Why Outsource Zoho App Development to India

Automate Workflows and Streamline Your Business Processes

Thanks to the availability of skilled developers and low costs, by 2025 the IT outsourcing to India is expected to witness a 7.25% CAGR growth. So, if you are looking to scale up your business, outsourcing to India may be a great idea. In today’s times, you need your business to keep pace with advancing technologies. Whether it’s about automating business workflows, effective customized CRMs, or leveraging social media to enhance leads & sales, Zoho can be your one-stop solution. So, if you are looking for certified and experienced Zoho app developers, look no further. You can now use the power of Zoho to build your next-generation, intelligent, and scalable cloud applications that will help automate all aspects of business processes. Hire Zoho App creators in India with Virtual Employee at terms that suit your needs. It’s time to find the best-suited resource for your project- a dedicated employee available at your convenience without digging a hole in your pocket. That’s not all!

Zoho App Development
  • Efficient deployment of automation apps
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Dedicated resource round the clock
  • Cut development costs up to 70%
  • Easy & quick hiring options
  • Protected by strict non-disclosure agreement
Zoho App Development

Revamp Your Business Processes with the Power of Zoho

Zoho Creator enables you to bring your business into the digital age with low-code application development. It automates all aspects of workflows and streamlines decision-making processes for upper management–helping them make more informed decisions faster! The platform has been designed so users can easily drag-and-drop components onto its interface, which means more efficiency, faster outcomes, and seamless functions. Wondering what Zoho app can do for your business? These might help:

  • Real-time tracking of business processes

  • Effortless data migration and integration with third-party systems

  • User-friendly and intelligent CRM

  • Saves time and money by automating business processes

360o Zoho Mobile App Development Services at VE

Zoho App Development Services for Innovative and Smart Business Applications

Zoho App Development

Looking for complete Zoho app development services? At VE, we help you hire experts who can use the low-code, ready-to-deploy app to assist your business to automate workflows easily and build a process to monetize and grow.

Zoho Web Development

Innovation, scalability and security are the key features that make Zoho’s online website builder stand out. Our Zoho app developers can create sleek, professional web applications for you following best industry practices.

Zoho CRM Development

The Zoho app developers at VE provide the most suitable CRM solution customizations and integration options that let you operate through one platform. We specialize in creating robust solutions for businesses of all types.

Integration with 3rd Party Apps

Your business app cannot run in isolation. It needs multiple apps to grow. Hire Zoho app creators to integrate all of your Zoho applications to third-party applications to manage your business via one integrated solution.

Zoho Data Migration

Want to upgrade to a Zoho app? You need to migrate your data. If that’s too complex or you are unaware of the process, our Zoho app experts can assist you in transferring data for smooth implementation & optimization of the app.

Zoho Tech Support

We offer reliable post-deployment support! So, we can assure you that all processes will be working at peak performance. Our experts have the know-how to help you keep your infrastructure and application running seamlessly.

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Why Choose VE for Zoho App Development in India

Explore Unlimited Customizations & Quick Results with Our Zoho App Developers

As one of the top outsourcing enterprises , Virtual Employee offers reliable Zoho app development service in India. We can assist you find the perfect resource who can help convert your ideas into applications with a simple, user-friendly, and uncomplicated interface.

  • Free Trial

    Still unable to decide about hiring offshore Zoho app developers from VE? You can now opt for our week-long free trial before choosing to hire.

  • No Recruitment Fee

    VE will look for trained Zoho app creators as per your need & budget. You can now hire resources who are pre-screened by our recruiters at no recruitment cost.

  • Seamless Communication

    We ensure hassle-free communication as per your convenience. You can now contact & manage your hired resource at your preferred platform & time.

  • Data Security

    As an ISO-certified and CMMiL3 assessed company, we ensure stringent security and confidentiality measures. So, your information is safe with us.

  • Vast Experience with Clients Globally

    Our developers have vast experience working with clients across the globe. They are proficient at handling the latest technologies.

  • Zero Overheads

    With Virtual Employee, all you need to pay for is the resource you have hired, and we offer your own ‘offshore office in India’ at no added cost.

