Why Outsourcing Civil Engineering Project Design is the Way to Go

By Daya Mukherjee Mar 02, 2019
Why Outsourcing Civil Engineering Project Design is the Way to Go

Firms involved in infrastructural development and construction require civil engineers, irrespective of the size of the venture. Recruiting and then retaining skilled engineers is a cumbersome task for companies, which consumes a lot of their time and resources. A way out is to hire remote civil engineers working dedicatedly for tasks such as 2D drafting, 3D CAD conversion, structural steel design or structural design.

Get the Right Blend of Skill and Experience

India is a hub of engineering talent with a large pool of qualified professionals. Whether you are looking to hire CAD experts or structural engineers, you can be sure of getting the right blend of skill and experience.

What You Can Outsource

Remote staffing can be opted for jobs such as Structural Steel Design, Structural 2D Drafting, Civil 3D CAD Services, Structural 3D Modeling Services, Steel Detailing Services, Construction Documentation Services etc.

You can hire professionals specializing in technologies such as Digital Prototyping (AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical, Autodesk 3DS Max Design), 3D Mechanical Design Software (Autodesk Inventor), Piping Software (CAEPIPE, CAESAR II), CAD Software (AutoCAD, SmartDraw, Alibre Design Xpress, Unigraphics), CAM Software (EdgeCAM, TubeCad, AlphaCAM) and more.

Collaborate with a Trusted Outsourcer

While sourcing remote engineers, collaborating with a service provider that has an excellent track record could be your best bet. They will screen the candidates and send you the resumes for short listing. This is initiated with an interview that may include a test and a face-to-face discussion. Chosen candidates later on resume their work from the premises of the service provider.

A leading outsourcing company will allay the concerns that you may have regarding your work. They would assist you in selecting a team that is dedicated, loyal and aware of the best business practices. The quality of work could be exceptional, while the associated costs get truncated significantly. Shift timing too could be in sync with your own office timing, thereby resulting excellent coordination. Indian professionals are well-versed in English, which helps in conversation as well.

Infrastructural Set-Up and Quality Control System

Most companies will hesitate to outsource work to freelance civil engineers; however, sending out work to professionals on the panel of a reputable outsourcer is never a concern. They have a proper infrastructural set-up and quality control system in place that assure clients of timely work delivery. Unlike freelancers, professionals working in a formal set-up would not miss project schedules and deadlines. Moreover, you have total project management authority that helps in precise execution of work.

Receive Elite Service for Projects

Working with NASSCOM-affiliated outsourcing firms will help you receive elite service for civil engineering outsourcing projects. They can be trusted for providing their professionals with the best hardware and software tools available along with continuous training. Their processes are known to adhere to ISO quality standards assuring clients of top quality work.

Wrapping Up

A highly skilled team of drafters, engineers and architects could speed up your project development process. They will help you with visualization or engineering analysis, making the development process more efficient. A skilled team will analyze various structural components and create 3D models for your residential, commercial or industrial construction projects. They will create detailed views of the structures from multiple angles.

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