WHO ARE WE? is a leading remote staffing company, headquartered near New Delhi, India with five branch offices in India, and one in the UK. Since 2007, it has been helping Small and Medium Businesses in 27 countries and across 5 continents to hire dedicated virtual employees from India in any domain or profession. The domains range from specialist skills like IT and ITES, Software Programming, Law, Accounts, Engineering, to non-technical skills like SEO, Content, Transcription and much else. Every client gets to handpick their desired employee who works exclusively and dedicatedly for them from our well-equipped and supervised offices.

No, we are not like oDesk or the other freelancing websites. You hire dedicated employees from us who work exclusively for you from our professional, well-equipped and supervised offices. Your virtual employee does NOT work from home.

We have in business for over 8 years now. Our dedicated virtual employees have worked for over 1421 clients from 27 countries and across 5 continents.

SERVICES offers two business models:

  • The Dedicated Employee model
  • The Team model

With the Dedicated Employee model, a client can hire their very own dedicated, full-time virtual employee who works exclusively for them. This resource is as good as an in-house employee.

Our Team Model was created to help clients work with mixed skills and more than one employee, all for the price of hiring one employee. In this model, a client can hire as many employees as they want and build a virtual team of their chosen size.

Both models offer clients total project management authority and control over their remote employees.

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Our service includes the following:

  • Providing you with a fully-functional, fully-staffed office in India from where your remote employee(s) works for you.
  • Helping you hire your own dedicated virtual employee/ dedicated virtual team. (Learn more about our recruitment options)
  • Taking care of all non-work related issues (HR, payroll, hardware and software, legal issues, IT support etc)
  • Providing all the necessary infrastructure, hardware and software to your employee for efficient remote functioning. (Learn more)

To begin with, you need to provide us with a detailed job description that also includes qualification, years of experience, domain expertise, skill set, shift timings, etc for the position you seek to fill.

Our HR department will then use this information to source suitable candidates for you, and submit the most relevant resumes to you after scanning them. You may even assign tests to the candidates, especially for the technical positions. Finally, you personally interview the shortlisted candidates, and if satisfied, hire them.


That’s what makes our service so special! No matter what the skill requirement, Our efficient recruiters make sure they find the most suitable employee for you.

We are strategically located near the Indian capital of New Delhi, and so enjoy proximity to the vast Indian technical and non-technical pool. It is, therefore, easy to source skilled, experienced professionals from every domain and industry, including rare and niche/specialist skills.

Our recruitment model involves you in every step of the hiring process. You shortlist, interview, and finally handpick the most suitable candidate.


Our Finance and Accounts department takes care of all financial issues pertaining to the employee, while overall takes care of all other non-work related issues.

Our Gold recruitment service is a paid service and costs US$49.95.

We receive a high number of employee requests on a daily basis. The requirements of those clients who opt for the Gold recruitment services are subsequently given higher priority than those clients who opt for the Free recruitment service.

Clients who have opted for our Gold recruitment service receive a more dedicated recruitment and HR service. In the Gold recruitment service, the HR recruiting team interviews more candidates, assigns technical tests, does background checks of candidates, etc. and gives the client’s vacancy top priority.

To read more about the benefits of the Gold recruitment service and a detailed comparison between the Free and Gold recruitment options please click here.

A dedicated remote employee is a resource who works exclusively and dedicatedly for just one client at a time. This virtual employee functions like an in-house resource and the client can interact and collaborate closely with their dedicated employees just as they do with someone they have hired locally.

The Team Model offers a diverse range of skills and is cost-effective because for the price for one employee, you get to access multiple skill sets.

We have several teams, each specializing in a certain domain, such as Software Development, Internet Marketing, Mobile Apps Development, Multimedia and Animation, etc. Each team comprises of several employees, each of whom has varying professional qualifications, educational degrees and different areas of expertise, albeit within the umbrella of that same one domain. For instance, within the PHP team, there will be a Drupal developer and a Magento developer. Both are PHP developers, but each has their own niche area of expertise.

