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Our legal transcription experts use noise-canceling headphones for crystal clear audio quality and ensure no less than 99% accuracy.

VE has set up large screen monitors for its legal transcriptionists to play videos and files simultaneously.

With the latest software like Express Scribe up their sleeve, your legal transcription specialists can manage different kinds of files and documents.

Our legal transcriptionists work in an ergonomic set-up, with carefully chosen chairs and desks for a comfortable working environment.

VE’s expert legal transcriptionists are well-versed in popular word document formats and can deliver transcripts in any format demanded.

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Our free, quick, bespoke hiring process helps you save on not just expensive local recruitment fees but also lengthy waiting periods to hire just one resource.

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Get your own 'remote workplace in India’, do away with pesky issues such as HR, Admin, Payroll, etc., and only pay your offshore legal transcriptionist’s salary.

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As an ISO27001:2013 certified and CMMiL3 assessed company, VE assures its clients of breach-proof data security and confidentiality at all times.

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First, you need to share the audio or video source file with our legal transcription team in any format.

Our legal transcription team divides the files into smaller segments which are typed by our certified transcribers subsequently.

Every single part of the transcript goes through a stringent review process where our expert transcriptionists add time codes and speaker tracking.

VE’s legal transcriptionists in India compile every part and proofread the entire transcript to ensure accuracy and consistency.

The final transcript is again given a once-over until the file is 99.9% accurate.

Our 5-Step Legal Transcription Process
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VE's legal experts dealt with the largest influx of cases our law firm ever received.

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Virtual Employee has helped our firm cut down case time tremendously.

Justin May
Attorney & Managing Partner, Dixie Law Group, USA
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VE's paralegal is always willing to assist and has an incredible work ethic.

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Check Out Some Legal Transcription FAQs

Virtual Employee hires its legal transcriptionists from India’s top law schools and then triple-vets them for quality. Moreover, we give preference to resources that are certified for their transcription qualities so that you get the best remote transcriptionists India has to offer.
The transcripts produced by VE’s legal transcriptionists in India are 99% accurate. Our standard transcription style is intelligent verbatim; this means filler words like ‘um’, ‘ah’, ‘er’, and false starts are not included in the finished transcript unless requested.
We follow industry norms and the turnaround time to transcribe one hour of audio can be up to four hours. It may take a little longer if the quality of the audio file is poor and if there are multiple speakers. The transcriber might need to pause the recording to write down what's being said and listen to it more than once.
Yes, we can provide timestamps if required. We are also happy to provide custom legal transcriptions for clients who require transcriptions with a personalized style. Our high copy-typing speed allows us to have a fast turnaround time, without compromising on accuracy.
As a leading legal transcription company in India, we follow a three-tier process of quality checks. Proofreading is inbuilt within the legal transcription service. After transcribing, the transcript is double-checked to make sure nothing is missed. If there is content that's hard to hear or understand, this is marked as inaudible in the transcript. Every transcribed file is also checked by a senior proofreader for formatting issues as it is important for legal work and many other areas of transcription.

Never Miss a Detail – Hire Certified Legal Transcriptionists from India

Legal transcription outsourcing allows the legal system to work more efficiently and smoothly. Legal transcriptionists are the professionals who hear out the dictated recordings by attorneys, paralegals, and other legal specialists and convert them into legal files and documents through transcription. Legal transcriptions are generated from dictated notes, court proceedings, motions, pleadings, legal memoranda, recorded depositions, time entries, and several other legal record sources. The legal transcriptionists should update the transcribed details continuously for clarity and eliminate any punctuation, spelling, typographical or grammatical errors. Other tasks performed by a transcriptionist are drafting legal documents like pleadings and discovery, revising old transcriptions, and creating filing-related legal documents....

What is the Difference Between Legal Transcription, Court Reporting, and Dictation?

The translation of recorded video or audio into a text document for legal aid is called legal transcription. It is performed by legal transcriptionists who are well-informed about legal processes and terminology. You don’t require any official certification to become a legal transcriptionist.

Court reporting differs from legal transcription as it is performed by appointed court reporters inside the courtroom. These certified personnel utilize stenographs to write out what is stated in court or other legal grounds concurrently.

However, dictation involves speaking in front of a recording device. It is relatively quicker than transcribing as dictation doesn’t require typing. Also, there’s a recorder app on everybody’s smartphone.

Why Should We Outsource Legal Transcription to VE?

Virtual Employee’s legal transcriptionists provide transcriptions with 100% accuracy of your text or video files. Legal transcriptionists in India come with years of experience in handling documents from a wide range of cases which enables them to perform tasks faster and with greater accuracy. Whether you need an urgent transcription task or have several long videos to be transcribed, VE’s legal transcriptionists in India are exactly the remote staff you need to do so to build a winning case.

Our professional legal transcriptionists also transcribe court proceedings, making it easy for a legal professional to document, research, or prepare a legal case for future reference. Depending upon your requirement, Virtual Employee will help you hire legal transcriptionists with your desired profile. Our legal transcriptionists in India have handled a wide variety of cases, including criminal law, real estate law, intellectual property law, immigration law, corporate law, family law, bankruptcy law, securities law, foreclosure law, and litigations, etc., which makes them a perfect ally for any legal practitioner.

Further, VE’s legal transcriptionists are British Council-certified for their English language expertise and have a good grasp of terminologies common in the Western legal system, which enables their speed of transcription and minimizes any mistakes on the job.

Top reasons why companies outsource legal transcription services to Virtual Employee in India:

  • 100% accuracy in transcription
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Experienced legal transcriptionists
  • Massive cost savings
  • Leverage time zone advantage
  • In-depth knowledge of legal practice

What are the Benefits of Hiring Legal Transcriptionists from India?

Here are the top advantages of hiring legal transcriptionists from India:
Efficiency: An experienced professional would always perform a task in less time. Legal transcription outsourcing helps you get the time to focus on your core operations and organizational targets and goals and set up deadlines for improved results. A legal transcription expert helps you present the video and audio recordings as evidence which aids paralegals and attorneys involved in the case, thus lowering the misinterpretation risk.

Accuracy: If your business’ target is to save money, you can try and assign the task to a bilingual employee or a fast typist. But a specialist would get the job done very accurately, being familiar with both sides of the coin and error-free legal documents make the job even easier. As a result, accessing and uploading a legal document is more effortless than ever and file sharing is similarly faster and easier.

Accessibility: A legal transcriptionist offers a distinct document format for attorneys comprising event timeline, time stamps, and information flow which becomes crucial in discovering discrepancies in witness testimonies. In many cases, family members can’t attend a trial or speak a different language. The legal transcriptions could be easily translated to their liking to help them understand and grasp every event in the court session.

Versatility: When you hire legal transcriptionists, you can’t just produce legal documents from audio or video recording of a court hearing but also enjoy versatility. Also, your business can grow online on different platforms through the services, products, and documents prepared by your legal transcriptionist. This allows you to reach a bigger audience, or you might as well keep a record of calls, meetings, projects, and much more.

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