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Successful Projects

Successful Projects

In-House Developers

In-House Developers

Developed Projects

Mobile Apps Developed

tec master

Web Technologies Mastered

Expert English-savvy Developers in Any Domain

360o Development Services

UI UX Designers

UI/UX Designers

Our developers are supported by designers who can build eye-catching interfaces that align with user behaviors and needs effectively. VE’s designers combine elements of design, technology, and psychology to optimize how users interact with your apps or websites to create engaging experiences.

DevOps Icon

DevOps Development

Accelerate your product’s time to market by leveraging innovative concepts such as CI/CD, IaC, containerization, and virtualization. VE’s developers help you incorporate DevOps methodology to improve communication and collaboration whilst bringing in automation to expedite results.

Quality Check

Quality Assurance

Prevent and resolve issues throughout the development lifecycle to build functional, reliable, and user-friendly apps or software. VE’s quality assurance engineers can test and validate software components to discover inconsistencies, defects, errors, and areas for improvement.

data science

Data Science Services

Generate relevant data insights to solve specific business challenges. Hire Data Science experts and gain access to unmatched proficiency in programming languages like R and Python, data visualization tools like Matplotlib and Tableau, and Big Data technologies like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.

cloud app

Cloud Development

Reduce infrastructure costs while enabling rapid deployment and innovation with our expert cloud development services. VE’s cloud experts can utilize the cloud's infrastructure, services, and resources to create scalable and accessible software that can be accessed remotely via the internet.

Embedded Development

Embedded Development

Leverage our developers’ extensive experience in writing codes that ensure the stability of even the most complex systems. Our embedded developers are well-versed in low-level programming languages like C, MATLAB, and Assembly along with a firm grasp of IoT, PCBs, and firmware.

RPA Development

RPA Development

Mimic human actions within systems and applications to automate repetitive tasks in business operations. VE’s RPA developers can design, configure, and program software robots or bots to communicate with apps, extract and manage data, and perform other tasks quickly and precisely.

Database Management

Database Administration

Maintain secure and proficient data storage and retrieval systems within your organization. Hire database administrators who are well-versed in framing access controls, designing database structures, performing recovery and backups, improving queries, and monitoring for potential errors.

That's Not All...You Get These 3 Add-Ons

When You Hire a VE Developer

free trial

A deal like no other. Get up to 3-day absolutely free. Start a new project or get some existing project completed with your VE dedicated developer from India. Hire only if satisfied.

Project Evaluation

VE’s senior programmers assess your project viability, sharing a detailed analysis with you, free of cost.

free senior technical architect

Along with your dedicated developer, you will be assigned a dedicated Senior Technical Architect, free of charge. With 10+ years of experience, the Tech Lead will help to supervise, support and guide your developer(s), if needed.

They Are Affectionately Called

"Tech Geeks", "Passionate Nerds"

Hiring a Great Developer is Just Half the Battle Won

You Need a Great Business Partner Too

Innovative Approach

VE’s developers have not just delivered what the client wanted but have also created remarkable innovative solutions when their existing local teams failed.

It’s common to find our clients working with the same developers for more than 5 years, all leading to their projects being on track.

More than 100 clients from around the world have visited the VE offices, have had intense brainstorming sessions with their teams, started new projects and hired more resources.

Switch Seamlessly Between These Hiring Models

Your Hours. Your Convenience

Empower Your Development Project

With the Latest Technologies

Trusted by 3500+ Happy Clients in 48 Countries

Tim Butterworth MD, EEC Software, UK

The code that VE’s developers have produced is actually better than if I had done it myself.

Tim Butterworth
MD of EEC Software,
ryan mcCarthy, CEO, Green Global Media, US

His knowledge base of PHP, jQuery, Magento, WordPress, Shopify is outstanding.

Ryan McCarthy
CEO of Green Global Media, USA
Glenn Innis - VE's Client Testimonial

This team has coded and integrated some insanely complex business rule-sets for us.

Glenn Innis
CEO of GII Finance Network, UK

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'Look Before You Leap'

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No card details required.

Senior architect’s assistance Icon

Senior technical architect's assistance.

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Keep all the work. It's yours.

