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Why Outsource Legal Transcription Services to India

Never Miss a Detail Because It Could Make All the Difference

Virtual Employee’s legal transcriptionists provide transcriptions with 100% accuracy of your text or video files. Legal transcriptionists in India come with years of experience of handling documents from a wide range of cases which enables them to perform tasks faster and with greater accuracy. Whether you are in need of an urgent transcription task or have a number of long videos to be transcribed, VE’s legal transcriptionists in India are exactly the remote staff you need in order to do so to build a winning case.

Our professional legal transcriptionists also transcribe court proceedings making it easy for a legal professional to document, research or prepare a legal case or for future reference. Depending upon your requirement, Virtual Employee will help you hire a legal transcription professional with your desired profile. Our legal transcriptionists in India have handled a wide variety of cases, including criminal law, real estate law, intellectual property law, immigration law, corporate law, family law, bankruptcy law, securities law, foreclosure law and litigations, etc., which makes them a perfect ally for any legal practitioner.

Further, VE’s legal transcriptionists are British Council-certified for their English language expertise and have good grasp over terminologies common in the Western legal system, which enables their speed of transcription and minimizes any mistakes on the job.

Top reasons why companies outsource legal transcriptionist services to Virtual Employee in India:

  • 100% accuracy in transcription

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Experienced legal transcriptionists

  • Massive cost savings

  • Leverage time zone advantage

  • In-depth knowledge of legal practice

360° Legal Transcription Services

Experience You Need. Results You Want

Legal Transcription

Transcription is one of the cornerstones of preparing a water-tight legal case or document. Your legal transcriptionists in India will transcribe hours after hours of recorded legal proceedings or interviews with witnesses or clients to help you prepare your case.

Revising Transcripts

Got an old transcript of a case from years ago or need revision of another transcribed case? VE’s expert legal transcriptionists will do the job for you and ensure that zero mistakes creep into the documents. Nothing matters more in legal proceedings more than accuracy.

Proofreading Transcripts

Transcribing is just one part of the transcription job, as no document is complete before it has been proofread to iron out any inaccuracies that might have crept in. Your remote legal transcriptionists have proofread reams and reams of legal documentation and are the right fit for the job.

Legal Research

Need to research old cases in preparation of a document or a case at hand? Your dedicated remote legal transcriptionists from VE will do the job for you. They are proficient with internet research and in going through piles of legal archives during the course of their research and preparing unique reports.

Drafting Legal Documents

Transcription isn’t the be-all and end-all of a legal transcriptionist’s job. They are adept at preparing legal documents and help in proofreading completed cases as well as going over other legal documentation when needed. They draft legal documents related to cases as well.

Legal Back Office Work

VE’s legal transcriptionists perform a variety of legal office tasks which overlap with the work of other legal assistant professionals, including drafting documents for pleadings and discovery, preparing paperwork for filing, drafting legal documents, etc.

Why Hire Legal Transcriptionists from VE in India

Expert Legal Transcriptionists, Plethora of Options and Round-the-Clock Availability

Largest Talent Pool

Outsourcing to India gives you a chance to pick sought-after talent from one of the largest workforces in the world, trained in one of the most rigorous education systems.

24*7 Dedicated Staff

The work schedule of your legal transcriptionists in India isn’t dictated by the movement of the sun. They will burn the midnight oil for you if that’s what it takes.

Massive Cost Savings

Compared to hiring locally you stand to save USD 40,000 for each legal transcriptionist that you hire in India. That’s a deal you won’t get in your home country.

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Transcriptionists to VE

Get 100% accurate transcriptions On Time, Every Time

Free Trial

Virtual Employee offers a 1-week free trial with its legal transcriptionists. You can on-board your resource, test their work for free and cancel anytime if their work isn’t up to mark.

Dedicated Resources

All legal transcriptionists at Virtual Employee are on our payroll, meaning you can depend upon them. They are your full-time employees unlike freelance workers.

Triple-vetted Resources

VE shortlists only experienced legal transcriptionists and hires them only after rigorous tests and interviews to ensure that you don’t need to train them on the job.

Value for Money

While you hire only one legal transcriptionist from VE, you harness the expertise and experience of our entire legal team. And here’s the kicker: you pay for just one.

Zero Overheads

VE takes care of all the needs of its employees, from their commute to hardware and software needs – everything is on us. You only pay for the work they do for you.

Remote Monitoring

To ensure complete transparency, Virtual Employee gives you full-control of your remote legal transcriptionist. You can monitor your resource remotely if you want.

Hire a Legal Transcriptionist within 8 Hours

A Firm that Helps You Move Really Fast

Choose from Our 3 Easy Hiring Models

Build Your Offshore Legal Transcription Team in India Today

Dedicated Model

Your handpicked legal transcriptionists from Virtual Employee work exclusively for you, giving you full-control of the work you want them to take up. Further you can scale your team up or down with just an email.

Team Model

Virtual Employee also offers a team model where you can hire a team of experts with varying skills and harness their extensive experience, while paying for the equivalent of one resource.

Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc

At VE you are not bound by a long-term contract. You are free to choose your legal transcriptionists on a full-time or a part-time basis. You can also hire them on an ad-hoc basis.

Hiring Legal Transcriptionists
Was Never This Easy

Replace the broken traditional project outsourcing model with VE. Hire top legal transcription experts and get your work done just the way your local employee would do. Get complete control over your projects and resources from the start itself.

  • Talk to us

    Tell us your requirements from your legal transcriptionists and we will find the best suited resource for you.

  • Handpick your expert

    We provide CVs of triple-vetted legal transcriptionists and you are free to handpick the best resource of your choice.

  • Build your team

    Shortlist resources from the CVs, interview and test them if you wish and pick whichever transcriptionist you want.

  • Get going

    After handpicking your legal transcriptionist, you can start working with your chosen resource within 8 hours. Yes, that quick!

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Legal Transcription FAQs

All Your Questions and Queries Answered

Is it possible to have a free trial before hiring?

Virtual Employee offers a 1-week free trial with your chosen legal transcriptionist. Furthermore, VE offers you the freedom to cancel any time during the course of the free trial without any liability. If you are satisfied with the legal transcription service, you can continue beyond the trial with your chosen remote transcriptionist.

Can I hire a part-time legal transcriptionist on monthly basis?

Yes, you can. If your legal transcriptionist is free to take up monthly work, why not. Simply inform VE’s client account manager (CAM) to act as a liaison and you can choose the work model that suits your requirements best. Moreover, you can also choose or switch between different work models seamlessly.

Can I take interviews and tests before hiring?

We have firm belief in full transparency, and hence, we offer our clients the option to test or interview their shortlisted candidates before they decide to take them on-board. You can devise your own tests and ask them questions relevant to your requirements before making your hiring decision.

How easy it is to scale up or down with VE?

Scaling up or down is just one email away. If you need to add more resources to your legal transcription team, you can get in touch with your client account manager (CAM) and we will arrange exactly what you need. Conversely, if your work is done and you no longer need a resource, send across an email and it will be done.

How safe is my sensitive legal data with VE?

All your data is in safe hands when you work with Virtual Employee, We have a stringent data security system in place, which works in accordance with the EU’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA and US’ ECPA. Additionally, all our employees sign a mandatory non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We are also an ISO 27001-2013-certified and CMMiL3-assessed firm.

Are your legal transcriptionists certified?

Virtual Employee hires its legal transcriptionists from India’s top law schools and then triple vets them for quality. Moreover, we give preference to resources who are certified for their transcription qualities so that you get the best remote transcriptionists India has to offer.

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