VE’s 5-step Zoho App Development Process

Transform Your Digital Presence with Low-Code Application Development

  • Analysis & Data Gathering


    The first step is to identify your business goal and devise a plan. Your hired Zoho app developers will begin with analysis & data gathering.

  • Wireframing


    The next crucial step is preparing the blueprint & structuring the project. This will give the skeletal framework of your project.

  • Prototype Designing


    Depending on your business’s needs, the Zoho app creator will design a prototype and share it with you for feedback and approval.

  • Development


    Now the final app development will be done. The Zoho app developer will use the low-code platform to build your app.

  • Testing & Launch


    Finally, the app is ready for testing. It is crucial to test the app to eliminate any bugs to ensure smooth and seamless functioning. Once successfully tested, your Zoho Android app creator will launch the app for the users.


Hire a Zoho App Developer

Meet Your Prospective Team

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3 Tailored Hiring Models at VE

We Offer Customized Solutions for Your Unique Needs

At VE, we know that every business has unique needs. Therefore, we offer three flexible, affordable, and customer-friendly hiring models.

Hire a Zoho App Developer

  • Dedicated Model

    Hire a qualified Zoho app developer exclusively for your project. With you in charge, their time and efforts can be entirely controlled by you.

  • Team Model

    Hire our best Zoho App creators with distinct skills and proficiency, and you can obtain the expertise of a senior Team Lead at no extra price.

  • Hourly Hiring

    Hire only as per your workload—no need to hire full/part-time resources. Use our hourly service to engage resources as per your requirement.

Industry-Specific Zoho Mobile App Development

Exclusive Web & Mobile Applications to Scale Up Business Growth

Zoho Mobile App Development
Information Technology

Accelerate & facilitate software development with Zoho’s low-code app creation.


Simplify & expedite accepting orders, tracking inventory, payment processes, etc.


Manage patient records, insurance, and other info using Zoho App.

Real Estate

Capture leads, manage customers & listings, and much more with Zoho App development.


Streamline assigning and managing classes, task lists, and handling enrolments.


Meet deadlines & ensure quality services to customers, manage extensive data with Zoho CRM.

Hire the Best Zoho App Developers in Just 4 Steps

Quick Hiring, Competitive Rates – That’s A VE Promise!

We understand how challenging the hiring process can be. You need to partner with someone with experience with recruiting and who can help your company fill open positions quickly without flouting budget limitations or compromising on project deadlines. At Virtual Employee, you can now hire Zoho app creators in just 4 steps!

Brief Us

Tell us your Zoho app requirements, along with your project needs & timelines.

Shortlist Your Resource

Choose from the talent pool of trained and pre-screened Zoho app developers.

Select Your Team

Interview candidates via your preferred medium (phone/video calls).

Get Going

Are you happy with the candidate? Then your can begin work without delay.

FAQs About Our Zoho App Development Services

Have more questions? This might help!

How much time does it take to develop a Zoho app?

The time it takes to complete a Zoho app development project varies depending on many factors. The size and type of the task can impact how long each stage lasts. The customization or integration work also takes time (and whether these tasks are included from day one). Some projects also have features that may take longer than usual; this might include adding extra functionality like third-party API support, for example.

How can Zoho App Creator help my business?

Zoho Creator is the best choice to automate your business without any prior coding experience. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone. So you can now convert your ideas into an application. You can use this software as an all in one solution that connects data collection with automating workflows and report evaluation while collaborating on projects with team members or integrating new applications together seamlessly.

How much does it cost to hire Zoho app developer at VE?

With an easy-to use interface, the app is a popular cloud based low code platform to automate & streamline your business. The cost for hiring an app developer at VE ranges from $9-$12 per hour with this price varying depending on project size or scope. We would love nothing more than being able help make sure everything goes smoothly before deciding upon any final decisions about pricing plans!

Would my hired Zoho app developer work according to per my time?

Hiring a Zoho app developer from VE means that you will have access to a team member who is dedicated and flexible. They can work according with your time zone, business needs or any other requirement – no matter what hiring model you have picked!

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