Have you faced these concerns while outsourcing Software Development?

By Daya Mukherjee Apr 30, 2021
Have you faced these concerns while outsourcing Software Development?

Common Concerns in Software Outsourcing (and how VE overcomes all of them)

If there is any industry that has come to rely heavily upon outsourcing, it is the software development industry. In fact, even when the outsourcing industry was in its nascent stage, it was software development and other IT functions that first began to leave the shores of their origin and move over to Third World destinations where talented programmers and developers took over.

However, while software outsourcing continues to be the most popularly outsourced business process, there are some outsourcing concerns that are common across the board. They prey on the mind, loom large in decision-makings and, sadly, sometimes, deprive companies/ entrepreneurs of enjoying what could have been a very rewarding outsourcing experience.

If you have outsourced (or are planning to outsource) any software-related process, then recognise any of these?

offshoring software development
  1. Does the vendor have qualified and experienced IT staff who understand exactly what you require? Does it have hardware and software that is compliant with your project requirements?
  2. Is there any existing, pending or anticipated lawsuits related to IT or any of the IT employees?
  3. Do the remote resources possess strong communications skills in English?
  4. Does the vendor have any industry certifications (such as ISO, etc)?
  5. What are the vendor’s Quality Assessment processes, including tracking and documentation?
  6. What safety measures are in place for the safeguard of my intellectual property?
  7. In software development process, what is the process in place for identifying, tracking and correcting product bugs?
  8. When it comes to Development, how many people in the company/ team have access to the source code?
  9. Security and Compliance: Can the vendor provide a description of any system vulnerability, intrusion detection or penetration testing that has been performed? Can it also give a description of any wireless networks maintained by the company, including data encryption settings, and any monitoring that is performed on a regular basis? Is the service provider aware of any non-employees who have access to critical company information (source code, documentation, etc)?
  10. What is the policy that the vendor has adopted regarding data that is no longer needed and that needs to be purged or destroyed, along with any associated data retention policies? How are security breaches tackled? Are there any physical access restrictions to critical company assets such as servers and data?
  11. Finally, is it capable of meeting your deadlines and targets? As an assurance, can the vendor provide you with at least three recent client testimonials?


How does VE overcome all these concerns?

Very easily. Thanks to our unique business model, every client is empowered with total employee control and project management authority – right from handpicking the candidate of their choice to deciding how to work with their remote employee. We, on our part, have advanced security mechanisms in place that protect client data and intellectual property while, at the same time, keeping every employee under the strict surveillance of our vigilant IT team that works round the clock. The IT employees hired from us are all extremely talented and experienced in all domains and have had prior exposure to working with international clients on varied IT projects.

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