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Kick-start your project straightaway with our popular No-Obligation, No-Payment up to 3-day Free Trial. Continue with the same resource if satisfied.

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Our free, quick, bespoke hiring process helps you save on not just expensive local recruitment fees but also lengthy waiting periods to hire just one resource.

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VE’s unique business model assures the much-needed project stability, which is why it is not uncommon for our global clients to be working with the same developer for 5 uninterrupted years and counting.

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As an ISO 27001:2013 certified and CMMiL3 assessed company, VE assures its clients of breach-proof data security and confidentiality at all times.

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Your hired Django developers analyze the project requirements to deduce the aspects like budget, size, complexity and target audience.

VE’s virtual Django experts review and examine your project and its technical requirements to design an ideal project plan.

The dedicated Django developer at VE create a wireframe concerning the design assets and mock-ups based on the advised project plan.

Once the prototype gets approved, your remote Django developer will move forward to give a shape to your project.

Rigorous testing is performed after your go-ahead to ensure an optimized and bug-free product before launch.

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James Flynn, CTO & Founder, Primority Ltd, UK

The loyalty and work ethics of the developers at Virtual Employee was immense.

James Flynn,
CTO & Founder, Primority Ltd, UK
Simon Bray

The developers at VE felt like my own except they were in a different office.

Simon Bray,
MD, Wireless1 Marketing Group, USA
CTO - Common Sense Monitoring Solutions Ltd., UK

What would have taken six months for us to develop he managed it in six weeks.

Andy Mills,
CTO, Common Sense Monitoring Solutions Ltd., UK

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FAQs on Our Django Development Services

VE has a meticulous hiring process as it is ISO Certified and a CMMI Level 3 organization. Only the top 1% of talent are chosen following numerous rounds of rigorous interviews. You will receive the resumes of our shortlisted Django developers before hiring. Moreover, you can interview each of them privately before deciding on a team or an individual.
Virtual Employee devotes all of their effort in producing work of the highest caliber. Your project will go through numerous stages of testing and evaluation before being delivered in its final form to make sure it meets your expectations.
After completion, you will have full ownership of the front and back ends as well as the API for your project. Even after the project has been deployed, our experts will continue to provide you with technical support.
Of course, with the help of our experienced and skilled Python developers, you can create a website using this open-source language. In addition, our Python developers have expertise in using an excellent framework like Django to speed up the development process while they create your website.
Undoubtedly, we have a team of Python developers who have assisted a lot of clients in migrating to Python for better performance and usability from legacy and conventional programmes created on various platforms. You may be sure that we will address your concerns regarding the conversion of the existing application to Django.

Hire Django Developers from VE to Start Your Dream Project

Django is an open-source framework that helps developers build scalable and secure web applications. Whether you run a start-up, a small business, or an established enterprise, Django offers the tools to meet all of your business needs in the form of a robust web application. If you are thinking of developing your next web application on this Python-based framework, then Virtual Employee is the Django app development company in India worth considering. You can significantly reduce your operating costs by hiring Django programmers in India through outsourcing. You won't have to worry about hiring costs, taxes, office space, employee benefits, equipment, or other charges if you have a remote staff. In addition, India has a huge IT talent pool of India and outsourcing-friendly policies....

The Benefits of Django Development Outsourcing

  • Better development speed for greater solutions – Django is appropriate for complex projects. It has characteristics that make it possible to expedite the development process, allowing the project’s designers to swiftly obtain the first MVP, test user reaction, and then move forward with the software development while keeping market-driven insights in mind.
  • Putting safety first – Python offers sophisticated security opportunities at its core. This strategy is supported by Django as well. It has security features like SQL Injections and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Django is a suitable option for large projects involving sensitive data, such as those in the financial and healthcare industries.
  • Improved prospects for SEO – SEO benefits from Python and Django both. By compressing CSS and JS, for instance, Django developers can greatly improve the speed at which a page loads. Additionally, the Django CMS is quite powerful.

 What Can We Develop Using Django?

Given the technical features of Django and Python, which mostly coincide, we can build the following using this framework and programming language.

  • APIs – The two most common uses of Django are creating and altering APIs. The Django Rest framework is used by the developers for this, and large applications typically require the use of specialized APIs.
  • Machine Learning projects – ML projects are a good fit for Django. Machine learning algorithms can be easily programmed in Python or Django. The issue is that Django has compute, mathematical, and statistical tools built-in that enable developers to create machine learning (ML) applications based on regression analysis and predictive analytics.
  • Social Networking sites – Another application for Django is the development of social media projects. Django’s security features make it even more useful for software of this type to handle massive amounts of data in real-time. For instance, Django, is a component of the software stacks of Facebook and Instagram.
  • CMS – Django also makes it feasible to build a Content Management System. Additionally, it might include some automation features that Django excels at.
  • Enterprise Applications – Django is mostly chosen for enterprise solutions with sophisticated and complex business logic. The internal MVC design, magical security, and the ability to create parallel modules enable the development of such applications to be simple and efficient.

Django gained enormous popularity as the best competitor to Rails. This Python framework is fast, secure, open-source, and requires fewer lines of code. Django includes all the functionality you might possibly need to meet your specific requirements for web applications. Some of the busiest websites, like Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, NASA, Washington Post, etc., are currently supported by Django. But it isn’t easy to find a dependable yet competent Django developer to handle all of your needs. This is where you can benefit from Virtual Employee.

Tap into our 14 years of extensive experience in helping our global clients build world-class web applications that are revolutionizing both lives and businesses. Whether you are a startup, an enterprise-level business, a consultant or a technology specialist, you can find what you’re looking for.

Outsource Django developers and get a number of benefits that you can take advantage of. Some of the main reasons for you to choose us as your Django development outsourcing services providing company in India are listed here:

  • Top 2% certified Django Programmers
  • 500+ client satisfaction stories
  • 20+ types of industries served
  • 2X faster project completion
  • 80% quicker onboarding process
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 24×7 Customer Support

Our services are designed to transform your business apps into highly productive machines. VE’s experienced offshore Django Application developers begin by examining the loopholes in your business. They will create a roadmap for your success with their fruitful suggestions. Our developers will produce solutions based on the most recent technology to facilitate business growth and improve customer experience. Numerous machine language and application development projects have been completed by our resources over the years. Hire Django programmers in India from our company for all your requirements regarding chatbots, websites with subdomains, and third-party APIs.

Hire a Django developer from Virtual Employee, one of the top Python Django development companies in India, to strengthen your current team with the knowledge and abilities you require. Create a team of dedicated offshore Django consultants at your offshore office in India to get rid of hiring worries.

3500+ Clients in 48 Countries Have Accelerated Their Business Growth with VE’s Developers. You Could Be Next!