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Advanced communication technology, time zone differences don’t matter

How do you work remotely with

your Virtual Employee in India?

Smooth two-way communication can be said to be the lifeline of any successful remote working arrangement where physical interaction is not possible.

Thanks to VirtualEmployee.com’s superior communication technology, working remotely is no longer an impossible challenge even though the client and their remote employee may well have half the globe separating them.

Clients can closely collaborate with and train their Virtual Employees

A Virtual Employee works exactly like a locally hired employee in almost every other respect except one – instead of being in the next room or down the corridor, they are based in a different continent and in a different time zone. But, VirtualEmployee.com’s superior technology ensures that such obstacles never interfere while closely collaborating with the remote employee.

Clients may utilizing the following facilities provided by VirtualEmployee.com:

  • Phone with the local number of your country
  • Collaboration software
  • Email
  • Skype (chat and webcam)
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant messengers
  • Remote PC software

Time zone differences don’t

matter with a VE

VirtualEmployee.com’s office is open 24 hours a day, with the IT and support desks available at hand round the clock for a client. So, a VE can work the same office hours as their client, irrespective of whether the latter is based in the US, UK or Australia, or for that matter, just about anywhere in the world. There is no loss of time and work-related clarifications/ doubts/ queries are almost instantly resolved.

Psychological impact of working from a controlled office makes the Virtual Employee a very valuable human resource

Obviously, working from a supervised office create their own psychological impact on an individual.

  • Working from a professionally administered office always has a positive effect on results, conduct and motivation levels.
  • A virtual employee does not work in a vacuum and is not at the mercy of unpredictable technological breakdowns.
  • VirtualEmployee.com’s HR executives are always present to physically supervise and monitor the client’s remote employee and take care of any non-work related issues that may crop up.
  • Plus, the vigilant and skilled IT support staff ensures that technical glitches are attended to immediately so that the work flow does not get affected.

VirtualEmployee.com’s flexible approach

VirtualEmployee.com offers a very flexible approach to its business partners regarding the way they wish to communicate with their virtual employee here in India (in terms of method and frequency). A client can interact and collaborate with their virtual employee as many times a day as they wish.

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