A Team Lead (TL) heads the chain of command in the Team Model, and remains the principal point of contact for the client. The client predominately interacts/ communicates and works with the TL, who then manages, oversees and delegates the client’s work to members within the team. However, the client continues to enjoy the same degree of control over their team as they do over their dedicated employee.

Yes. You can hire a team of mixed skills.

You can mix and match skills within the same team as well as across different teams.

Same team – For example, within the Internet Marketing team, you can hire an SEO expert for 4 hours, and a PPC expert for another 4 hours.

Across different teams “ You can mix and match skills across different teams. For example, you can hire a PHP developer for 3 hours, an SMO expert for 3 hours and a Content Writer for 3 hours (but, of course, this would be pro-rated to include the cost of the extra hour).


We can provide you with dedicated Virtual Employees in any skill or domain, including niche and rare skills.

Please visit our Services page to learn about the domains we offer.

At present we have over 700 Virtual Employees working with our clients and business partners across 27countries around the world, such as North America, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. This number is growing.

Yes, of course!

With approximately 350 million English speakers, India is the second-largest English-speaking nation in the world. The language was introduced in the country centuries ago. Ever since, English is taught in schools right from an early age and in all centers of higher education, including professional courses. English is also the language of the establishment and is widely used throughout the country. One of the primary factors behind India being the number one outsourcing destination is India’s proficiency in English.


As a general rule, we can provide you with a like for like employee from India as you would find in the U.S. or Europe. India is renowned for its technical talent in fields such as programming, engineering and law. This is why Fortune 500 companies such as IBM employ 75,000 employees in India. If outsourcing is a success for the most successful companies in the world, it would certainly work for you.

Yes, this is possible for back-office positions.

In addition, we can recruit candidates in back-office fields who have undergone voice training and have neutral accents. Furthermore, we can recruit candidates who have worked for Western call centers (e.g., IBM, Dell, and BT) and, thus, are accustomed to American or British accents and have experience in interacting with clients from the West.


Your virtual employee is legally employed by us but works directly and exclusively for you (the client) from our supervised offices here in India.

Yes, you may enjoy a FREE trial of 4 hours with your selected candidate to further gauge their skill levels.

Yes, you can hire part-time employees.

The recruitment model has a dual screening process, which gives us a very high success rate.

It also helps to ensure that the right person is hired for the position.

The screening is initially done by our HR department. The HR department conducts face-to-face interviews with all candidates who match the job description you provide. The best candidates’ resumes are then forwarded to you for your consideration.

The second stage of screening is then completed by you. You review resumes, assign tests (if any), and conduct interviews.

Since you know the requirements of your work better, you select the person you want to hire after testing them. You only hire a candidate if you feel they are suitable for the position. If you feel they are not qualified, you have no commitment to use our services and can request for more resumes.

Once you decide to hire an employee, the next step is for you to provide us with a detailed job description for the position you seek to fill. The job description should include, if appropriate, all the following information: qualifications, years of experience, domain expertise, skill set, shift timings, and job duties.

This information is important as our HR department will use it to recruit potentially suitable candidates for your vacant job position. Once suitable candidates have been shortlisted by us, their resumes will be submitted to you for you to decide if you want to interview/ hire any of the candidates.

We submit resumes free of charge. It typically takes 1-2 weeks to submit resumes although this time frame may vary, depending upon the type of employee you wish to hire and the recruitment option that you have chosen (Free or Gold).

Yes, you can. There is no limit to the number of employees you can hire.

Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. is your offshore office in India. With us you can hire an entire team and the team sits together in our/ your managed office, unlike freelancers where the team is scattered all over the world.


For every vacancy you seek to fill, we provide you with several resumes of candidates whom we feel are suitable for the position. We provide you resumes in accordance with the job description you provide to us.

You can then review the resumes and select the candidates you would like to interview. After the interviews you can decide if you would like to hire any of the candidates.

If you wish you can also give the candidates a test. We will administer these tests under examination conditions and submit the results of these tests to you.

