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Our rich and varied collection of Articles have been well-researched and are based on facts and statistics provided by leading authorities on outsourcing. So, you can read up on ‘What is the difference between a Freelancer and a Virtual Employee?’ or ‘What would happen if the US stopped outsourcing?’

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Read all about the latest buzz in as well as in the outsourcing world as our Blog keeps you updated with all the outsourcing news, tips, events and trends from India and around the world.

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Our Videos are short and sweet! They capture, in a nutshell, who we are, what we do and even why some companies have such bad outsourcing experiences. Check them out!

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Image Gallery

See who we are, while at work and at play, where we are based, what our office looks like and how we function as you browse through our colourful Image Gallery.

Client Testimonials

Finally, nothing is more encouraging and confidence-inspiring than to find out what others have been saying about our services. Our Client Testimonials speak on our behalf.

Spencer Freeman, USA, “With VE, it is a turnkey situation – they provide everything. I pay one price and that’s it. And what was a dream was not having to deal with the regulations and government red tape for hiring additional people.”

G X Consult Ltd, UK, “The professional attitude, the flexibility and the pragmatic focus which supports GXC in knowing there is a partner to lean on should new requirements occur.”, Canada, “Being in different time zones could have been a problem but Virtual Employee made sure we had the required resources available at all times and provided us with the right communications tools.”

Oxygen Adventures Inc., Canada – Many thanks for freeing up my time
“I have contacted and compared many outsourcing companies but none have been more courteous, professional, and efficient as Whatever the task, the dynamic and very qualified staff at are capable of delivering your requests in a timely, professional, and affordable manner while always keeping your best interests in mind.”

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Our monthly newsletter is a rich document, combining in-depth articles on various facets of outsourcing, global outsourcing news and trends, outsourcing tips from us and much else.

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Case Studies

Our Case Studies are testimony to the successful work done by our virtual employees for clients from all over the world and in varied domains. If you are a first-time client, then a Case Study is the best way to get an insight into the expertise and skills of our talent pool. Say you wish to hire a PHP developer. All you have to do is to browse through the Case Studies listed under our PHP section. All Case Studies are actual work samples done by our virtual employees. Read more…
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In The News

Thanks to its unique and revolutionary business model of providing a ‘Business in the Sky’, has been receiving attention from the local, national as well as the international media from time to time. This section takes you on an armchair travel around the world, from Down Under to the Emerald Isles, as the world sits up and takes notice of the quiet revolution that has been brewing in the world of outsourcing.
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