The Need to Hire A Remote NodeJS Developer in India

Watch your ideas turn into opportunities

A robust technology stack,non-blocking input /output and asynchronous request handling, an event-based model, the requisite scalability for microservices, and a rather seamless JSON support – NodeJS has everything going for it.

Hire NodeJS developer to build dynamic, feature-rich web applications for chat, queued inputs, data streaming, proxy, and dashboards. The best part is that every NodeJS developer on VE’s payroll is well-versed with Derby, Meteor, Hapi, Express, Koa, Sails, LoopBack, and other popular frameworks, and can bring your idea(s) to life.

Also, Virtual Employee’s full stack NodeJS developers have a proven track record of working around the callback hell issue and the performance bottlenecks that crop up every time a heavy computation task is to be addressed.

Our NodeJS development services are not only designed to keep the potential drawbacks at bay, but to also ensure that industries across the board get to take full advantage of this runtime environment.

  • Healthcare
  • Retail & eCommerce
  • Banking & Finance
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Education & eLearning

360° NodeJS Development Services

Addressing your business-specific requirements

Custom NodeJS Development

From NodeJS web development to web apps that only a full stack NodeJS web developer can build, all your custom requirements are duly met. No off-the-shelf solutions. Rest assured, with VE, you always get what you need.

Front-end NodeJS Development

Hire front end NodeJS developer for task runners and bundlers, code pre- and post-processors, and code linters. Your frontend NodeJS developer can help you leverage the runtime environment’s minimalism, universality, and speed.

Back-end NodeJS Development

A backend NodeJS developer can be the perfect fit if your software project revolves around the internet of things (IoT), real-time communication and WebRTC, audio/video processing, and serverless architecture (including BaaS and PaaS).

NodeJS Application Development

With 97 percent of modern web applications consisting of npm modules, it makes sense to hire a dedicated developer for NodeJS web application development. You can also hire one for cross-platform, mobile app development.

NodeJS Website Development

If you have been looking for a NodeJS development company that can help build scalable and result-oriented websites, look no further. The websites built by our NodeJS experts can handle peak traffic with exceptional smoothness.

NodeJS Game Development

Looking forward to getting some real-time, multi-player games built? Guess what, every full stack NodeJS developer at VE is familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – everything that is needed to build gamesthat you can easily monetize.

NodeJS Migration and Integration

Migrating your existing apps to NodeJS is no child’s play. However, a NodeJS expert can bridge the gap and help solve the unwarranted challenges, if any. You can also choose to hire NodeJS developers for API and web service integration.

NodeJS Support and Maintenance

Finding it hard to keep your NodeJS apps up to date? Not anymore. We are the only NodeJS development company to also offer maintenance services to keep your apps up and running. Our services go beyond NodeJS development.

NodeJS Consulting Services

Whether you need to hire senior NodeJS developers or can make do with a remote NodeJS developer with less experience? We answer the million-dollar question for you. Feel free to buzz us with your NodeJS-related queries.

Why Outsource NodeJS Development to India?

Benefits that you will not get locally

Massive Cost Savings

Outsourcing NodeJS development services to a company In India not only helps you save big, but also gets you more bang for the buck.

Largest Talent Pool

We have more than 2000 engineering colleges that produce 0.5 million software engineers every year, widening the pool of NodeJS experts.

Time Zone Advantage

Looking forward to reducing the time to market? You are in luck. Indians work round the clock, delivering your NodeJS project within a quick TAT.

Top Reasons to Hire a NodeJS Expert From VE

A small choice can make a big difference

Free Trial

When we say we have the industry-best NodeJS developers, do not take our word for it. Assess before you hire.

Dedicated Resources

With us, you get to hire NodeJS developers who work exclusively for you. No more freelancer woes.

Value for Money

Pay for one remote NodeJS developer and leverage the expertise of our entire team. It is a win-win.

T-shaped Development

Hire senior NodeJS developers who have also mastered project management over the years.

Zero Overheads

No more worrying about office rent, software and hardware cost, recruitment fee, etc.

Diverse Experience

Looking for a middle level NodeJS developer? Or a senior one? We have them all.

NodeJS Development Process

Fast, Efficient & Scalable


    Your remote NodeJS developer understands your project requirements and your business goals before getting down to development.


    A thorough analysis and evaluation is conducted, and your technical requirements are duly understood before coming up with a project plan.


    For your NodeJS web development project, your developer creates a wireframe with design assets and mock-ups as per the project plan.


    The prototype is shared with you for approval, and as soon as you give us the go-ahead, your developer begins to give shape to your product.


    Our NodeJS development services guarantee a bug-free product. For this, we rigorously test every product, before it is deemed fit for launch.

Hire NodeJS Developer within 8 Hours

We search, shortlist, assess and triple-vet from over hundreds of candidates to find the best suited resource for you.

Flexible Hiring Models to Choose From

Custom Solutions to Meet All Your Requirements

Dedicated Model

Hire dedicated remote NodeJS developer to enjoy exclusivity. Benefit from one-to-one interaction and regular monitoring.

Team Model

If you are looking for a team with a mixed bag of skills, our team model fits the bill perfectly. You also get a dedicated team lead.

Full-time, Part-time, or Ad-hoc

Do not need a NodeJS expert to work for 8 hours a day? Worry not. Hire one for 4 hours or on ad-hoc basis.

Hire NodeJS Programmers in 4 Easy Steps

  • Brief Us

    Why do you wish to outsource NodeJS development to a company?

  • Handpick Your Resources

    Shortlisted resumes of NodeJS experts are readily available for your perusal.

  • Build Your Team

    You can interview the selected candidates. Online tests are also possible.

  • Get Going

    Once you are done with the assessment, hire NodeJS experts in 8 hours or less.

NodeJS Development Portfolio

Actions speak louder than words. Check out some of our work samples before you sign on the dotted line and hire NodeJS developers.




Primority Ltd.




Hexis Plus

Client Success Stories

NodeJS Development FAQs

Everything you need to know for an informed choice

What are the benefits of using NodeJS for web development?

From speedy native bindings, cloud scalability, rapid MVP delivery to caching, this runtime environment has everything that is needed for reliable and secure apps, provided you have a qualified NodeJS expert working exclusively on your project.

What kind of real-time applications can be built using NodeJS?

NodeJS development services are best suited for applications with several I/O operations and a huge traffic load, including games, social networking apps, instant messengers, project management tools, and video and audio broadcasting apps.

Can a remote NodeJS developer also build desktop applications?

Yes. Using Electron and other such frameworks, our NodeJS experts can easily build a desktop version of your app. Our T-shaped developers know their way around JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Objective-C and C#, and can build any such app in no time.

Are NodeJS apps secure? Do you take some security measures as well?

NodeJS apps are secure. However, as a leading NodeJS development company, we go the extra mile and avoid running code with Sudo, let go of “eval” for good, and use Retire.js and other scanning utilities to ensure zero vulnerabilities.

Is it possible to assess the skills of my remote NodeJS developer?

Absolutely. When you hire NodeJS developer from VE, you are entitled to a 4-hour FREE trial. This lets you gauge the quality before you outsource NodeJS development to our company. A longer, paid trial can also be availed, if you so desire.

If my NodeJS developer takes a leave, can I get a replacement?

Unfortunately, a replacement will not be possible. However, if you opt for our team model, then other NodeJS experts can surely fill in, ensuring that our NodeJS development services are continually rendered, and there is no delay.

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