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Why Outsource Legal Support Services to India

Hire offshore experts to increase your business agility

Virtual Employee’s legal support services in India cover a wide range of functions that are handy for a legal firm and attorneys. Outsourcing legal support services in India gives you the benefit of handpicking from a number of legal support specialists with extensive experience in the field. Well-versed with the United States federal and state laws, especially with regards to corporate issues. From securities frauds to bankruptcy laws, VE’s legal support specialists in India cover it all.

Legal assistants, transcriptionists, secretaries, paralegals and legal researchers are some of the services covered under Virtual Employee’s legal support services. Our remote legal staff has extensive experience in criminal law, real estate law, intellectual property law, immigration law, corporate law, family law, bankruptcy law, securities law, foreclosure law and litigations, etc., making them perfect allies for your legal practice.

Our legal support services staff in India are British Council certified for fluency in English, making it easy for you to communicate with them both verbally and in written formats. Their diligence and attention to detail is legendary and makes them a valuable resource at any legal firm planning to present a watertight case at all trials.

Top reasons why companies outsource legal support services to Virtual Employee:
  • Experienced legal support staff

  • Staff well-versed with US laws

  • Faster turnaround time

  • Flexibility at your fingertips

  • Leverage time zone advantage

  • In-depth knowledge of legal practice

360° Legal Support Services

Get the perfect legal support specialist for your legal practice

Legal Assistance

There is a lot to cover in every legal case: files upon files to read and old cases to research among a plethora of work to build a winning case. Your legal assistant will be your handy man Friday assisting in all your legal work before every case.

Legal Transcriptionist

You legal transcriptionist will ensure that nothing ever gets lost in transcription. All your recorded interviews, whether on audio or video, will be made available at your discretion by your transcriptionist. Easily access the information that you need.

Legal Secretary

There is a massive amount of work that goes at any law practice. The more cases you take the more pair of hands and eyes you need to ensure nothing goes missing; you know well how every detail matters at a trial. Your legal secretary will take care of all such work.


Your paralegal performs all the essential and the non-essential tasks you need and when you need them. From documentation work to drafting pleas and from proofreading to cite checking your paralegal provides work that you can’t do without.


Starting a new business can be tricky with numerous regulations to conform to. Our attorneys provide legal support for small businesses so that you never get stuck in any regulatory quagmire and just focus on growing your business.

Legal Researcher

The importance of research grows with the complexity of cases you take. Delegate al your case research, whether it is digging up old documents relating to your case or setting up interviews with clients, witnesses or lawyers, your legal researcher will have your back.

Why Hire Legal Support Services Specialists in India

Outsource to India and stay ahead of the competition

Largest Talent Pool

With 2000+ A-rated colleges adding 0.5 million graduates to the talent pool every year, there’s no dearth of options. India is where the world comes to hire.

24*7 Dedicated Staff

Our legal support specialists don’t just stick to a 9-5 workday, but they will also burn the midnight oil for you when needed.

Massive Cost Savings

With each of your outsourced legal support services staff you stand to save in excess of USD 40,000. A deal you won’t get in your home country.

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Support Services to VE

Get all your legal requirements in order for every case

Free Trial

Virtual Employee offers 1-week free trial. You don’t sign any contract or pay upfront. The best part is that you get to decide whether or not to continue after the trial.

Dedicated Employees

With Virtual Employee you aren’t hiring freelancers working from their homes, but full-time employees working diligently from our sprawling offices.

Triple-vetted Resources

VE hires only experienced legal experts after rigorous tests and interviews to ensure that you don’t need to train them on the job.

Value for Money

When you hire one legal support specialist from VE, you also stand to benefit from the expertise of our entire legal support team.

Zero Overheads

Unlike your on-site employee, you don’t pay for your remote worker’s hardware, software, commute or other amenities. We take care of it all

Remote Monitoring

Virtual Employee gives you full-control of your remote hire. You can monitor their work remotely and provide feedback.

