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How VE Solves Your 5 Major Pain Points


Save at least $60,000 per developer :

Does saving $60,000 per developer sound unrealistic?

Well, we don’t make this claim; our highly accomplished clients do:

Olivier Cantt

Overall cost saving with VE was greater than €60,000/year

Olivier Cantt

CEO, Exxoss, Belgium

Malcolm Paice

We saved £40,000 per .NET developer

Malcolm Paice

COO, Keystone Group, UK

Blake Morgan

Hundred thousand a year. I mean it’s very substantial savings. Incredible cost savings, incredible value.

Blake Morgan

President of Optimise Overseas LLC, USA


Need Niche Developers?

No matter how niche the skills you need, we will find you your dream developer! Whether that is in .NET, PHP, Java, Mobile, Python, Big Data or WordPress.


Again, don’t take our word for it, we prefer to let our clients do the talking for us:

The developers that Larry Spencer, the VP of Application Development at Sceris, USA, wanted were so niche and skilled that he estimated he saved “$20,000-$30,000” per developer in just recruitment fees alone!


We don’t do donkey code!

Whether it’s building highly stable back-end software for insurance companies, robust websites for eCommerce websites or mobile apps that sync with servers that can take hundreds of thousands of requests , VE developers revel in a challenge, and embrace the opportunity to innovate and push boundaries:

I trust my VE more than I trust myself!

Larry Spencer, VP, Sceris, USA


Get Project Stability

One of the worst nightmares for any business owner or project manager is developers that keep jumping ship mid project. But, it’s a pain point VE clients don’t face. The following clients have all worked with their VE developers for more than 5 years! Quite a special feat in this day and age!



US Pharma

Worked with his PHP developer for 5 years
Graeme Andrew

Graeme Andrew


Worked with his .NET Developer for 5 years
Nick Ray

Nick Ray

Head of Innovation, Priva

Worked with his Embedded Engineer for 5 years

No More Recruitment Headaches

We don’t just get you high quality developers. We get you that talent fast and with no payroll or overhead needed! After all, you have a business to run.

Bob Hess, the CEO of Paragon Print systems, stated that hiring VE developers took simply a matter of days versus 6 months locally!

Hire high quality developers

Get A-TO-Z Services From Your A-Team

Find a Developer for Every Need

Congrats! Your hunt for all kinds of web, mobile app, cloud & software services ends here.
Hire Indian Developers who work for clients from 33 countries, 5 continents


Get specialists in various PHP frameworks, who have the expertise in technical aspects of up-to-the-minute PHP versions


Rope in skilled experts in .Net languages (C# & VB.NET), who know the basic working of.Net runtime and .Net class libraries


VE’s Software Developers cover all facets of the software development process, from researching and designing to programming


Build websites that will transform your business for good by hiring programmers who specialize in the development of web applications


The Java team you get from VE will take care of the full development lifecycle of applications – from concept, designing to testing


Launch enviable mobile apps and mobile software, thanks to VE’s Mobile App Developers, who are smart with all types of mobile technology


Use your pool of Zend Developers to create large web portals, like social media, e-Commerce, real estate and networking sites


They are well-versed and certified in key areas, like Document Object Model, CSS and HTML for presentation and dynamic usability


Leave it your Python Web Developers to write server-side web application logic by integrating their work in the Python application


They are specialists in front-end development. They are experts in HTML, CSS and Javascript, and are good with Drupal theme layers


VE’s Magento Developers have immense experience with Western clients in Magento Data Migration and Magento Theme Development


Your VE WordPress Developers are deft with plug-in development, theme development as well as WordPress customization

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3 Principles We Passionately Believe in:

VE’s Developers have mastered the umbrella technology of Agile Development. That mastery came from real-life project experiences in association with clients from all over the world. Clients who felt tied down by traditional waterfall development tasted instant success with VE’s Agile Methodology experts.

The popular Agile Methodologies that VE’s Developers are smart with include:

  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Scrum
  • Crystal
  • Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)
  • Lean Development
  • Feature-Driven Development (FDD)

Technology is always moving fast and at VE, no developer is allowed to miss a single new update or any new technology. Even before our clients test our developers, we regularly test them ourselves, by making them take some of the toughest tests in the industry, to make sure they remain on top of the game! This means, none of the developers at VE are one-trick ponies. Versatile, quick learners and highly adaptable – VE’s developers remain sharp and updated.

Why does VE have the most case studies and testimonials in the entire industry? Is it because of our affordable rates? Our highly skilled developers? Our uncompromising professionalism?

No. While all of these factors are important, the most important reason is – relationships. Business, first and foremost, is all about relationships.

Does this sound like marketing puff? To us it is not. Our entire business model is designed to be integrated with your company so that you build a strong level of rapport and relationship with your developer(s). And that is why only at VE you will find highly respected and senior Directors making, on record, statements such as, “I trust my Virtual Employee, more than I trust myself!”

The Numbers Do The Talking

Through sheer numbers, know why VE’s Developers will push you way ahead of your rivals – powered by a proven mix of quality skills, rich experience & speed

  • 5000+

    Software development projects delivered globally, with clients from the US, UK & Australia benefiting hugely from the VE team’s services

  • 4500+

    Years of combined workforce experience show that your VE Developers have it in them to expertly handle your complex projects

  • 1000+

    Dedicated Web, Mobile App & Software Developers give you a vast pool of certified & experienced Indian talent to pick from

  • 250+

    Mobile Apps & Prototypes successfully delivered across 33 countries, which means you can rely on your VE developers’ track record

  • 100+

    Web Technologies that VE’s Developers are smart with. So all your software & web development needs can be taken care of

You’re Hiring From The Right Place… Find Out Why

5 huge benefits you get when you hire a Developer from VE

Meeting Unrealistic Deadlines

Commitment is our identity, as our clients have discovered. “My VEs stayed up all night for multiple nights to deliver an unrealistic project on time,” said Emma Robinson, Marketing Director of UK-based Air4casts

Project on Track through Direct Control

Unlike with project outsourcing, you have total control over your Developers & easy access to your project. The benefit? You get to ensure your project never changes direction, thanks to constant access

Tested by Experts in Fixing Loopholes

Websites & mobile apps that the VE Developers build for you are 100% safe from threats because they’re tested before the launch by experts who are certified in plugging leaks, loopholes

300+ Developers with US, UK Clients

VE has a pool of 1000 Certified Developers of whom 300+ have 5 years of experience of working with clients only from US & UK. Plus, there are 500+ Developers with 3 years of similar experience

English-savvy Developers

Having worked exclusively with clients from the US, UK, Australia and Canada, you won’t find VE’s developers fumbling for words when they communicate with you in English. “There has not been any language problem. All the guys speak really good English. Even understanding the minor colloquialisms.” Simon McCaroll, Director, Printbots, UK

From Searching to Hiring, VE Makes It So Easy!

Say goodbye to recruitment headaches and find an experienced developer dedicated to your project specifications and requirements.

Why Hire Dedicated Developers from VE?

  • Innovative coding, regular testing and multiple Agile Methodologies
  • Specialists across several PHP frameworks
  • International domain certifications
  • Complete control over your offshore team
  • Co-ordination across time zones
  • CMMi L3 SVC | ISO 27001: 2013
  • Robust data security
  • Cross-domain support

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