You can conduct interviews with candidates via video conferencing or phone at a time/ date convenient to you.

We provide resumes and arranges the candidate’s interview for you free of cost.

The following are required in advance, before an employee starts working for you:

  • Receipt of our signed contract.
  • Payment and receipt of the first month’s invoice.
  • Payment and receipt of the 15 days (or applicable) notice period.

If you have selected an in-house available resource, the service can be started immediately. The same holds true if you have opted for the Team model.

However, if you have hired a non in-house resource, then the services can be started after: a) that candidate has finished serving a notice period to their current employer; b) as soon as we receive a copy of the signed contract and the first Month’s invoice payment and the notice period fee from you.

Yes, you can do that, provided the part time employee is free at that point of time to take on the full-time responsibilities. This is only possible with our Team Model. However, please request to speak with one of our Client Account Managers (CAM) if this is something you are considering.


You simply need to give 15 days’ notice to terminate our services. Our services cannot, however, be terminated within the first month of employment.

Either party, we or the client, can terminate the contract by giving 15 days written notice to the other party.

Although either party can terminate the contract we have never terminated any contract..


If you would like us to provide a longer notice period for the termination of the contract, we can accommodate such a request provided the client also agrees to provide a notice period of equal duration.

As mentioned above, we never have the intention of terminating its services and the probability of us doing so is highly rare. Hence, you do not need to be overly concerned or worried by the 15 days notice period clause.

Please note that the notice period deposit is always paid upfront alongside the first month’s invoice, irrespective of the duration of the notice period agreed between the client and Hence, if the notice period is agreed at 15 days, a deposit equivalent to 15 days is paid upfront alongside the first month’s invoice.

Similarly, if you want us to provide a 1 month notice for the termination of its services, then we require from you (the client) a deposit equal to 1 month, to be paid up front. This one month notice period deposit is paid in addition to the first month invoice. Effectively, the client would therefore pay two month’s payment upfront in this case.

In summary, will agree to any notice period duration that is suitable for you. The deposit for the notice period, irrespective of its length, is nonetheless required to be paid upfront in addition to the first month’s invoice.



We have a very well organized set up here and have sufficient infrastructure to accommodate teams of all sizes. We also provide separate rooms for clients if the nature of their work is private and confidential. A client’s entire team (irrespective of size) gets to sit together, making communication and interaction between team members and with the client very easy.

We have 5 offices across the National Capital Region (NCR) near New Delhi. We are in a high-profile IT Business Park (the Special Economic Zone) supported by the Government of India. We can increase our office space within the Business Park even on a short notice.

Although we can quickly scale to several employees at a short notice, the rate at which we can scale depends on two factors: the nature of the skill set that needs to be hired as well as the years of experience that a client requires. Additionally, if you have opted for our Gold Recruitment service, the speed of scalability increases. has its headquarters and two branch offices at the prestigious Noida Special Economic Zone (NSEZ) and two more offices in Noida as well. It also has its sales offices in the UK, US and Australia.

We are planning to expand into other cities in India like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai for greater talent acquisition as well as overseas.

The office is maintained to international standards and we provide the latest hardware and software to every employee.

Hardware includes:

  • Powerful PCs and laptops (Dell or HP)
  • Dual-screen (and sometimes even three-screen) systems for those Virtual Employees whose clients need them to work with copious amounts of data
  • TFT monitors
  • Fax machine, printer, and scanner
  • Skype Web cam
  • Headphones

Software includes:

  • Windows XP and other commonly used office software.
  • License-free Windows Operating System. However, we do charge the license fee for specific requirements of the client like Microsoft Office, SQL Server, Database Server and Dot Net Server. In short, all licensed software is chargeable but OS like Windows 7 or Windows XP is free.

We also have separate rooms for video conferencing and a state-of-the-art video recording studio.

Commonly used software can generally be provided to your employee as can standard office equipment.

Providing your employee with additional hardware/software is dependent upon the nature of the additional hardware/software that is required. Please speak with one of our Client Account Managers to see if your additional requirements can be met free of extra charge.