Hire a Legal Support Specialist within 8 Hours

Speed is an ally to any worthwhile legal success strategy

Choose From Our 3 Easy Hiring Models

Order your legal support services team in India today

Dedicated Model

You handpick your legal support services staff and they work exclusively for you. VE makes it easy for you to scale up or down with just an email.

Team Model

You can also hire a team of individuals with varying experiences. Leverage the expertise of an entire team, but pay for only one local resource.

Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc

At VE you are not bound by a long-term contract. You are free to choose your legal experts on a full-time role or a part-time role. You can also hire them on an ad-hoc basis.

Comprehensive Legal Support Expertise across Domains

Handpick and hire legal experts for all your custom needs

Criminal Law

Fighting a criminal case? Virtual Employee is just the place for all the relevant research and preparing a winning case for criminal cases in your jurisdiction.

Real Estate Law

Dealing with paperwork and all the relevant documentation that comply with area-specific laws requires extensive due diligence. VE’s legal staff is exactly what you need.

Intellectual Property Law

Establishing intellectual property theft is a time-consuming and lengthy process. Outsource the daily rigors to VE’s legal support services staff to do the heavy-lifting for you.

Immigration Law

Hiring a staff requires extensive check to establish their immigration status. Outsource the extensive paperwork to your trusted VE legal support services staff.

Corporate Law

From setting up your new office to filing all the documents so that your business is in line with the laws of its industry and jurisdiction, our legal staff has it all covered.

Bankruptcy Law

So your business didn’t quite live up to the expectations and you want to wrap it up and start afresh? Our legal support staff will help you with all bankruptcy proceedings.

Securities Law

Securities laws are tricky. There are too many regulations, increasing the risk of tripping if one is not careful. VE’s legal support staff ensure that you never run afoul of the regulating agencies.

Foreclosure Law

Remove the pain of preparing foreclosure cases and recover the outstanding balance from the owners with the help of VE’s legal support services.


Our legal support services staff is well-equipped with the required research and case study process to help you take proper legal action in cases of all stripe.

Hiring Legal Experts
Was Never This Easy

Our innovative business model enables you to win over the complications of traditional outsourcing because you get to choose who you want to work with.

  • Talk to us

    Tell us what are your requirements from your virtual legal support service staff.

  • Handpick your expert

    We provide you the CVs of the legal support service staff that best suit your requirements.

  • Build your team

    Shortlist experts from the CVs, interview and test them if you wish. Hire any legal support specialist that you want.

  • Get going

    After the selection, you can start working with your chosen resource within 8 hours.

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Legal Support Services FAQs

All your queries answered

Is it possible to have a free trial before hiring?

Our free trial promise is not a gimmick. You can check the quality of our legal support services in India for a week before deciding if you want to continue with the service. You can also cancel anytime during the free trial if you don’t find it fit for purpose.

Can my legal support staff work as per my business hours?

Yes. Tell us your preferred timings, and your team will work accordingly. This is yet another reason to outsource legal support services to a company with 24×7 work culture.

Can I assess the legal support staff before hiring?

Yes. To make sure you get exactly the legal support staff you need, you can test the resources you want to hire and make a decision based upon the results. You can give them a written test or also interview them over phone or video before making a hiring decision.

How easy it is to scale up or down with VE?

Scaling up or down is just one email away. If you need to hire more legal experts, contact your client account manager (CAM) directly. Conversely, if your work is done and you no longer need a resource, it will be done.

I have very sensitive data, can I trust its safety?

We work in accordance with the EU’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA and US’ ECPA. Additionally, all our employees sign a mandatory non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We are also an ISO 27001-2013-certified and CMMiL3-assessed firm.

What happens if my legal support staff takes leave?

Unfortunately, other legal support staff cannot take over from your chosen resource. However, if you choose to go with the team model, there’s always staff on standby to fill in for the absent resource to ensure that your work never stops.

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