Providing Customized Creative Writing Solutions

You can send content writing jobs to India for projects related to communication on the web, such as corporate brochures, white papers, newsletters, press releases, blogs, and e-mails. As a matter of fact, well-written content can make a major difference to the way a company is perceived by customers, and that includes its online presence as well.

India has a wealth of talented writers who are proficient in the English language and who can accurately meet the unique content writing requirements of an international clientele.

Indian content writers are able to generate relevant, high-quality content at affordable rates, within a quick turnaround time. delivers the following content solutions:

  • SEO content writing
  • Summary and Review writing
  • Article writing
  • Product/service description writing
  • Blog writing
  • Business writing
  • Academic writing
  • Speech writing
  • Medical writing
  • Legal writing
  • Travel writing
  • Ebooks
  • Ghost writing

Companies of all sizes and type can outsource content writing

India has got high-quality writing talent
India produces versatile writers who are knowledgeable and can write in a variety of styles. Outsourcing vendors often try to match client’s requirements by searching exhaustively for the right talent.

For instance, if the client wants a content writer to produce a summary of eight volumes of the history of a medical college, the vendor tries to find someone who knows history, and is experienced in summary writing.

There are a number of reasons why India is the most favorite outsourcing destination for content writing. India’s higher education system has comprehensive schooling in the English language with advanced degrees in English being given out for different specializations including commercial communication in English and translation from another language into English and vice-versa.

Working style and payment options

Generally, outsourcing vendors can harness a content writer, an assistant writer, or an editor to work for the client who wants a constant supply of content on an ongoing basis or on a project basis.

Typically, vendors either charge a monthly fee or by the article or number of words. The cost usually depends on the amount of research and skills required. A final price is often determined once the client’s requirements are known.