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Why do you need Email Marketing as a Smart Online Marketing Strategy?

Email marketing is a simple, fast, and strong channel for customer communication, if used judiciously. It allows businesses a cost-effective way to send newsletters, discounts and special offers, and invitations to engage and maintain their customer base.

All successful businesses have a defined email marketing strategy to expand their business and increase their customer base. Email marketing gives you a chance to broaden your market reach and directly connect with both types of audience – your existing customers, and likely future prospects. It helps establish brand consciousness among your audience.

Even though other digital marketing practices are gaining popularity, email marketing in India continues to rule as far as converting leads to customers is concerned as it is also one of the most effective marketing strategies Hire an email marketer to drive your business promotion strategy.

What does Email Marketing achieve?

  • Quick and effective campaigns with easy tracking of statistics like email bounce, delivery, open rate etc
  • Personalized interaction with customers creating strong brand perception
  • Easy customer targeting with list segmentation and grouping

We give you targeted email campaigns

We can help you devise a solid email marketing strategy. Our dedicated content marketing specialists can create targeted email campaigns customized for various business objectives including customer engagement, product launch, quality leads, and higher sales.

Get top-class email marketing services in India by outsourcing email marketing to VE’s experts. This potent marketing tool can literally transform a business by multiplying its leads and conversions like no other marketing tool. Targeted and individual email marketing makes staying ahead of the competition easier and, if done right, can greatly increase the ROI. Our email marketing services include powerful copywriting, engaging design elements, reporting and some truly smart marketing strategies.

From Conversation to Commerce – the Smart Way

Outsource your email marketing services to our experts to have all your email campaigns managed cleverly along with quantifiable results. Leave the management technology or infrastructure of email marketing to our experts while you enjoy the immense benefits of email marketing.

VirtualEmployee.com digital marketing professionals can craft a winning email promotion campaign to deliver tangible business gains.

  • Design appealing email copy with the correct sales or promotion pitch for specified purposes like discount sale, new service launch etc.
  • Customize campaigns in keeping with email list segmentation and grouping to promote brand loyalty
  • Skillfully manage technical details like formatting, list hosting
  • Incorporate industry best practices and legal basics of email marketing to deliver a spam-free campaign maximizing conversion rate
  • Track, collate, and analyze relevant statistics to measure qualified leads and conversion rate

Save Big with Our Email Marketing Services in India

Our Email Marketing Services include the following:

  • Business Offer Emails for different objectives
  • Sending Newsletters
  • Automation Services
  • Catalog and Video Email Promotion
  • Conducting Email Surveys
  • Managing Email Campaigns
  • Tracking And Monitoring Email Campaign Statistics
  • Designing Email Templates
  • Sending Bulk Mails
  • Client-Data Management
  • Email Campaigns Integrated with Social Media
  • Incorporating Legal Basics of Email Marketing and Opt-In Laws

Our Email Marketing Plans

Why not hand over the nitty-gritty of email campaigns to us while you sit back and enjoy the profits? Choose from our Basic and Advance Plans

Email marketing helps you to interact directly with your customers, learn about their preferences and helps you plan and implement a sound marketing strategy based on facts rather than mere assumptions. Outsource email campaigns to India for higher lead generation and sales conversions.

Choose from our wide range of email marketing packages in India to suit your budget and requirement, increase your brand’s presence and build a loyal customer base.

Details Basic Plan Advance Plan

Contact Management Features

Import Mailing List
Remove Unsubscribed Contacts
Automatically Detect Duplicate Emails
Require Opt-in
Social Media Tools
Demographic Segmentation
Account Health Meter

Email Creation Features

Mobile-Ready Templates
Advanced Inbox Preview
A/B Testing
Add Images
Add Hyperlinks
Basic Formatting
Create Plain-Text Messages
Create HTML Messages
Create Messages from Template
View HTML Source Code
Create Auto Response
Email Setup Wizard
Create Surveys

Sending & Reporting Features

Email Job Scheduling
Test Email
Opened Emails
Forwarded Emails
Bounced Emails
View Unsubscribed Contacts
Social Media Integration
Click-Through Tracking
Delivered & Undeliverable
Compare Message Reports
Export & Download Reports

Help & Support

Email/Online Form
Articles & Resources
Live Chat
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Connect, Communicate, Grow—Create a Successful Email Campaign

We can plan multiple-devices-friendly email campaigns which can be standalone or integrated with a comprehensive content marketing strategy for you to connect with your customers, and get your cash registers ringing.

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