5 Things to Remember for Beginners in Content Marketing

By Daya Mukherjee Feb 21, 2017
5 Things to Remember for Beginners in Content Marketing

Are you new to content marketing? Do you really wish to learn its nitty-gritty? Well, if you are really keen to jump on to the bandwagon and make quick progress, it will be better if you work smartly rather than working hard.

Content marketing has come of age and it is no longer in its incipient stage. Today, even rookies can make significant headway in it if they employ some smart tactics, which is exactly what we have discussed below. So, here is what you as a fresh entrant to content marketing can do:

  1. Post detailed content
    Many may not agree to this but if we are offering this advice to you, it is not without any reason. Of late, it has been discovered that long content pieces of over 1000 words are enjoying higher ranks on search engines and getting an equally good amount of acknowledgement on social media as well. So, instead of writing 2-3 short articles on the same topic, why not write a detailed one and cover the thing extensively?
  2. Go for attractive web pages
    You will only have yourself to blame if you keep things dull and drab while showcasing your content to online readers. We are not saying that you make your web pages look absolutely resplendent but they must at least be attractive enough to catch the attention of visitors and prompt them to go through all that you have to offer to them.
  3. A catchy title is a must
    Your title can make or break your write-up; its fate hangs on the response that it gets in SERPs. It is the first thing that readers notice in search results and if your title is not catchy or at least straightforward for that matter, you will fail to bring visitors to your web and landing pages, no matter how good your content is.
  4. Prepare related content too
    And how will you do that? Well, it is fairly simple. You just have to supplement your primary content with some additional write-ups and the two should share a strong correlation. For instance, if you are writing on ‘How to write a resume’, you can have links that take readers to pages carrying similar content on topics like ‘How to write a cover letter’ or ‘How to write a resignation letter’.
  5. Keep tabs on your competitors
    Now, we will go back to the point that we raised at the beginning of this article – if you are a novice in content marketing and wish to advance ahead fast, you must think beyond the tried and tested methods and do something different. So, after you do a thorough analysis of the content that your competitors have put on display online, you can definitely come up with something better. This way you will stand a greater chance of achieving success.

If you do manage to successfully implement each of the tips that we have discussed above, chances are that you may come across as a seasoned campaigner rather than as somebody green.

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