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Find Answers To

All Your Development FAQs

VE’s developers make sure they understand every single client requirement through active listening, extensive requirement gathering, prototypes, clarifications, feedback loops, regular communication, demo sessions, user acceptance testing, and detailed documentation.
Our dedicated developers maintain efficient coding standards and code quality by following practices like establishing clear coding guidelines, implementing code reviews, employing automated code analysis, unit testing, CI/CD, code linting, version control, code documentation, monitoring, and feedback.
VE’s developers have been trained to work in accordance with the EU’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA and US’ ECPA. Additionally, all our employees sign a mandatory non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
Virtual Employee helps developers stay updated on the latest trends through:
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Online Courses & Certifications
  • Technical Communities
  • Hackathons & Conferences
  • Internal Sharing & Mentorship
  • Continuous Learning Culture
  • R&D Time & Technical Documentation
  • Partnerships & Feedback Mechanisms
Yes, of course! In the software development industry, collaborating with remote teams has become a common practice. Our developers use different tools to facilitate effective communication and collaboration such as MS Teams for video conferencing, Jira or Trello for project management, Git for code collaboration and version control, code review tools, virtual whiteboards, etc.
For effective project documentation, VE’s dedicated developers make a README file, use code comments, and perform tasks like API documentation, design documentation, and user documentation whilst maintaining a change log and using issue tracking systems. For version control, our remote developers use version control systems like Git, follow a branching strategy, write clear commit messages, use pull (GitHub) or merge (GitLab) requests, perform code reviews, and utilize continuous integration tools for building, testing, and validating code changes automatically.
VE’s offshore developers take various measures to ensure code security and avoid vulnerabilities such as:
  • Secure Coding Practices to validate inputs and avoid SQL injection
  • Static Code Analysis for automatic codebase scanning
  • Code Reviews to identify security flaws
  • Dynamic App Security Testing to discover injection vulnerabilities
  • Security Testing to identify potential security issues
  • Dependency Management to address vulnerable dependencies
  • Error Handling to avoid exposure of sensitive data
  • Authentication & Authorization to ensure access to resources
  • Secure Configuration Management to reduce attack surfaces
  • Secure Communication to encrypt transmitted data
  • Secure Development Frameworks to reduce common vulnerabilities
  • Least Privilege Principle for granting access to only necessary resources
  • Security Headers to enhance app security
  • Regular Patches & Updates to address security vulnerabilities

Work the Smart Way – Hire a Dedicated Developer from VE

In today's world, outsourcing software or app development has become increasingly popular, providing countless benefits for companies as well as professionals. Hiring offshore developers provides businesses access to a global talent pool, bringing experienced developers on board. With the emergence of modern communication platforms and collaboration tools, virtual developers smoothly join in-house teams of businesses, offering their expertise to build unique strategies and solutions to drive development projects forward. Choosing to outsource development work not just offers access to specialized skills but also encourages an agile and flexible work environment that can adjust to our project’s dynamic requirements....

When Should You Hire Offshore Developers?

There are various circumstances when a business would opt to hire offshore developers. The top reasons are as follows:

  • Growing businesses need to keep up with the demands of their clients.
  • A business wants a new product or feature and requires a developer with specialized coding expertise.
  • A company needs an individual to undertake the management of an ongoing development project.
  • A business is looking to outsource app or software development to save on costs.
  • A company is looking for a definite skill set that isn’t presently available in-house. This allows your business to find a developer with the required expertise.
  • If a business wants to reduce development costs or time, hiring an offshore developer will be a smart decision.
  • If a company wants to lower the workload of its in-house team.

Why Should You Hire Developers in India?

India is considered a massive hub of IT talent. As a result, hiring experienced and skillful developers from India has many advantages like:

  • Pool of Skilled Developers: If you choose to hire dedicated developers in India, you get easy access to a massive pool of talented and certified developers.
  • English-Proficient Developers: Developers and programmers in India can write, speak, and understand English comfortably, which makes communication and collaboration smooth and streamline the development process. This aspect makes them a top preference for global clients.
  • Flexible Work Hours: Due to long working hours and increasing competition, hiring a development team in India is the best alternative who can work at flexible timings.
  • Quick Onboarding: Bring your dedicated development team into operation with minimum onboarding and training time through methodologies accepted around the world.
  • Tech Competency: Hire remote developers from India who are experienced in using popular and latest technologies to get the desired results.
  • Reliable Partner Credentials: When you hire developers from a prevalent & credible development outsourcing company such as Virtual Employee, the project’s success is guaranteed.

Why Should You Hire Developers from VE?

If you want to expedite your business growth through innovative technologies, our developers in India can turn your idea into reality. Hire a developer from Virtual Employee and get customized development solutions that enhance your business growth by increasing overall ROI, upsurging productivity, and reducing operational costs.

  • Low Operational Risk: Companies require a varied set of tech expertise, but a thriving business might not have the financial capacity to hire developers on a full-time basis. With VE, you get to hire experienced developers at hourly costs for reduced operational risks.
  • Improved Code Quality: Hire developers from VE to ensure superior code quality that is outlined by a convergence of traits like high reusability, easy maintainability, improved efficiency, decent readability, less error proneness, and modularity.
  • POC Driven Development: Verifying the viability of any functionality before planning a development strategy is known as proof of concept. Hire developers from Virtual Employee who are experienced to carry out such tests with the least effort to reduce the time spent pointlessly.
  • Ownership: VE’s developers are always willing to take complete ownership of understanding context, evaluating processes, recommending improvements, staying up to date, experimenting, collaborating, presenting out-of-the-box ideas, focusing on users, adapting, and utilizing data from various sources to suggest innovative solutions throughout the development cycle.
  • Professional Consultation: Why opt for shoddy consultation when the masters of app and software development can help you? Hire developers from VE and get expert technical consultation from developers boasting 15+ years’ experience.

Virtual Employee has been matching the development requirements of businesses across several industries by:

  • Developing a mobile or web app prototype
  • Scaling a live website or application
  • Building and launching a Minimum Viable Product
  • Improving an existing website or app with the latest functionalities
  • Fixing errors or bugs in a live website or application
  • Creating custom software to match a startup’s requirements

3500+ Clients in 48 Countries Have Accelerated Their Business Growth With VE's Developers. You Could Be Next!