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360o Database Programming Services

Database Management

Large Database Management

Handling a Very Large Database (VLDB) needs a focused clustering, disaster recovery, performance monitoring & tuning, security management approach. Hire database experts from India who can handle humungous amounts of data with ease.

data warehouse

Data Warehouse Services

Outsource database development services to build your data warehouse. Constitute a central repository of data integrated from one or more disparate sources for effective reporting, data analysis and help businesses in big-picture decision-making.

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Database Security Management

VE’s remote database experts in India can deliver smart security management services by means of an array of tools, controls and techniques that are intended to ensure and safeguard the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of your entire business data.

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Database Backup & Recovery

Hire database administrators from India who can prepare for media, software and hardware failures along with recovering databases during a disaster. Our database experts ensure that your data isn’t lost and remains available to the users.

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Kick-start your project straightaway with our popular No-Obligation, No-Payment up to 3-day Free Trial. Continue with the same resource if satisfied.

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VE’s free, bespoke recruitment support helps you go from searching to hiring literally within days, if not hours. No more long waiting periods and expensive local recruitment fees for just one hire.

Zero Overheads

Get your own 'remote workplace in India’, dodge nagging issues such as employee benefits, etc. and only pay your database programming expert’s salary.

Data Security

As an ISO27001:2013 certified and CMMiL3 assessed company, VE assures its clients of breach-proof data security and confidentiality at all times.

Handpick Professionals that Always Have Your Back

Say Hello to Your Master Database Programmers

A Streamlined Approach to Build Robust Databases

Our 5-Step Database Programming Process

Analysis IconAnalysis

Your dedicated database programmer studies the scope of work and understands the technical, business and operational requirements.

Next, your remote database expert analyzes the technical requirements of your project to put a project plan in place.

Your professional database developer in India then designs a custom database management strategy as per the project plan approved by you.

Once the strategy has been approved, your database programming expert starts giving shape to your final product.

Rigorous testing is done at every stage to make sure your database is properly optimized and free from bugs and errors.

VE's Step Database Programming Process
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Ray Peck Founder & CEO, VXP Pharma, US

Our database expert helped us trim down the database substantially from where it was.

Ray Peck
Founder & CEO, VXP Pharma, US
James Flynn, CTO & Founder, Primority Ltd, UK

VE's developers have been instrumental in achieving success for our business.

James Flynn
Founder, Primority Ltd,
Brian Taylor Software Product Manager, SupplyCore, US

My VE incorporates my crazy ideas into the software and creates beautiful solutions.

Brian Taylor
Software Product Manager, SupplyCore, US

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FAQs on Our Database Programming Services

When hiring a database programmer for your company, you need to make sure that the resource is skilled in:
  • Design, development and implementation of database systems according to client’s needs.
  • Optimization of database systems to achieve performance efficiency.
  • Planning functional documents and design specifications for allocated database projects.
  • Performing capacity planning and space management for database systems.
  • Creating different database dictionaries and tables.
  • Verifying data integrity and quality of databases.
  • Recognizing database performance issues and offer corrective strategies.
  • Developing complex scripts, functions, triggers and stored procedures to promote app development.
  • Taking part in database design and architecture.
  • Performing regular data back-up and archival.
  • Testing database systems and perform bug fixes.
  • Troubleshooting issues in databases timely.
  • Creating security measures to safeguard databases from unauthorized access.
  • Assessing existing database systems and suggesting enhancements to achieve performance efficiency.
  • Developing design and development best practices.
Our USP for success has always been consistent and persistent customer interaction. VE’s sole aim is to maintain data integrity while working in close association with our clients. At Virtual Employee, a streamlined 5-step development process is followed. Your dedicated database programmers at VE consider all viewpoints in the planning phase, select the type of database, normalize your data, make structures transparent, outline constraints to retain data integrity, document everything, prepare for increasing backup time in the build, prioritize privacy, perform speed optimization and keep your database on its dedicated server.
We work in accordance with the EU’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA and US’ ECPA. Additionally, all our employees sign a mandatory non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We are also an ISO 27001-2013-certified and CMMiL3-assessed firm.
One of our biggest advantages is the ease with which you can scale up or down your resources. Just drop an email to our HR mentioning your requirements and it will be done.
Yes, at VE we believe in full transparency. Although all our remote DBA experts are hired after triple-vetting, you can test and interview your prospective resources to check their quality for yourself and whether they fit the bill. If satisfied, you can proceed with hiring.

Accelerate Your Roadmap – Hire Database Programmers from India

Data has become the most important commodity of the internet age. The biggest modern corporations, ranging from Google to Amazon to Facebook and Netflix, have all become enormous firms on the back of humongous amounts of data. Having data is just one thing, but what you do with that is what separates the successful firms from the also-rans. That’s where database programmers come into play. Top database programmers in India write code and utilize software to extract the required information to make a firm run efficiently and effectively....

Why Should You Outsource Database Programming to India?

India remains at the forefront of producing highly skilled engineers, making it a leading destination for firms wanting to hire IT professionals. India adds 1.5 million engineers to its burgeoning workforce every year, making it a perfect market to find the best database programmers for your business.

