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Getting a patent is a complex process requiring core industry skills, time, and dedication. It requires research-intensive analysis, knowledge of latest legal research software and tools, and is expensive. Caught up in litigation and court appearances, law firms, solo practitioners, and corporate legal departments prefer to outsource it to LPOs.

VirtualEmployee.com offers patent outsourcing and consultancy services which span the entire patent life cycle from patent search to patent preparation and support services. Our expert intellectual property attorneys carry sound technical know-how and a sharp commercial focus combined with experience in international Patent laws to offer businesses value-added Patent services.

By outsourcing patent services in India, you get the advantage of hiring the most talented and experienced patent experts. They not only do comprehensive research using the best tools, but also create exemplary documentation that will help you in acquiring the patents.

We offer you the complete Patent and IP support services portfolio

Our Patent experts deliver a wide range of expert and customized services in creation, management, and protection of Patents and intellectual property across industries.

Whether you are an individual with a new invention or idea, or a business with a new product or method, or a Patent attorney scouting for a reliable offshore legal outsourcing partner—we can deliver a range of IP and broader legal services at affordable rates.

We have significant experience in:

Patent search services

Patent Search

We conduct the entire range of Patent Searches to ascertain that your patent doesn’t infringe or violate any third party IPR, and is not invalidated by existing patents, products, or articles. We conduct Patentability Search, Infringement Analysis, Validation/Invalidation Searches, Freedom to Operate Search, Patent Watch—offering expertise across multiple technologies and industries.

Patent support services

Patent Filing and Prosecution Support

We conduct in-depth analysis of the invention along with the prior arts, and a due consideration of patentability criterion to prepare our responses during the patent prosecution phase. We provide quality support in Preparation of Office Action Response as also Patent Illustration, and Proof Reading.

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Patent Application Preparation

We offer substantial expertise in preparing patent applications—from defining patent strategy, acquiring invention disclosures from inventors, identifying patentable inventions, to complete patent specification drafting and application. We manage filing requirements for domestic, foreign, and priority applications.

Patent outsourcing services in India

Patent Analytics

We provide Competitive Intelligence, Product Technology Intelligence, and Literature and IP Landscapes in diverse industries to support your IP requirements. Our Patent Analytics services help you in Landscape Preparation, Patent Portfolio Analysis, and IP Due Diligence—with the help of charts and graphs to highlight key patents, inventors, prosecution literature, and more.

Trademark services

Trademark services

We help organisations protect their corporate brand and identity with the complete range of trademark solutions—comprising Trademark Search, Filing and Clearance including prosecution-oriented tasks, Licensing Documentation, Domain Name Management, and ongoing Trademark Watch, Renewal and Maintenance.

Copyright services

Copyright services

Copyrighting your IP can control its unauthorized reproduction, dissemination, and use—legally protecting its originality. Our copyright services support our clients in preparing, filing, and registering the copyright as also provide expert advice on how copyright protection can be sought in different kinds of work.

We offer Patent and other IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) support outsourcing services across the globe. Our clientele include law firms, in-house IP counsel, IP licensing and management companies, IP departments, individual investors, startups, technology companies and academic institutes.

Patent outsourcing services in India the solution you want

Our pack of leading edge patent services in India caters to the entire range of patent and IPR support.

You can outsource the following IP and patent support services to us:

  • Patent portfolio development and strategy
  • Patent portfolio analysis
  • Patent searching, including patentability
  • IP due diligence
  • Infringement/Freedom to operate analysis
  • Prior art search
  • Validity/Invalidity search
  • Patent asset management
  • Landscape preparation and specification drafting
  • Services and technology watch to maintain security
  • IP commercialization
  • Patent litigation support, representation, and appeals
  • Patent competitive intelligence
  • Advising on, reviewing, and drafting Patent licenses
  • Preparation of Patent application
  • Product-Patent mapping
  • Patent illustration, drafting, filing
  • Copyright registration

Why should you choose VirtualEmployee.com for Patent support services?

VE is an active player in the LPO space, offering affordable and scalable Patent expertise with a diverse technology background to businesses, law firms and individuals across the globe.

As an eminent staffing player in intellectual property solutions, we employ industry best practices and proven processes to deliver international level management and quality control.

Our attorneys and Patent examiners combine knowledge of industry-relevant Patent and technical content with latest research software and platforms to deliver relevant Patent and IP support solutions.

A 12-hour time gap between India and the US allows our outsourcing partners access to Indian legal expertise with quick turnaround time, thereby accelerating productivity.

VirtualEmployee.com ensures complete data security and confidentiality of your intellectual property in its ISO-Certified facilities, making us one of the safest LPO services providers.

In a competitive Patent licensing landscape, partnering with VirtualEmployee.com
can deliver shorter timelines and proven results.

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