We are a pre-paid service, which means you need to pay before you start the service. Once you have found the resource you are looking for, and would like to hire them we would require payment for the 1st month’s invoice, the 15-day notice period fee along with a copy of the signed contract before they start working for you.


It is only after you have interviewed and selected a candidate you want to hire that we require a receipt of the first month’s invoice before the employee starts working for you (the client).

The fee for the 15 days notice period (to terminate our services) is paid in advance (together with the first months’s invoice) before the employee starts working for the client.

The payment is required in advance because we enter into a legally binding employment contract with the employee you hire. As per the employment laws in India, is legally liable to provide the employee you hire with a paid notice period while terminating the services.

For any position you are looking to fill, Virtual Employee provides you with resumes of several candidates as well as their individual price. The quoted price attached to any resume is the full and complete cost for the entire service; including office space, recruitment, HR, management, customer support, hardware, infrastructure, and a dedicated employee, etc.

There are no hidden charges. However, there are three exceptions to the rule above:

  • If you require your employee to make hundreds of calls per day
  • If your employee requires software that we do not provide and is costly to purchase
  • If your employee requires hardware that we do not provide, e.g., an iPhone programmer requiring an iPhone.

In such cases, the client will be charged a setup fee.

We take the first payment before the employee starts work. Thereafter, you are invoiced on a monthly basis. We require payment for the employee to be made before the start of the next month of work. For instance, if an employee starts his first day of work on the 1st of January, then for the next month’s payment, we require receipt of payment before the 1st of February.

Our preferred mode of payment is Wire Transfer.

The ballpark figure for the cost of hiring a dedicated virtual employee in any domain or field on a monthly basis would be between $1095-1995/month. But it depends on the job requirements, as well as qualifications and experience of the candidate.

The fee for the 15-day notice period has to be paid in advance along with the first month’s invoice. This is your ‘one-time’ cost.

Yes, ours is a pre-paid monthly service. The price of an employee depends on the nature of your work, plus the years of experience and qualifications that you are looking for in a candidate.


‘Notice period’ simply means how quickly a candidate can join from the date we receive your payment and the signed service contract. Please note that the notice period becomes ‘active’ only once both, payment and the contract have been received.

For instance, if a candidate needs a one-week period to start working for the client and the payment and contract is received on the 1st of January, the candidate’s one-week notice period will then become active and the candidate will start work from the 8th of January.

With every resume submitted to you, we include the notice period of that individual candidate.

Please note, this is only applicable in the Dedicated Employee model. In the Team model there is no notice period and the employee can, in most cases, start working immediately.

Almost immediately, if the chosen candidate is in between jobs and can join at once. But, if we have sourced a candidate who is already employed elsewhere, then this candidate has to serve a pre-specified notice period to that organization, following which they can start working for you.

The Team model has in-house resources and so if you have hired a team, they can start working for you as soon as the formalities have been completed.

The probability of us terminating the contract is highly unlikely. We never have the intention of terminating a contract with a client and always seeks long term relationships with its clients. It is only in rare cases that an employee can no longer work for you and you do not wish to take a replacement, would we be reluctantly forced to terminate the contract.

Moreover, if you want a 1 or 2 month notice period from to terminate the contract then we can certainly accommodate such a request, provided the client also agrees to give an equal duration notice period.


Once again, this is your decision. we can provide your employee a telephone with a local number from your country. You can, thus, communicate via phone, e-mail, instant messengers, video conferencing, and/or Skype. Clients usually communicate with their virtual employees via Skype, Gtalk, etc.


You may have a 4-hour FREE trial with an in-house employee. However, should you wish a longer trial period that exceeds 4 hours, then that trial period will be a paid one.

We does not monitor your employee’s work output. We only monitor your employee’s attendance, ensure they are present at their work station, are working professionally whilst at work, working in accordance with any of your instructions and have everything they need to work efficiently. We do not, however, monitor their daily work output and progress. The employee’s work is monitored and supervised by you, the client.

