Say goodbye to taps on the shoulders.

Another 9am. Another jam. Another interruption from a work-related issue on the phone. In the office, one phone call after another. Co-workers are coming in and out of your cubicle all day. You’ve lost track of who needs what by now, but you’re getting paid to make sure they all get everything they need, right?

What if you could reduce the interruptions, distractions, and overall chaos of running an office? And what if you could do it without giving up much in return?

Create a far better office experience.

Minimize the chaos of having to run a physical office and maximize the impact you can have on your business, the profits, and more importantly, the growth of your business. But how do you that?

The first such service for workplace teams.

Maybe a virtual office isn’t as revolutionary as it might first sound, but teamed with our cloud solutions, it could revolutionise how you work.

A traditional company with a large office space has many overhead costs. Aside from your high rent, you must pay salaries for your full-time employees, which means more taxes, benefits, and expenses.

Your business deserves a better, more modern solution, won’t you say?

Work with people you can trust for real.

We build trust with our high-touch approach to security and privacy. We do it with every client we service, so they can rest easy knowing their data is secure in our hands. The long and short of it is, we have your back. Not to mention, we have 500+ testimonials on record, the highest for any cloud company.

Larry Spencer. VP, ScerIS, USA
Larry Spencer Vice President USA

They are true employees, but through a video screen.

Limitless solutions for your business.

Launching new business ideas is risky.

Not with a cloud company though. Running costs are exceptionally low, there are no long-term contracts, no hiring & firing, no offices, no equipment. Why do you think cloud companies are growing at over 40% per year? Because they save you time, money and give you flexibility. You can scale up or down as you please.

Prepare for what you can’t predict.

A devastating crisis, such as the one that the world is currently facing, could happen at any time and cost your business its future. You need a backup plan.

Introducing Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS).

Bounce right back.

Break free of the cubicle once and for all.

Running a business has never been harder. The competition is vicious, the hours are sometimes punishing, and cash flow can be a major challenge… No wonder many entrepreneurs feel caught between a rock and a hard place.

We manage your office and staff, so you don’t have to. With Virtual Employee’s services, you can focus purely on getting business done instead of logistics and HR headaches.

Turn cloud’s potential into performance.

Cloud technology is a great tool for any business – but only if it’s used properly. And we ensure, it is.

Location independence
Risk factor
Streamlining business
Freedom of time and resources
Cloud Company
  • Very flexible
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Very low
  • Very easy, high ROI
  • Total freedom
Traditional Company
  • Inflexible
  • Zero, you are tied to one place
  • High
  • Time consuming, low ROI
  • Non-existent

The future of work is here,
& it’s all about the cloud
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