Why Outsource Ionic App Development Services to India

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Ionic is an open-source UI toolkit for developing high-quality performant mobile and desktop apps using web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript with integrations for prevalent frameworks like React, Angular and Vue. A few reasons you should consider outsourcing your need for Ionic developers to India are low development and operational costs, access to myriad experienced developers and flexibility in terms of working with your time-zone.

Ionic App Development Services
  • Faster time-to-market with quick releases

  • Bespoke native-like performance & usability

  • Highly skilled Ionic developers across ranks

  • Up to 70% low development and operational cost

  • Multi-platform & multi-device app development

  • Ideal partner for tech giants and startups

Ionic App Development

Develop Innovative Hybrid Mobile Apps with VE

Want to build an Ionic mobile app for your business? Ranked as one of India’s top Ionic app development companies, Virtual Employee helps you build excellent apps with a plethora of capabilities and features. As one of the leading mobile app development companies, Virtual Employee has skilled and experienced Ionic mobile app developers. With our team of Ionic specialists, we have successfully built cross-platform applications for clients with dynamic business needs. Here is why you should choose VE for Ionic app development services.

  • Work with a team of certified project managers and Scrum Masters

  • Engage with domain experts in AngularJS, CSS, HTML5 and other leading mobile technologies

  • We have built innovative AI-based cross-platform mobile apps

  • We have significant experience in building hybrid mobile apps

  • You are guaranteed quick delivery with our standardized methods and processes

360° Ionic App Development Services

Promote Your Business with Robust Ionic Apps for iOS, Android & Windows

Ionic Template Development

Do you have an awesome concept in mind for an Ionic template or design? Our Ionic developers can develop templates as per your project requirements and make sure you are content with the solutions.

Ionic Widget Development

We can help you create a manageable yet powerful application that runs flawlessly on all platforms. Our skilful Ionic app developers have a precise plan for your venture and can assist you in widget development.

Migration to Ionic

Want to shift to the Ionic development platform? Improve both functionality and presentation of your app by leveraging the benefits of the Ionic framework. Perfect your custom versions and scripts across several files.

Ionic Framework Integration

Our top-grade Ionic application developers have thorough knowledge which makes the Ionic app development project manageable while also saving time for developers themselves and clients.

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Choose VE as Your Ionic App Development Company in India

Partner with Us – Be More than Cost-Effective

  • Free Trial

    Try us before you hire! Evaluate the caliber of your offshore Ionic developer with a no-obligation 1-week free trial.

  • Seamless Communication

    Reach out to your virtual employee easily for discussions, feedback or tracking work progress using Skype, Teams or emails.

  • Data Security

    As an ISO certified and a CMMiL3 assessed company, VE guarantees stringent security and confidentiality to its clients at all times.

  • Free Bespoke Recruitment

    VE’s leading team of recruiters can headhunt or hire Ionic mobile app developers within days, at zero recruitment fees.

  • Project Stability

    VE’s exclusive business model allows you to work uninterruptedly with your hired resource from start to finish.

  • Zero Overheads

    Pay only the salary of your chosen virtual employee and set up your own ‘offshore office in India’ at no additional cost.

Build Your App with VE’s 5-step Ionic Development Process

Your Business Idea Needs Targeted Execution

  • Requirement Gathering & Analysis


    You hire a dedicated Ionic developer who understands your needs and goals to identify the scope of the project.

  • Planning & Preparation


    Your Ionic developer carries out technical documentation to find the best strategic approach in building your app.

  • Design & Prototype


    Your Ionic developer finalizes the design and creates a functional prototype before sending it to you for approval.

  • Development


    Your skilled Ionic programmers set up backend architecture and develop frontend solutions to create the final app.

  • Testing & Deployment


    Your team of Ionic app developers conducts rigorous testing to deliver an optimized, bug-free app that works without any downtime.


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VE’s 3 Custom Hiring Models

Tailored to Suit Your Business Needs

Choose from VE’s three flexible, client-friendly engagement models to perfectly align with your project requirements.

Hire an Ionic Developer

  • Dedicated Model

    Hire a dedicated Ionic developer who works exclusively for you, ensuring absolute control over your resource and project.

  • Team Model

    Hire a team of dedicated Ionic programmers with diverse development skills and get a senior Team Lead free of cost.

  • Hourly Hiring

    Unsure of the volume of work? Opt for our hourly service where you buy bulk hours and enjoy VE’s pay-as-you-consume service.

FAQs About Ionic App Development

Discover All There is to Learn About Ionic

How much does it cost on average to develop a fully-functional Ionic mobile app?

The cost of Ionic app development varies, as every client comes with an inimitable set of requirements. The cost depends on your needs, features and functionalities implemented as well as the tech used to develop your application. To know the precise cost of Ionic app development, contact our experts.

What UI/UX practice do you follow?

Our UI-UX development process focuses on making visually well-designed user interfaces and fully-functional user experiences to deliver the best to any one that visits your site.

What kind of support will I get from VE?

From sourcing recruits to selecting them, we offer complete support to you from the day you decide to hire our Ionic developer. For any assistance, you can directly connect with us through emails, chat, calls as well as video calls.

Which technology is used in Ionic App development?

Ionic uses front-end tech like CSS, HTML, Angular and JavaScript for developing applications. Ionic facilitates cross-platform mobile apps with a single codebase by using such web technologies.

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