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Offshore Outsourcing: How to Solve these 5 Key Challenges

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest!” – Peter Ferdinand Drucker, an American management consultant, author and educator, whose writings greatly influenced modern business corporations. The term ‘offshore

Three Types of IT Outsourcing and Why it is Beneficial for your Company

One of the most fulfilling aspects of being an entrepreneur is being able to provide capable and deserving candidates with rewarding jobs. But with expansion and scalability, hiring premium resources

What Is the Effect of Covid-19 Corona Virus on Outsourcing Companies in India?

People across the world can think of few things other than Covid-19 presently. The Coronavirus disease has had a severe impact on both domestic as well as international businesses across

How to get your enterprise ready for total digitalization

In 2019, if you cannot count your organization among those which have already achieved digitalization, then your organization is in trouble. You are not just behind others, you are practically

How offshoring is the easiest way to scale up your business

How things are One of the biggest challenges that a small business or startup faces is scaling up. While the financial and operational realities of small businesses are vastly different

Why Outsourcing Civil Engineering Project Design is the Way to Go

Firms involved in infrastructural development and construction require civil engineers, irrespective of the size of the venture. Recruiting and then retaining skilled engineers is a cumbersome task for companies, which

India as the Ideal Outsourcing Terminus for High-end Engineering Services

How India Manages to Bag the Title of Ideal Engineering Services Outsourcing Destination “Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.” – James A. Michener, author At present, engineering

Why Should You Outsource Engineering Services?

Harness Indian Engineers to Get Cost-Effective Solutions By shipping engineering services jobs to India, Western firms can substantially decrease their expenditure and put the talent of their in-house employees to

How To Solve the Biggest Problems of Offshore Outsourcing

The origin of outsourcing goes back a lot further than we can possibly think. However, it became a major business strategy only in the late eighties. Offshore outsourcing has gone

Why do Companies Outsource their Work?

What is outsourcing? In simple terms, outsourcing is the practice in which businesses engage an outside third party to take care of one or multiple functions of the business. Outsourcing

Bursting the Biggest Myths About Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing today is an ingrained reality of doing business. From sporadic outsourcing of back office operations, starting with General Electric opening an office near Delhi, India, to the steady

Have you faced these concerns while outsourcing Software Development?

Common Concerns in Software Outsourcing (and how VE overcomes all of them) If there is any industry that has come to rely heavily upon outsourcing, it is the software development