Why Outsource TensorFlow Development to India

Enhanced Efficiency, Reduced Cost, Better Security

The future is now, and it’s all thanks to artificial intelligence. Machine learning has revolutionized the way business processes operate in a world where every second counts – if you haven’t yet tried out these technologies, your competitors are far ahead! With Virtual Employee, you can hire Google certified TensorFlow developers in India. Whether it’s about providing intuitive data flow graphs with complex computations and OCR/ICR for text processing tasks or creating deep neural networks to impart human intelligence into ML algorithms, our developers offer it all without sacrificing creativity or innovation! Besides, you can have highly qualified employees at affordable rates, available during your time zone. And, there’s more…

TensorFlow Development Services
  • Development on multiple
    devices & platforms

  • Easy communication
    with developers

  • Dedicated TensorFlow

  • Cut development
    costs by 70%

  • Talent pool of
    pre-vetted developers

  • 100% money
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TensorFlow Development Services

Driving Innovation with Next-Gen TensorFlow Development

Do you need an efficient chatbot for your website to help manage customer service better? TensorFlow is what you are looking for! Virtual Employee is rated as one of the leading outsourcing companies to hire TensorFlow developers in India. VE’s TensorFlow developers help you create applications ranging from OCR and ICR converters all the way up through chatbots for websites. The end result? More relevant content on your site with better customer service! Here are a few areas where TensorFlow can help your business:

  • Predict human behavior & purchasing patterns of customers

  • Eliminate manual data entry

  • Simplify computations

  • Detect spam

  • Automated analysis of financial data

  • Secure businesses against cyber threats

360 Degree TensorFlow Services

Simplify Machine Learning and Build Advanced Neural Network Models

NLP/ Chatbot Development

The skilled Open CV & TensorFlow developers at Virtual Employee can provide reliable solutions with the help of AI. We build efficient chatbots using NLP & utilizing sequence-to-sequence module functionality, ensuring your business delivers next-gen digital experience.

Image Recognition

Our Open CV & TensorFlow developers can help businesses slash physical interaction with image processing solutions. We aid businesses with solutions that automatically process & manage the image & interpret deep insights using facial recognition technology.

Neural Network Modeling

Neural Network is the basis of deep learning algorithms that are designed to recognize and mimic human behavior. Our experts at Virtual Employee can help develop advanced neural and deep neural network models to solve common AI or Machine Learning problems.

Voice Recognition

VE’s team of experienced and certified TensorFlow developers can efficiently interpret audio signals for data feed by utilizing a wide range of technologies like sentiment analysis and flaw detection, so your end product is always up-to-date with what customers require.

Support & Maintenance

Whether you start a project with us or already have an ongoing project, our experts can offer reliable post-deployment support. Our dedicated TensorFlow developers can support and manage your infrastructure and application for the smooth functioning of your processes.

Why Pick VE as Your Preferred TensorFlow Agency in India

Transform Your Business by Partnering with Our Google Certified TensorFlow Developers

  • Free Trial

    Unsure about hiring an offshore TensorFlow developer from VE? We understand! Try us before hiring. Go for our 1-week free trial before you pay for the resource.

  • No Recruitment Fee

    Virtual Employee promises to find you highly qualified TensorFlow developers who are pre-vetted by our team of reliable recruiters at zero recruitment fees.

  • Extensive Western Firm Experience

    Adept at the latest technologies, our experts have extensively worked with clients globally, especially from the USA & UK.

TensorFlow Development Agency
  • Data Security

    As an ISO-certified, CMMiL3 assessed company, VE ensures strict security and confidentiality norms to protect its clients. Your trust is valuable to us.

  • Seamless Communication

    You can now contact and manage your hired virtual employee without any hassles. Have a discussion, feedback, or tracking sessions on your preferred platform.

  • Zero Overheads

    Once you choose Virtual Employee, you only need to pay for your hired resource, and we will give you your own ‘offshore office in India’ at no extra cost.

Build Your App with VE’s 5-step TensorFlow Development Process

Let Us Help Your Business Take a Leap into the Future

  • Data Gathering


    When you hire a dedicated TensorFlow developer, the task will begin with identifying, collecting, and integrating the various data sources. The more the data, the more precise the prediction.

  • Data Wrangling & Preparation


    Data undergoes wrangling (converted into the appropriate format). The next step is data imputation, where unwanted characters & blank spaces are removed, and feature selection.

  • Data Analysis


    As the name suggests, this step includes the analysis of data using various techniques to build the most efficient machine learning algorithm.

  • Training & Testing


    After model creation, it is trained to understand the different patterns & features for better performance. It is, then, made to go through rigorous testing to find and correct any problems or bugs.

  • Deployment


    Finally, the Machine Learning model is deployed in the real-world digital system.


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Simple & Flexible: VE’s 3 Hiring Models

Your Business Needs, Our Customized Solutions

We understand every business has varied requirements. That’s why we offer you the flexibility to choose from three client-friendly engagement models.

Hire a TensorFlow Developer

  • Dedicated Model

    Hire a skilled TensorFlow developer who will work exclusively on your project while giving you full control over their time & efforts.

  • Team Model

    Hire our top-tier TensorFlow developers with varied skillsets and get the expertise of a Senior Team Lead at no extra cost.

  • Hourly Hiring

    Don’t want to hire a full-time resource? You can now hire as per your requirement. Utilize our hourly service and hire just for 60 hours per month.

Industry-Specific Expertise in TensorFlow Development

Better Data Visualization and Optimized Use of APIs to Help All Industries

TensorFlow Development Services

Build intuitive chatbots and offer personalized shopping experiences to customers.


Create travel apps to assist travelers plan and steer their travel plans with ease.


Get cutting-edge educational apps for effective e-learning experiences.


Offer better & safe service by enhancing cyber security & analyzing financial risks.


Make innovative and effective healthcare apps for better diagnosis & treatment.


Offer personalized content suggestions based on viewers’ past activity & behavior.

FAQs About Our TensorFlow Services

Have More Questions? These Might Help!

How can TensorFlow help my business?

AI is taking over our world, and you must catch up if you don’t wish to be left behind. Our TensorFlow developers can help you make the best of this new technology through their skilled work with Natural Language Processing and speech or human language processing (depending on what’s needed). From text pre-processing to evaluation & deployment, we can provide reliable solutions to enable your business to deliver next-generation digital experiences! Here’s what it can do for you.

  • Image Recognition
  • Voice Recognition
  • Financial Analysis
  • Data Forecasting
  • Risk Calculation
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Automation/Chatbots

How do you create ML models?

Building Machine Learning Models involves several steps. From identifying the data to analyzing it, developing the algorithms, training and testing the ML models, and then deploying the model- it’s an expert’s job! At VE, we create extensive ML libraries, using software like Tensorflow and Open CV to build ML models.

How much does it cost to hire TensorFlow developer at VE?

TensorFlow is a popular AI library that provides an easy-to-use interface to train your models. The cost of hiring a Tensorflows developer at VE ranges from $12-$18 per hour, but this price can vary depending on the size and scope of your projects. Connect with us today so we can discuss what is best suited towards training requirements before making any final decisions about pricing plans.

What shift hours will my chosen TensorFlow developer work?

Once you hire a TensorFlow developer from VE, they work as your own dedicated team member. They can adjust their shift timings to suit your time zone and business requirement. You can ask your virtual employee to adhere to your shift timings irrespective of the hiring model you have opted for.

More FAQs

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