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Successful Projects

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Free Recruitment

Our free, quick, bespoke hiring process helps you save on not just expensive local recruitment fees but also lengthy waiting periods to hire just one resource.

Project Stability

VE’s unique business model assures the much-needed project stability, which is why it is not uncommon for our global clients to be working with the same developer for 5 uninterrupted years and counting.

Data Security

As an ISO 27001:2013 certified and CMMiL3 assessed company, VE assures its clients of breach-proof data security and confidentiality at all times.

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Your offshore Symfony developer analyzes your project requirement, business objectives, target audience, and your expectations.

Your dedicated Symfony engineers then carefully study and evaluate your project and its technical requirements to create a perfect project plan.

VE’s professional Symfony coders create a wireframe with design assets and mock-ups as per the proposed project plan.

Our Symfony web developers start building your product following the best practices once the prototype has been approved.

The remote Symfony developers at VE then conduct rigorous testing to ensure a bug-free and optimized product before launch.

Ve's Step Development Process
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Ike - CEO, Launchpad Pro, US

The best developers that we have worked with are from VE. No matter what we put before them, they were able to accomplish the task.

Ikechukwu Amadi
CEO, Launchpad Pro,
Glenn Innis - VE's Client Testimonial

The technical excellence of VE’s PHP developers and their coding complex business rules for us make them a vital part of the GII team.

Glenn Innis
CEO, GII Finance Network Limited, UK
Simon McCaroll, Director of Printbots, UK

PHP developers at VE are very diligent and always delivering. Employing them is definitely cheaper than employing somebody in the UK.

Simon McCarol
Director, Printbots,

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FAQs on Our Symfony Development Services

Yes, Symfony can be used as a mobile backend technology to provide strong APIs and support for the backend.
Symfony allows developers to build web applications without engaging in tedious and time-consuming coding. Symfony is a free and open-source PHP framework that uses the MVC architecture to create powerful and feature-rich web applications.
You are unlikely to encounter any limitations when matching a front-end technology with a Symfony project. However, the most preferred frontend combinations among Symfony specialists are Vue, Angular, and React.
The Symfony programmers at VE use Symphony PHP framework development services to deliver high-quality code as it guarantees that the added code matches the expected code syntax. Additionally, it is quick, sturdy, and helpful in facilitating easy modification of web apps, as well as being adaptable to a wide range of themes and styles to suit any business. Making an app or website that works with other apps is a breeze.

Hire Symfony Developers from VE to Build Seamless Web Apps & APIs

Symfony is an open-source framework for developing dynamic PHP-based web applications. The framework rapidly builds and maintains powerful and efficient web applications using PHP. The framework for web applications is written in PHP using the model view controller (MVC) paradigm. Symfony web development is renowned for high-quality solutions, lower costs, meeting deadlines, support after installation, MVC-structured code, adherence to coding standards, beautiful URLs, and quicker codes. The Symfony architecture is quick, adaptable, extendable, feature-rich, and simple to maintain. The team of Symfony programmers and developers at Virtual Employee in India has demonstrated proficiency with the Symfony framework. So, if you are looking forward to Symfony outsourcing to India, Virtual Employee is your best option. ...

Taking PHP and its shining jewel, Symfony, as examples, one can see how these technologies have transformed software engineering into a beautiful art. It has been said, and with good reason, that Symfony is the joy of web developers everywhere. Because of its high-end capabilities and simple elegance, software companies may now provide top-notch business solutions at incredibly low prices. Symfony’s unique set of built-in features gives it a highly modular design with low coupling and high modularity coherence. This makes it possible to make scalable and easy-to-maintain apps.

For the most efficient and cost-effective website and application development, Symfony is your best bet. Symfony is designed to rapidly produce high-quality websites and applications. It’s so simple and so natural to our remote Symfony developers that we can speed up the delivery of our projects without sacrificing the quality of the websites and applications we create. Symfony software development follows the finest coding principles because it uses Model View Control structures for its code. From the file system layout to the use of external libraries, Symfony allows very extensive personalization. It’s simple to add new features and incorporate new libraries, too. Time is saved during the development, coding, and execution of Symfony projects.

Why Should You Outsource Symfony Development to India?

India is home to the world’s third-largest community of app developers. Indian developers are rated 46% more productive and have the most offshore projects in their portfolio (GitHub). If you want to quickly and affordably deploy new and innovative web applications for your business, Symfony is the best choice. As the fastest PHP framework, Symfony is your best option for developing strong online applications. Symfony uses the concept of reusable components to accelerate web development and reduce time-to-market. You can add best practices, interoperability, and standardization to your next web application project by adopting the Symfony philosophy.

The Principal Advantages of Adopting Symfony for Web Application Development Are:

  • Highly scalable & flexible framework
  • Repetitive or reusable coding structure
  • Easy to implement enterprise solutions
  • Generate dynamic database connections
  • Organized file structure for maintainability
  • Cost-effective web project implementation

Why Should You Outsource Symfony Development Services to VE?

Our remote Symfony developers deliver wide-ranging Symfony web development services with Symfony’s rich capabilities and other compatible technologies.

At VE, we provide exceptional and interesting Symfony web development services that increase traffic, boost sales, and convert. Hire Symfony experts from VE who have the skills and knowledge to design and maintain Symfony-based websites and apps without any surprises over time. Symfony PHP development, Symfony consultations, Symfony doctrine and plugin creation, Symfony app audits, and all types of maintenance for Symfony-based apps and websites are all services that our professionals provide.

Hire Symfony programmers at VE who are committed to achieving consistently high performance with Symfony development. They leverage their extensive talents and experience to provide a premium and individualized user experience. Our track record of creating complicated Symfony apps distinguishes us from our competitors.

Reasons to use Symfony for your Web Development Projects:

  • Faster Development – Reusing pre-made parts can save you up to three days during development. In other words, you can use this time to develop features that aren’t essential to the MVP.
  • Fewer Issues – The framework’s coding is easy to understand. It’s also been demonstrated to be true. Error rates will drop as a result of this.
  • Enhanced Safety – Regular security updates are applied to the framework components.
  • Efficient Maintenance – Taking on a framework provides a blueprint to operate from and a set of guidelines to adhere to. There would be no learning curve for a new developer to jump into a project that has already begun.

6 Reasons Why Companies Outsource Symfony Development Services to VE in India:

  • Dedicated in-house development team
  • Latest Symfony technologies
  • No-cost project estimate within 24 hours
  • Highly competitive development costs
  • Flexible end-to-end development support
  • Development on multiple devices & platforms

The benefits of outsourcing to a company in India that specializes in Symfony development are manifold. There are many reasons why you should choose VE as your Symfony outsourcing partner, but here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Top 2% certified Symfony developers
  • 100+ Satisfied clients
  • 10+ types of industries served
  • 2X faster project completion
  • 80% quicker onboarding process
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 24×7 customer support

Consider hiring Symfony Engineers from Virtual Employee, one of the leading Indian companies for Symfony development, in order to augment your existing team with the necessary skills. If you’re worried about finding qualified new hires, one solution is to establish an offshore Symfony development team in your India-based offshore office.

3500+ Clients in 48 Countries Have Accelerated Their Business Growth with VE’s Developers. You Could Be Next!