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Offshore Software Testing Solutions That Fit the Bill Perfectly

For scalable & error-free software

Buggy software hampering your business? That’s a challenge faced by businesses across domains. From eCommerce to logistics and hospitality to retail, a minor bug can put a massive wrench in your operations, leading to tremendous losses. This is where software testing services from VE come into the picture.

Employing cutting-edge testing technologies to remove all functional issues from the software, our QA software testing services prevent erroneous software from hitting the market. We pay attention to the minutest of details, which in turn enables us to achieve quicker time-to-market timelines.

Software testing outsourcing companies in India offer the best software testing solutions, rendered by IT professionals who have years of experience and bring an out-of-the-box approach to the table. Hire a software tester from India and experience flawless service, within the stipulated time frame.

At VE, our software testing outsourcing services are built learning from such disastrous experiences and thus offer complete peace of mind with bug-free software that’s designed to give you the upper hand.

Some of the emerging software testing trends our remote software testers in India have mastered:

  • Agile & DevOps
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Integration
  • Accessibility
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Multi-Device

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Comprehensive Software Testing Services

For a bug-free software ecosystem

Automation Testing Service

Our outsourced software testing services unit is equipped to offer the best automation testing solutions that lead to increased ROI and reduced delivery times. We offer end-to-end application testing quick and accurate results.

Mobile App Testing

Planning to launch a mobile app? Let our offshore mobile app testing service help you iron out the bugs. Our multi-platform and OS experts ensure that you deliver a high-performing mobile app for a superior customer experience.

Usability Testing

Hire an offshore software QA tester from India to get professional testing done for your software’s UI/UX experience. See how your customers interact with your offering, identify the issues, and get them fixed in record time.

API Testing Services

Experience seamless API integrations with zero bugs when you hire a software tester from VE. We excel at load & security testing, test case development, support, and execution, save yourself the tedium and outsource right away

Functional Testing

VE’s software testing services are specifically designed to ensure that your software meets all the functional expectations. The exhaustive process includes software validation, verification, and specifications compliance.

Manual Testing

Our deep-dive manual testing process ensures that your software gets the best functional testing and regression. From desktop to mobile apps, we test, figure out the issues, and make the software flawless for immediate deployment.

Compatibility Testing

Software having compatibility issues? Worry no more. Our offshore software testers conduct a thorough compatibility check of your website or software on multiple platforms and web browsers, to make it ready for release.

Accessibility Testing

Make it easier for people with disabilities to access your software and help increase their productivity with our accessibility testing services. Provide a robust and scalable software that goes a long way.

Security Testing

Secure your software against hacks, data loss, and unauthorized access with our security testing services. Our software testers ensure that your software provides a safe and productive ecosystem for your business, clients, and third-party users.

Software Testing Outsourcing Makes Business Sense

For flawless software operations, anytime, every time

Hire offshore software testing services from India and benefit from the talents of one of the fastest-growing countries in the IT domain. Dedicated software QA testers at VE not only live and breathe software but are great at communication, thus removing the language barrier entirely. Fast-turnaround time, coupled with huge savings, is your winning combination.

Great Cost Savings

Hire a software QA analyst from India and save upwards of $40,000 as we take care of all the overheads. It’s like having your own employee minus the added costs.

Talent Galore

Why settle for mediocrity when you can have the best without draining your wallet? All software testers are triple-vetted to ensure unmatched quality.

Always-On, Always Ready

Our remote software QA testers work on a 24×7 format, making them available across time zones. Always there to check on your needs, when you need them to.

6 Advantages of Hiring Software Testers from VE

India’s leading software testing outsourcing company

Try First, Hire Later

Assess the software tester’s skills and productivity with our Free Trial offer. Hire the resource only after you are satisfied with his/her performance.

Dedicated Resources

Unlike freelancers, VE offers you dedicated software testers, much like your in-house resource. Answerable to you and working exclusively for you.


No hidden charges and overheads. Add more money to your 401k account every time you hire a software tester with Virtual Employee

Hire One, Get a Team

When you hire a software tester from VE, you not only get the talent of one resource but the combined experience and brilliance of an entire team, backing you up 24×7.

No Extra Cost

Hire a remote software tester from VE and pay only for his/her services. All other expenses, including office rent, hardware, software, etc. are taken care of by VE.

Rich Experience

From entry to senior level software testers, pick and hire the level that suits your requirements the best. The choice is yours. Your business, your decision. Happy to comply.

Our 5-Step Software Testing Process

  • Planning & Control

    Our testers start off by determining the scope and risks and identifying the objectives of testing. They then get down to zeroing in on the test approach.

  • Analysis & Design

    From reviewing the test basis to designing the tests and everything in between, the testers ensure that they have a fool-proof system ready with them.

  • Implementation & Execution

    Leveraging test cases and testware, the testers then go on to determining if your software is working correctly. A test harness is also used, if deemed necessary.

  • Exit Criteria & Reporting

    Based on the risk assessment of your software, our testers set the criteria for each level and then evaluate the said criteria and prepare a summary report.

  • Test Closure

    The testers ensure the delivery of a bug-free software and resolve the incident reports, if any. They also archive the testware so that you can refer to it later.

Hire a Dedicated Software Tester Within 8 Hours

From a vast talent pool of skilled & triple-vetted resources

Custom Remote Software Tester Hiring Models

Solutions to get you started today

Dedicated Hiring

A remote software tester who works exactly as your in-house resource would. Accountable and answerable only to you.

Team Hiring

Got a big project? Hire a team of skilled remote software testers who work on your projects,

Ad-Hoc, Part-Time or Full-Time

Depending on the amount of work, you can go for an 8-hour/day, 4-hour/day or ad hoc software testing work.

Hire an Offshore Software Tester in 3 Easy Steps

Hire Your Remote Software Tester Today
  • Get in Touch with Us

    Got a buggy software? Looking for a talented software testing expert to hire? Tell us what you need, share your requirements, and we’ll make it happen.

  • Hire Only the Best

    Take your pick from a roster of highly talented and triple-vetted software testers with unparalleled experience. No setting for less.

  • Get to Work

    Hire your selected dedicated software tester and get your project on track in under 8 hours. You have complete control of the project and the resource.

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Software Testing FAQs

Got a Question? We’ve Got the Answer

What if my software is too buggy and can’t be tested at all?

We begin with a bug catalog for the software being tested. Based on severity, our software testers report the bugs and categorize them. If the bugs are critical to too many in numbers then the solution can exceed the given timelines.

What is test bed for software testing?

Software testing depends on a testing ecosystem created specifically for your software. This is called a test bed, which is comprised of software, hardware, network configurations, along with other required software.

What is the monthly cost of hiring a remote employee?

You can hire a remote employee from Virtual Employee from $995/month to $1,995/month. You stand to save as much as 70% on overhead and resource costs.

Who would bear the cost of employees’ leaves?

The cost of the employee’s leaves will be borne by you (the client). Every employee is entitled to one paid leave every month.

Can I monitor my employee in real time?

Of course. You can monitor your remote employee anytime. We use latest software for remote monitoring and system access, which you have complete access to.

Can VE provide isolated workstations for my employee?

Of course! Your need for privacy is our biggest priority. VE offices are spacious enough to provide your remote employee a dedicated and isolated enclosure, as and when you require.

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