8 Tips for Effective Content Marketing

By Daya Mukherjee Mar 21, 2019
8 Tips for Effective Content Marketing

For any business, being in the digital marketing space can be quite exciting and competing with big players in the digital arena isn’t a big challenge anymore. By using the right content marketing strategies, even small startups and new brands can outshine their bigger counterparts. Today, businesses of any size have one simple goal: use genuine and relevant content to attract targeted users.

Understanding the basic principles of content marketing is not tough, but achieving maximum results through the creation of good content and promotion is not a cakewalk. If you don’t have the time to work on content marketing strategies, you can outsource your content marketing services to India. You can also follow the 8 tips below and enjoy tremendous success on the content marketing front:

1. Incorporate Storytelling in Your Content

Storytelling is an essential element of content marketing. A beautifully written story can create a poignant link between an audience and a brand or a product. Every product or service has a story, which you will have to weave through your content. Content that has a personal and an emotional touch will establish a sense of trust for your brand.

2. Determine the ROI of Your Content

Determining the return on investment on content is a big task for most people who are not content marketing experts, and not setting a goal is often the main reason. Many don’t know what to accomplish from the content they create. It is important to know if your content is achieving its objective. Positive signs can include increased visibility on various social media channels in the form of retweets, shares, etc. The leads generated through contact form submissions and click-throughs are also signs that the content is working well. After knowing what you actually want to gain, you can track the progress of your content marketing initiatives.

3. Lengthy & Comprehensive Content Helps

In the last few years, web pages that had lengthy content ranked very high in search engine results. The reason behind this is that a page with detailed description offers comprehensive information, which is required for better user experience. Searchmetrics 2015 Search Ranking Factors and Rank Correlations report suggests that top-ranking web pages had a word count of about 1130. While creating content through content marketing experts, it is important to ensure that every angle of a topic is covered well. Ideally, you should select broad themes for the content to be written and then you can dig deep into the topic by covering all the elements. This is the right approach when it comes to creating longer content that will appeal to both the target audience as well as the search engines.

4. Distribute Content Wisely

A research by Moz and Buzzsumo suggests that most of the content written and published online hardly gets any traction in terms of links or social media shares. This could be because business owners are too busy in getting their content created without paying much attention to distribution and promotion. To sort out this issue, you need to have a robust plan for content distribution to ensure that the content created reaches the targeted market. Your content distribution channels can include your email list, social media posts, guest posts, RSS subscribers, and bookmarking sites such as Reddit and StumbleUpon.

5. Use Guest Blogging in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing strategy must include guest blogging for improved reach and inbound links. In the last few years, guest blogging was not a huge success because of excessive, low-quality blog posts. If done properly, this form of blogging can be very beneficial.

You can visit similar sites in your domain and agree upon exchanging guest posts. The guest post from another site will be promoted by you and your post will be promoted by them. This is a wonderful way of promoting your business amongst newer audiences and building trust and healthy relationships with other businesses.

6. Publish Mobile-Optimized Content

These days search has been intensified on mobile phones; so, don’t forget to do a Google Mobile-Friendly test to ensure that the content of your site is easily accessible on various mobile devices. Even the best content marketing initiative will fail if you don’t cater to the needs of mobile users. If your site is not responsive on mobiles, you will lose a lot of valuable audience and your website will rank poorly in mobile search.

You should also ensure that your site’s loading time on mobile devices is quick. Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to check the loading speed of your site.

Once you are sure that your site is optimized for mobile devices, you have to see if the content is optimized for mobile users. You can cover topics that mobile users generally look for, and format the content so that mobile users can consume it easily. Along with longer content, you will have to create shorter ones too so that a mobile user can just have a quick glimpse.

7. Focus on Quality Content With SEO in Mind

Today, only quality content reigns supreme on the internet. Content should be primarily for users or the target audience rather than search engines. This means that you should create exhaustive and lengthy content, which will be useful for the targeted readers instead of focusing on keywords. Since 2015, the strategy of inserting too many keywords for high rankings on search engines has become almost outdated.

By creating long, comprehensive content, you’ll naturally be providing better user experience to your audience. You don’t have to invest a lot of time in keyword research even though it is the starting point for finding relevant topics and themes that you need to cover in your detailed content piece. Producing meaty and relevant content is the need of the hour and will remain so for many years to come.

8. Revamp Existing Web Content

If creating a lot of new content is a challenge for you, you can revamp your existing content for short-term gains. This will also save you a lot of precious time, even though creating content from scratch is always recommended. Reusing content that couldn’t help you meet your goals is not a new phenomenon. A little bit of editing and the addition of new content to an older one may create the spark and appeal it lacked earlier. Fresh data and statistics can be added to make a piece of content more relevant to users.

The ideas to improve content marketing keep evolving and it is important that you stay attuned to the latest trends. Let your content marketing expert figure out what the audience wants and how you can deliver it. If you offer quality content that the audience wants, you almost always win the big battle called “Content Marketing”. Apart from better user experience and search engine ranking, your content will help in increasing conversions and sales leads too.

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