It is as if you are working with a locally hired employee and are managing your day to day work with them. Just as your HR, Admin, Accounts and IT support departments take care of all non-work related issues, we at VE operate on the same principle here. In this case, our HR, Admin, Accounts and IT departments take care of your virtual employee’s day-to-day non-work related issues.


However, if you have hired a Team model, then the other members of the team carry on with the work of the employee who is on leave.


We have advanced communication technology in place “video conference, Skype webcam, telephone, PC sharing, etc – and you can make use of that to impart training to your employee.

Yes, at any time. You don’t have to take prior permission. Just inform our HR Managers about your visiting schedule and we will be happy to have you. Our office is an extension of your own local unit and so you are free to visit your employee whenever you want. We are less than an hour’s drive from New Delhi International airport.

Yes, it is possible. We offer two models. The Dedicated Employee model where you work with just one remote employee and the Team Model where you can enjoy a mix of skills. In other words, you get to work with more than one professional within those stipulated 8 work hours.

Your employee (or team) is always under the supervision of our HR staff. We have in place the latest attendance software for tracking employee attendance (both Biometric as well as Access card) and their activities while they are working their shift hours. We have installed over 32 CCTV cameras in our offices and our IT department maintains a 24×7 surveillance over all office-generated web traffic. If you so wish, certain software can also be installed on the employee’s laptop to track employee activity while they are at their workstations.

Sure, we can provide you the sample work of the candidates selected by you.

Your virtual employee can work: a) your shift hours, b) overlapping shift hours, c) Indian shift hours. It all depends on what suits you best.

During your employee’s shift hours you can contact them any time via Skype and have video/audio calls. You can take hourly/daily updates from them just as you would do with a locally hired employee. In addition, you would be the best judge of the output that needs to be given in an 8-hour shift.


There are many steps that can be implemented to protect your confidential information. If you are concerned about the security of your data, please contact and we will then discuss and plan with you the best method that can be implemented. You can also watch our Data Security video for more information on this. Some of the procedures that can be implemented are:

  • Your employee can be made to work in a totally virtualized work environment.
  • All your data can be stored on your servers in your office. The employee, thus, only has remote access to the data whilst at work, and does not have any of your data saved on their PC.
  • Your data can be stored on our servers and so once again the employee only has access to the data whilst at work and none of the data is saved on their PC.
  • CD-ROM drives, USB ports, printers, etc., can all be disabled from your employee’s PC and so your employee cannot duplicate your data, take it home, etc.
  • Software can be installed on your employee’s PC that monitors what they do and prevents them from taking certain actions, e.g. emailing data etc.
  • You thus feel as if your Indian employee is working locally in your office on your computer. is committed to safeguarding a client’s precious data and valuable intellectual property and so data security is always our top priority. There are many measures that we take such as:

  • Virtualization and ThinClient. The client’s virtual employee can be made to work in a virtual environment in which your employee’s PC and keyboard are connected directly with your system. This ensures that all your valuable intellectual property gets stored directly on your server back home and not on the employee’s PC or desktop here.
  • You may request our IT staff to disable certain applications, software and personal webmails in your virtual employee’s PC or laptop. You may even request that your virtual employee be denied access to certain websites.
  • You may also request us that all external drives and accessories be disabled on an employee’s system (such pen drives, CDs and DVDs etc).
  • In addition, every employee signs a stringent Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the client as well with us which contains has severe penalties for breach of client confidence.


You may request one of our Managers if you wish that certain websites be blocked on your employee’s desktop/laptop. Our IT staff will accordingly be informed and they will block/ firewall the websites you have mentioned.

All the work that has been done by the employee for the client belongs to the client. Any and all products, inventions, ideas, or original works of authorship belong exclusively to the client.

Yes, you can if you so wish. We provide the latest online collaboration tools so that you can communicate as freely and as frequently as you would with your own in-house or local employee.

Yes, if any client requests that their employee use Virtual Desktops, our IT staff makes arrangements for it.


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