Furthermore, Virtual Employee has a rigorous hiring process for its database programmers, ensuring that only the very best of them make it through. VE’s remote database programmers in India are well-equipped with Tableau, Power BI, MongoDB, Transact-SQL, PL/pgSQL, SQL, Microsoft Access, D2B, PostgreSQL and MySQL among other prominent database management programs, making them ideal resources for the database programming needs at your firm.

You can get DBA experts from VE and rest assured of top-quality database management and development solutions that are best suited to your industry. As a top-rated outsourcing company in India, we offer professional database development services across industry verticals like:

  • Education

Hire database administrators who can deliver unique solutions to solve large-scale and small-scale issues for the e-learning and educational industries.

  • Healthcare

Your DBA expert from India can provide database solutions with great capabilities for coordinating health-related terms and satisfy the needs of the healthcare industry.

  • Transportation & Logistics

VE’s database experts can build a feature-rich solution to enhance routes, inventory management and vehicle maintenance and allows you to regulate every aspect of your transport and logistics company.

  • E-commerce & Retail

Your database engineers at VE have been creating several solutions for the retail and eCommerce industry employing top databases for over a decade.

  • Manufacturing

Hire VE’s DBA experts to help your company ride the wave of digital transformation through unique and agile solutions. Satisfy client requirements and meet the new market realities with our experts.

  • Hospitality & Travel

Our dedicated database developers are adept at creating online travel and tourism solutions boasting features such as ERP payment gateways, kiosks, virtual excursions, etc.

  • Media

Hire remote database experts from India to develop affluent and multi-functional solutions for the media and entertainment industry.

  • Finance

Our remote DBA services have helped companies build database solutions precisely for the finance industry. Your professional database coders can cater to the banking industry be developing scalable and secure solutions.

Technical Expertise of VE’s Dedicated Database Developers

VE’s database programmers in India are adept at fixing database management issues, devising efficient ways of managing and accessing extensive databases and turning troves of data into meaningful and actionable information.

Here are the top reasons why companies outsource database management services to Virtual Employee in India:

  • DB solutions from conception to execution
  • Experienced in addressing varied DB challenges
  • Custom work models to choose from
  • Handpick any programmer of your choice
  • Test your resource for free before hiring
  • Delivering customized database solutions

Virtual Employee has an experienced database programming team adept at building a high-performing database for your software and applications. Hire remote database experts from VE to deliver a worthwhile user experience. Our DB developers in India are fully equipped to develop custom solutions that seamlessly match your business requirements. The MySQL developers assigned to work on your idea are up for any task and are always available on a variety of communication channels.

Moreover, our database programming services offer the best migration and upgrade solutions for your database apps. Your custom database programmers are proficient at using several database servers like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Lite and Sybase. Also, VE understands what efficiency and performance mean to a business, and our online database developers are experts in optimizing the performance of your database apps.

Catch the technical skills of our database developers at a glance:

  • Concepts: Database Mirroring/Replication, Database Partitioning, Database Normalization, Indexing, SDLC Methodologies, Agile Methodologies, etc.
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Lite & PostgreSQL
  • Tools: SQL Management Studio, SQL Profiler, MySQL Workbench, SVN, Git, Basecamp, Jira, etc.
  • Operating Systems: Mac, Windows & LINUX/UNIX

Why Hiring VE’s Remote Database Experts is the Right Decision?

VE’s DB programming experts play a vital role in enhancing and expanding databases. The offshore database programmers at VE have been consistently delivering the desired results to many companies and are well aware of the industry best practices and perform accordingly on the inbound database projects. Virtual Employee is one of the top-rated database management companies in India, which makes us an ideal destination to satisfy all your database programming needs.

Talking of business needs, VE offers 3 custom hiring models suitable for any large, mid-size or small enterprise. You can select your desired engagement model from full-time, part-time and hourly options. As per different parameters like business size, industry vertical and current market value, we deliver the apt services to match your business needs.

Hire database experts in India who work with a lot of enthusiasm and pure intellect to deliver your dream product. Irrespective of the industry vertical, whether it is online shopping, food delivery, beauty products, travel destinations, games, photos, or film or videos, our flexible hiring models provide the required momentum to your business.

Why Outsource Database Development to Virtual Employee

Your DBA expert at VE is well-equipped with advanced technologies along with extensive domain expertise to satisfy all your database management needs. Data is the most vital part of an app, website or software. VE’s offshore database programmers can help you pool data from various resources into a single format. We don’t use any gimmicks to gain the client’s trust but by time and again delivering top-notch results.

So, we would love to assist you if you’ve got an application idea that requires robust database implementation. Hire dedicated database Developers from VE; we are a qualified team of remote database experts with in-depth knowledge of database design and programming. Our certified database developers in India never fail to deliver quality database management services to our clients.

Outsource database management services to VE for best-in-class services dedicated to bringing your unique concepts to life. Hire expert DB developers from India who are skilled in designing and developing database structures and objects following the best practices. VE’s remote database services can assist with creating new database apps along with upgrading and maintaining your existing database apps.

4000+ Clients in 34 Countries Have Accelerated Their Business Growth with VE’s Developers. You Could Be Next!