Benefits of outsourcing mobile app development

By Arnab Bannerjee Feb 11, 2022
Benefits of outsourcing mobile app development

Mobile apps are the single most important entities of tomorrow; and the way things are right now, daybreak is imminent. As consumers move away completely from desktop devices to handheld ones, apps will take over pretty much every aspect of our lives. Hence, for any business, however big or small, developing a good mobile app should be at the top of pile in terms of priority. However, mobile app development and maintenance is expensive and potentially time consuming. Poorly developed apps, with inherent glitches and poor UI and UX, can spectacularly backfire and instead of helping the business grow, can become the cause for it to lose goodwill and popularity amongst consumers. With apps continuously being evaluated by users real time, poor user ratings will quickly give the edge to your competitors. There is an extremely small window of opportunity in which to fix any glitches on a live app, which often is insufficient to fix major glitches and design flaws. By the time an app goes through a major overhaul, consumers and users might have already shifted allegiance. Getting them back is again a costly and time taking exercise, leading to massive losses in revenue. So, it is absolutely critical that when a business develops an app, it should ensure that the app measures up to expectations right from Day 1. However, that is easier said than done. Apart from being expensive and time consuming, most businesses do not have the required knowledge in house to hire the right personnel for this job. Hence, it is almost always a good idea to outsource mobile app development to a specialist agency.

Hire specialists and leave it up to them

Moments before he incredibly managed to land the Gimli Glider and avert one of the worst aviation disasters in Canadian History, Capt. Bob Pearson urged Rick Dion, one of Air Canada’s senior most maintenance engineers and who happened to be on the flight as a passenger and in the cockpit when trouble hit the aircraft, to go back to his family in the passenger seats by saying “Leave it to the specialists”. Or so the film Flight 174 suggests. Whatever be the case, one would agree that be it the Gimli Glider incident, or the Miracle on the Hudson, if it were not for the “specialists” (seasoned pilots in this case), these two incidents would have also gone down as major tragedies that could have left hundreds dead. In every walk of life, we look towards experts to come good in crunch. There is no reason why it should be any different with app development either. If you want relative surety about the success of your app, outsourcing it to a 3rd party vendor is necessary.

Once you have outsourced mobile app development to a vendor or 3rd party agency, you can reasonably expect the following benefits:

  1. High quality talent- Since the agency or vendor specializes in mobile app development, the team will have high quality and highly skilled resources. Due to their knowledge from working with multiple clients and hundreds of projects, they will be extremely versatile and will be able to not just implement your brief, but even better it considerably by suggesting relevant changes, additions etc. to the project. Previous experience will also ensure that the developer/s are able to insulate you from some of the most common errors that occur during app development. High quality talent also ensures great UI and hence great UX, which potentially makes your app a success.
  2. Speed – 3rd party agencies work on two main principles- quality and speed. They have to. Since they are not the creator but only the delivery mechanism of the product, their profits only soar if there is enough work coming through. To maximize their earning potential, such vendors need to be not just good to achieve customer satisfaction but also be very quick in their work since speed means the resource is available for another project sooner. So apart from receiving a quality product, you will also get it sooner than expected, in most cases.

The money game

The word ‘Outsourcing’ is used interchangeably with the word ‘offshoring’ these days. While the principles remain the same, businesses can expect to get the job done at just a fraction of the cost while outsourcing to an offshore location like India, China or Philippines. This is the primary reason why businesses look to hire mobile app developers from India. While quality of work and speed have been found to remain the same, it allows smaller businesses to compete successfully in the market due to the difference in cost accrued between outsourcing it locally and offshoring mobile app development. Due to a huge domestic market and hence domestic demand, countries like India produce thousands of highly qualified mobile app developers, ensuring a large and stable pool of talent. There are several companies who are into mobile app development for both international and domestic customers. The domain is well represented and standards remain high, thanks to India’s own burgeoning market with one of the largest user bases of smart phones in the world. Indeed, Indian companies like hotel chain OYO, e-commerce giants like Snapdeal and Flipkart and e-wallets like PayTM, businesses who are what they are due to their digital presence, especially mobile apps, have become global behemoths in their own right. It shows how big India’s domestic user base is and one can only guess the demand for app development in such a fast growing market. It has ensured that globally India ranks among the top nations in this domain and the close association of the US and European economies with an outsourcing powerhouse like India is mutually beneficial to all.

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