Traditional outsourcing (offshore freelancers, project outsourcing companies) is a saturated market today. And even though it may be fulfilling the requirements of many businesses and corporations, there still remains a vast untapped segment that hasn’t quite found what it wants. This segment comprises the scores of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), especially those across North America and Europe, for whom neither outsourcing model is totally rewarding. As is opening an offshore office in a cost-effective destination like India.


A Quick Look At The Common Outsourcing Pain Points Encountered by SMEs:

  • Even though SMEs want to outsource as much work as they can, they are often restricted by what falls into the category of a ‘project’.
  • For an SME, the project outsourcing model is way too expensive.
  • The Intellectual Property does not always remain with the client.
  • Even if the SME does hire a team of 20 freelancers, effective communication would always be elusive, given the varying time zones and lack of adequate communication technology.

Our Innovative Business Model – the Dedicated Virtual Employee

This is where steps in and sandbags all the leaks that were preventing scores of SMEs from enjoying the true benefits of offshore outsourcing to India.

Our unique business model offers clients their very own dedicated virtual employee –
a full-time resource who bridges the gaps of time and distance through an intelligent use of latest communication technology.

  • A virtual employee (VE) is a full-time employee
  • A VE is handpicked by the client after a rigorous recruitment process (that included dual screening and face-to-face interviews in real time)
  • A VE works exactly as a local hire and in the same time zone as the client

Infact, a Virtual Employee is the best – and the only – alternative to local hiring or outsourcing.


How Are We Different?

What sets us apart from the others is the value for money that SMEs get when they partner with us.

  • ANY work in ANY domain can be outsourced with us. From website designing to long-running daily tasks such as Internet marketing, human resources, legal processes, etc, we can provide qualified and dedicated employees for all types of work.
  • Even after maintaining a healthy margin, the client can still rake in huge profits, thanks to the low costs available at which they hire the required employees.
  • The client ALWAYS retains their IP. So, once the work arrangement between and a client comes to an end, all the data, company information and work that was being handled by the employee automatically gets retained by the client and never remains stored on our servers or desktops.
  • Teams are not scattered all over the globe but sit together here under one roof in a managed office.
  • The client works seamlessly and remotely over high-end video conferencing, thereby reducing ambiguity in communication, and the vagueness of dealing with a faceless employee.


So, aren’t we actually providing freelancers like a host of other freelancing websites?

A big categorical NO. We have SOLVED the problems that offshore freelancers create and have created instead a compact, safe and highly rewarding business model for SMEs.

Consider briefly the problems commonly associated with outsourcing with offshore freelancers:
  • They usually work alone, unsupervised and from home
  • They are not a dedicated resource, working for several clients simultaneously
  • They lack instant and on-call IT support in case of technical glitches
  • Project management authority never rests with the client
  • Only short-term and low-end projects can be safely outsourced to freelancers
But, with,
an SME can:
  • Open their own offshore office in India at zero investment
  • Easily scale up or down their work and employee strength
  • Hire a virtual team of any size that sits together
  • Get a dedicated resource who works like an in-house employee has taken outsourcing to the next level of business, where geographical boundaries blur, time zones don’t matter and where any client anywhere in the world can find their dream employee.