Top 5 Emerging Trends in Content Marketing

By Daya Mukherjee Apr 03, 2017

While telling captivating stories on the Internet still remains the goal of content marketing, the strategies will keep on changing as new technological advancements continue to happen. In this ever-changing scenario, content marketers will have to go an extra mile to keep pace with the evolving technologies. Keeping this in mind, we should constantly assess new technologies and adapt our content marketing strategies as per new technological trends.

In this article, we will discuss 5 content marketing trends that are emerging in the present scenario:

Direct-to-Social Publishing

The popularity of mobile devices among the masses has given rise to a new content consumption trend – a lot of people use them as a tool to access latest information and news. Facebook, for instance, has become the preferred choice of people to cull out latest information on any subject. This is because Facebook offers a fast page load time and has friendly editorial formats. As a result, more and more content marketers are using social media platforms to publish their content. No matter whether it is a product launch or a new initiative, they prefer to break the news on social media. In the time to come, this trend will gain momentum as social media platforms are embracing effective functionalities to accommodate videos, graphics and text.

Dark Social and Chat

The so-called “dark” social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and more have a huge reach. However, their lack of tractability has kept content marketers away from these platforms. This opportunity, however, shall not go unnoticed for long as platforms like Facebook have already initiated bold moves like inserting ads into Messenger. This is the tip of the iceberg and soon the “dark” social media will become the new frontier for content marketers. There have been instances of some prominent content marketers working with chatbots and branded emojis.

Influence Marketing

In the next few months, social media influencers should be used for an entirely different reason. Their traditional utility is to let one gain access to their millions of followers. But now a lot of influencers are being hired to create original content for social media channels. This will offer a brand the dual benefit of gaining exposure and enhancing its quality. This is because social media influencers know what it takes to make content go viral. So, in the time to come, influence marketing is going to be a big thing. Content marketers, who pounce on this trend from the outset, should make the most of it.

Visual Web

Ever wondered why platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are scaling new heights in popularity among the masses? The answer lies within our minds; the human brain processes pictures much faster than words. That is the reason why visual content is at least 40 times more popular than the written one. The trend of sharing interesting videos, pictures, GIF files will gain momentum with time as it involves instant responses and creates a stronger connection.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content has always been a powerful tool for content marketers and this trend is here to stay. This is because user generated content is not only unique, it also helps you create a stronger bond with your target audience. In this content, customers share the most valuable inputs with your prospective clients and at the same time, they give you feedback on your products or services. No wonder the most popular brands on social media are the ones that interact with their customers regularly.

These content marketing strategies are likely to gain momentum in the near future and create new opportunities for marketers.

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