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Hire an Offshore InDesign Expert For your Desktop Publishing Requirements

Looking forward to creating digital and printed material for your business? Adobe InDesign fits the bill perfectly. Hire InDesign experts in India to create multipage documents containing text, vector artwork, and images. A dedicated Adobe InDesign expert can help you take advantage of this software, including of course the coveted typesetting features, formatting text across pages, chapters, and publications.

At Virtual Employee, we have experts with T-shaped skills. So, if you need someone to create precise, editable vector graphics, such as your company logo, you need not hire Adobe Illustrator experts. Your offshore InDesign expert can easily collaborate with others who are well-versed with all the applications available in Adobe’s Creative Cloud, including Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

From DTP typesetting to text formatting and layout designing, there is an InDesign designer for hire for just about everything.If you have been searching for a domain expert for Adobe InDesign online in India, your search ends here.

Outsource Adobe InDesign and Desktop Publishing Services to Virtual Employee for:

  • Stationery
  • Resumes
  • Pamphlets
  • Catalogs
  • Interactive Digital Publications
  • EPUBs
  • Books
  • Magazines

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Hire InDesign Experts for Complete Range ofAdobe InDesign Services

Design Services

Contemplating Adobe InDesign outsourcing for posters, magazines, newspapers, flyers, brochures, and print media? Hire InDesign professionals who use InDesign CS6 to give you the desired results.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Hire Adobe InDesign desktop publishing experts for catalogs and marketing collaterals. You can also outsource DTP to our desktop publishing specialists for instruction manuals.

InDesign to Kindle Conversion

Are you trying to convert an Adobe InDesign document into a Kindle-compatible format and failing miserably? Worry not, a dedicated Adobe InDesign expert can save the day, preserving the original content.

InDesign Conversion

Whether you are looking to convert the output file to PostScript or would rather choose the commonly used PDF format, your offshore InDesign expert can easily address your specific requirements.

Web-to-Print Design

Hire Adobe InDesign experts for web-to-print or remote publishing. Our Adobe InDesign services include the creation and editing of design templates, aimed at boosting commercial print production.

InDesign Server Integration

An Adobe InDesign specialist can help build custom software solutions for your business, around the InDesign server. Hire InDesign expert with VE for the best-in-class print and proofing solutions.

Text Formatting

Our InDesign services are rendered by experts who know the Eyedropper tool inside out and can leverage the character and paragraph panels to format your text and create the desired appearance.

Workflow Automation

Looking forward to leveraging InDesign’s scripting models and SDKs? Hire Adobe InDesign experts in India and get to benefit from an automated workflow, with enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

InDesign Plugin Development

Use third-party plugins to your advantage. Rest assured, an offshore InDesign expert can come up with professional page layouts and automated workflows in little to no time.

Adobe InDesign Services Portfolio Check Out Our Work Samples

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Promotional Video
Promotional Video
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architectural solutions
architectural solutions
architectural solutions

Outsource Adobe InDesign Services to IndiaTo Gain the Upper Hand in Your Market

Your competitors may be spending a lot of money on InDesign services and investing way too much time. Be smarter. Hire In Design experts from India. Save up to 70% and communicate with ease. Also, India’s 24×7 work culture ensures that your design is ready sooner than expected.

Huge Cost Savings

Outsourcing DTP and InDesign services to Indiacan help you save up to $40,000. Adobe InDesign outsourcing makes business sense.

Largest Talent Pool

India has the largest number of people who know the Adobe Creative Cloud inside out. Easier to pick the crème da le crème.

Time Zone Advantage

Freelancers and a local Adobe InDesign expert may or may not work round the clock. Your offshore design expert surely will.

6 Amazing Benefits of Hiring Adobe InDesign Experts from VE

Free Trial

Hire InDesign expert analyzing their quality of work. A free trial offers a clear picture before you sign up.

Dedicated Resources

Much like an in-house resource, a dedicated InDesign expert works exclusively for you, in close coordination.

Value for Money

With VE, you outsource DTP and other InDesign services to an entire team of experts and pay for only one.

T-shaped Designing

Hire Adobe InDesign expert who is open to collaborating with others and has no qualms in using the knowledge gained.

Zero Overheads

When you hire InDesign expert with VE, you get to save on your office rent and software and hardware costs.

Diverse Experience

Hire Adobe InDesign experts with varying experiences. Choose from senior, mid and junior-level experts.

Hire InDesign Experts

Share Your RequirementGet Started in Just 8 Hours

The 5-Step InDesign ProcessVE’s Adobe InDesign Experts Follow



Your InDesign challenges are catered to with a custom solution. This starts with a thorough analysis at the very beginning.



Once your dedicated InDesign expert knows exactly what you want, they come up with a project plan that they can act upon.



The plan is shared with you and when you give the go-ahead, your offshore InDesign expert gets down to working on it.



This is when your Adobe InDesign specialist brings your ideas and concepts to life and goes on to iterate for perfection.



Every Adobe InDesign project undergoes a series of stringent tests to ensure that the result has zero errors.

Hire InDesign Experts

What Our InDesign Clients Say 500+ Testimonials on Record

Hiring InDesign Experts Was Never This Easy

Hire an offshore Adobe InDesign expert without any difficulty. Our innovative business model makes it easy for MSMEs as well as Fortune 500 companies to outsource Adobe InDesign and DTP services.

Hire InDesign Experts
  • Brief Us

    Looking for multilingual desktop publishing? Or do you want us to create and design your user manual? Just let us know.

  • Handpick the Best

    We vet all our experts for experience and work portfolio. Hire InDesign professionals without a shred of doubt.

  • Build Your Team

    If triple vetting does not convince you, an assessment surely would. Open to whatever assures you of the quality.

  • Get Going

    Your handpicked Adobe InDesign specialist can begin to work on your project within 8 hours – the fastest in the industry.

Who Should Outsource Professional Adobe InDesign Services

Adobe InDesign outsourcing makes pure business sense for graphic designers, artists, publishers, and marketing professionals. If you often come across documents with multiple pages, layouts combining text and images, and/or a lot of text in general, hire InDesign experts in India right away. A dedicated Adobe InDesign can come to the rescue of these industries and businesses:


Higher Education

Non-profit organizations

Marketing and Advertising

Hospitals and Healthcare


Adobe InDesign FAQs

Is it possible for me to hire a part-time InDesign on monthly basis?

If your dedicated InDesign expert can take up work on monthly basis, then why not. Your client account manager (CAM) can best assist you.

Can I monitor the live evaluation test of my handpicked candidates?

Of course. Real-time monitoring is encouraged. If you would like to monitor, we will be more than happy to make it possible for you.

Am I the owner of whatever work is done by my InDesign expert?

Yes. Not just the final design, but all your ideas and the prototypes, if any, are 100% yours. VE or your offshore design expert have no rights.

Can I have a free trial before signing up for Adobe InDesign services?

Absolutely. Enjoy a 1-week free trial with your InDesign expert. If you want a longer trial, we may need you to pay a nominal charge.

What is the standard pricing structure of VE’s Adobe InDesign services?

We offer prepaid InDesign & DTP services. You only pay after finding the ideal InDesign expert. You can work first with your designer.

If my offshore InDesign expert takes a leave, does it derail my work?

Unfortunately, yes, at least for the time being. This can be easily prevented by opting for our team model, which allows others to fill in.

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