very easy for you to perform such tasks. Why waste time going through file after file looking for legal documents, when you could simply outsource legal records management services to VE’s experts in India and use your valuable time in relevant works of far greater importance.

Remember, every minute spent in legal record management is a minute lost in doing something meaningful. To truly put you at ease with regards to your new recruitment, Virtual Employee only hires experienced legal records management professionals so that they are ready for all of your records management tasks without needing any hands-on training.

Top reasons why companies hire legal record management experts from Virtual Employee in India:
  • Impeccable record of maintaining legal documents

  • Index and custom search solutions expertise

  • 24*7 availability coupled with fast turnaround time

  • Experienced legal records management professionals

  • Well-versed with the US & UK legal practice intricacies

  • Dedicated legal record management professionals available for hire

360° Legal Records Management Services

Experience you can trust, service you can count on.

Legal Records Management

Virtual Employee’s legal records management professionals file all important case papers for your easy access in the future. They are adept at their work so you never waste a minute in doing things that you don’t need to when it comes to filing or fetching your old legal records.

Version Management

With a proper document management system in place, Virtual Employee’s legal record management professionals in India maintain documents in a way that users can see iteration of each document since it was first created. You can take a copy of any document at any stage you need.

Document Check-in/Check-out

At a legal firm with a large number of employees, several professionals may need to make changes in a particular file which could lead to conflict if two users are accessing the same file simultaneously. However, with adequate checks in place such conflicts can be avoided easily.

Index and Search

The point of maintaining extensive legal records is being able to search them when the need arises. VE’s legal records management professionals provide index and search functionalities which enables anyone to trawl through humongous amounts of data with ease and get what they want.

Automatic OCR

Not all records are in the text format, some of them can also be photos of text which then require a lot of work to be converted into text so as to make them searchable in the record management system. It’s a task that VE’s professionals in India do with proper software tools.

Scan and Store

Virtual Employee’s legal records managers also scan documents and store them on CDs, DVDs, or cloud storage systems—depending upon your organization’s preferred mode of storage – in a bid to archive important data and make it easily accessible when needed.

Why Indian Legal Experts are Preferred Globally

Hire legal record management experts directly from the world’s largest talent pool

Largest Talent Pool

1.5 million graduates are added to India’s talent pool every year. VE gives you the chance to hire the best talent that the country has to offer.

24*7 Dedicated Staff

All legal record experts are our full-time employees and not freelancers. Your chosen resources work according to your preferred schedules.

Massive Cost Savings

Hiring legal experts is an expensive proposition, but compared to your local market, with each hire in India you stand to save over 70% costs.

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Records Management to VE

No hidden terms and no golden handshakes – cancel anytime you wish!

Free Trial

You get a 1-week free trial with Virtual Employee’s legal records management clerks. Test the abilities of your handpicked resources for free first.

Full-time Employees

Virtual Employee doesn’t hire any freelancers; all our legal experts in India are on our payroll and they work exclusively for our clients.

Qualified Experts

VE has a stringent selection criteria for its hires. All our resources are triple vetted for quality to ensure only the finest legal experts are hired.

Supervised Workplaces

Each professional legal clerk hired by you from Virtual Employee, works from our state-of-the-art, fully-supervised offices in India.

Zero Overheads

Legal records management involves working on expensive software and powerful hardware. We take care of all their needs so you don’t have to.

Diverse Experience

Virtual Employee, being a renowned legal records management company in India, has a diverse pool of professionals with varied experiences.

Outsource Legal Records Management within 8 Hours

Every hour saved is an hour’s work done

Choose from Our 3 Easy Hiring Models

Say adios to the old ways and welcome state-of-the-art hiring

Dedicated Model

You hire one legal records management clerk exclusively, which gives you complete control over your project and professional.

Team Model

You can hire a team of legal records management experts with varying skills and experience, but pay for the equivalent of just one resource.

Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc

You can hire legal experts on 8-hour or 4-hour shifts or even on an ad-hoc basis, depending on your need.

Hiring Was Never This Easy

  • Talk To Us

    Tell us all about the work you wish to outsource.

  • Handpick Your Expert

    We share resumes of triple-vetted legal experts to handpick from.

  • Build Your Team

    Test and interview them before hiring.

  • Get Going

    Once on-boarded, start working on the same day itself.

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Legal Records Management FAQs

All your questions and queries answered

I have very sensitive legal data, can I trust its safety?

All your data is in safe hands when you work with Virtual Employee. We have a stringent data security system in place, which works in accordance with the EU’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA and US’ ECPA.

Is it possible to have a free trial before hiring?

Yes. Virtual Employee gives a 1-week free trial with all its legal records management service professionals. You can work with your chosen hire for a week and we don’t even ask for your payment details. Moreover, you can cancel anytime.

How easy it is to scale up or down with VE?

With Virtual Employee you can scale up or down with just an email. If you are happy with your resource and want to add more remote workers to your team, you can talk to your client account manager (CAM) and we will arrange the resources you need. Similarly, you can let go off a staffer with just an email.

Can I interview legal clerks before hiring?

Virtual Employer is stringent in its selection criteria. We put all our hires through several rounds of extensive testing and interviews in a bid to select only the best resources. However, if you wish to conduct your own tests and interviews to gauge a resource’s suitability for your task, we will facilitate it.

What happens if my legal records manager takes leave?

Unfortunately, other legal records management staff cannot take over from your hired resource(s). However, if you have chosen our team model, we always keep staff on standby to fill in for any absent resource—in case of any emergency—to ensure that your work never stops.

Will the legal experts work according to my schedule?

The legal record management staff you hire work the hours you want them to. They can follow your local working hours or can work according to Indian shift hours. You can continually monitor their work on a daily basis just like you would with your local team and interact with them directly.

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