Why Hire Remote Legal Analysts from India

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Legal analysts are the cornerstone of any legal practice, providing valuable research and analysis of cases, laws, regulations and court rulings to give a well-rounded summary needed for preparing cases to be argued in the court of law or for documenting them for reference in the future.

The work of Virtual Employee’s remote legal analysts in India ranges from conducting research and analysis to assembling legal documents and evidence for cases. Among other tasks, VE’s dedicated legal analysts maintain legal databases and tracking systems to make referencing easy. They also track, organize, assess, and file documents.

The vast sweep of tasks performed by offshore legal analysts mean that their job requires great rigor and attention to detail so as to not turn in faulty work. After all, one mistake can be the ruin of a case. As a result, legal analysts at a firm need to be carefully selected for qualification, expertise and experience to do the job well.

Virtual Employee does its headhunting from India’s top law schools and puts all its remote legal analysts through triple vetting to select only those with extensive knowledge and work ethic needed for the role. We also make sure that our offshore legal analysts are well-versed with Western legal practices and sentiments so that our clients’ concerns can be handled competently when they outsource legal analyst work.

Here are 6 reasons why companies outsource legal analysis services to Virtual Employee in India:

  • Analysts well-versed with the western legal system
  • Expertise in dealing with US and European law firms
  • Serving over 20 areas of legal practice
  • Top-notch legal research and analysis
  • Test and interview legal analysts before hiring
  • No language barriers or time zone constraints
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360° Legal Analysis Services

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Legal Research

Legal research is the focal point of a legal analysts’ work. VE’s dedicated legal analyst help legal teams in conducting legal research as they prepare a case or make records for reference. The experience of our analysts in the western legal system means that they can take up work immediately after on-boarding without needing training.

Decipher Documents
Decipher Documents

Legal cases require going through troves of data, ranging from old rulings to changing regulations and at times even deciphering laws. It is a time intensive work that requires a lot of rigor so as to avoid mistakes. VE’s legal data analysts in India have a stellar reputation for providing flawless work for their clients year after year.

Write Reports
Write Reports

The legal field challenges its practitioners to keep track of new rulings, verdicts, legislations and industry standards. One also needs to stay on top of legal literature in journals and other relevant publications. VE’s legal data preparer in India keep a keen eye on all the developments and write succinct summaries for easy consumption.

Organize Data
Organize Data

A legal firm houses extensive amounts of literature. However, reams of data is of no use if it can’t be accessed and used when needed. VE’s remote legal document assistance providers are well-versed with record keeping and organizing data for easy access. Indexing data in a standardized system enables it to be easily accessed.

Maintain Records
Maintain Records

There’s alot happening at a legal firm on a daily basis. It, therefore, becomes hugely important to keep an unambiguous log of all the data so as to resolve any conflict or gaps. Virtual Employee’s certified legal analysts keep daily records electronically of all the internal teams so that the firm runs on auto-pilot without unnecessary hiccups.

Administrative Duties
Administrative Duties

VE’s remote legal analysts are adept at performing administrative duties needed at a legal firm, including answering correspondence, drafting responses, or handling client queries during the course of a day’s work. VE’s analysts are British Council certified for proficiency in the English language and perform administrative duties with élan.

Industries our Legal Analysts Specialize in

Well-versed with legal nitty-gritties of the UK, EU & the US

Law Firms
  • Legal analysts hired from by law firms are responsible for collecting and organizing data, and carrying out legal research.
Finance Firms
  • Our corporate legal analysts at finance firms draft contracts, agreements, investment and stock options of shareholders, among other related tasks.
Insurance Firms
  • Insurance firms hire them to review and prepare documents in cases such as medical malpractice, insurance, auto accident fraud, and disability.
Educational Institutions
  • If you are an educational institution, you can recruit dedicated legal analysts from India for research and data compilation to assist when you take on such clients.
Government Agencies
  • Governmental agencies employ legal analysts for legal research and analysis; civil & criminal litigation tasks; data collection & interpretation.
  • Legal analysts hired by startups draft employee contracts, agreements and leases; draft and analyze all legal paperwork that needs during registration & acquisitions

Outsource Legal Analysis Services to India

Hiring a legal analyst from India makes pure business sense

Largest Talent Pool
Largest Talent Pool

Virtual Employee hires its legal analysts from India’s top law schools and institutions, which gives you access to quality resources.

Dedicated 24×7 Staff
Dedicated Staff

All of Virtual Employee’s legal analysts are our full-time employees, which means they work exclusively for you when you hire.

Massive Cost Savings
Big Cost Savings

Due to the niche nature of their work, legal analysts are expensive to hire locally. With VE you can save over 70% per hire.

6 Benefits of Hiring Legal Analysts from VE

Responsive and resourceful analysts who get results every time

Free Trial
Free Trial

Virtual Employee offers a 3-day free trial with its legal analysts. You can work with your resource for a week and we won’t even ask for your payment details.

Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc
Full-time Employees

All of VE’s legal analysts are on the company’s payroll full-time, meaning they work exclusively for you without any other preoccupation which happens with freelancers.

Your Offshore Office
Your Offshore Office

With VE you don’t just outsource legal analysis services but get a world-class office in India where your hired resources work from our state-of-the-art complex.

Easy Communication

You are always just one step away from your resource when it comes to communication. You can Skype, email or call whenever you need them.

Zero Overheads
Zero Overheads

From office rent, infrastructure to HR, accounts and admin, VE takes care of everything for you.

Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring

In the interest of full transparency, we provide you the option of monitoring your hired resource in real time. You can give feedback and updates.

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Legal Analysis FAQs

All your questions and queries answered

Virtual Employee offers a 3-day free trial during which you can gauge the quality of your resource’s work and VE’s modus operandi. We encourage our clients to avail our free service.

All the resources on VE’s legal analyst team are hired after an extensive process. They are all triple-vetted for experience & expertise. You are free to interview and test them before hiring.

We work in accordance with the EU’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA and US’ ECPA. Additionally, all our employees sign a mandatory non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We are also an ISO 27001-2013-certified and CMMiL3-assessed firm.

VE’s legal analysts perform a number of tasks, including legal analysis, writing reports, organizing data, record keeping and administrative duties. They take up the legal work you assign them.

Scaling up or down is just an email away. If you wish to add more resources to your team you can tell us and we will arrange new resources. Similarly, letting go off a resource is an email away.

Unfortunately, other legal analysts cannot take over from your chosen resource. However, if you choose to go with the team model, there’s always staff on standby.

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