How the Cloud Shortens Process Time, Cuts Down Personal Budgets and Brings Innovation

Cloud as a Disruptive Technology with Game-Changing Business Results

It may amaze many of you that some companies can take up to 6 months to implement an A/B testing software while some can do it in just 30 minutes. That’s a mind-blowing difference for such a critical process.

We may draw an analogy here between a heavy traffic during rush hour and a business project that doesn’t seem to make any headway or even if it does, painfully so. We see so many experienced drivers in good cars stuck in what looks like a never-ending traffic congestion, but none of them are moving forward at all. Why? Because they are in a jam, and no matter how skillful they are, what tools they have, seem totally helpless. The road they follow and the direction they take have severe bottlenecks.

Likewise, so many companies filled with lots of motivated, ambitious and smart people are not achieving much. They are using the wrong tools and taking the wrong approach. Such organizations have some of the finest and most productive people, but they take ages to complete a task. Their projects come to a standstill and never seem to see any end in sight.

The overriding question is why do some of their projects take 10 times longer than they actually should have. Why do they find it way too difficult to turn a business idea into a statistically significant win? The answer lies in the cloud.

Virtual Employee is a cloud company that provides an entire office in the cloud for clients all over the world to help them focus on revenue-generating operations and focus on the bigger picture. Cloud technology in workplaces is cheaper, faster, reliable, and scalable than any existing technology. It enables you to streamline your business and focus on your differentiated values.

Take a look at just how powerful the cloud really is. For a cloud entrepreneur, cloud is a tried and tested means to reduce decision fatigue in a world overloaded with information. It lets you make a handful of decisions whereas earlier you had to make thousands. It is a system where ready-made offices and employees are delivered to you remotely.

A cloud company promises savings on your company's budgets through its utility services just like you consume electricity. Disparity between resources and market demand used to raise alarm bells for many organizations earlier. Now the cloud revolution is set to change this forever.

By working with a cloud company:

  1. Your business can be up and running in a matter of days in a vast majority of cases
  2. You experience high elasticity or scalability of manpower
  3. You don’t need to go into panic mode every now and then

Also, almost every business type is recommended the services of a cloud company because:

  1. Embracing cloud is not a high-risk business
  2. You pay as you consume it
  3. There’ s no collateral damage to worry about
  4. It encourages innovation in how you conduct your day-to-day business
  5. It results in better and unbeatable ROI
  6. It comes with the privilege of location independence

So, as we just saw, a cloud company like VE has the capacity to enable and empower you to achieve more by doing less. In fact, cloud technology is highly available, and it can introduce economies of scale in your business operations. Cloud is no longer the future of technology; it’s the present reality.

Get ready and be prepared to be a cloud-enabled company.