5 Reasons to Hire an Engineer or Architect for your Residential Project

By Arnab Bannerjee Jun 30, 2021
5 Reasons to Hire an Engineer or Architect

When someone like Frank Gehry says, “There are people who design buildings that are not technically and financially good, and there are those who do. Two categories – simple”, he meant expertise. Period.

It is why architects and engineers are hired, aren’t they? To ensure the assets remain technically and financially viable. But let us, for the sake of question that was asked above, look at why you should hire an architect.

For obvious reasons, a good engineer or an architect is the answer to your residential engineering solutions. Also, rising demand for engineering services has helped the engineering services industry thrive with talent.

However, let us face it, having knowledge is one thing and applying it is another. Especially in the engineering services industry, not everyone is an expert even if they claim to be.

So, how to spot an expert engineer or architect? How to know who’s worth your money? Why hire an architect? How can a residential architect help you with your residential engineering solutions?

This is how!

Here’s why you should hire an architect or an engineer for your dream residential project

1. The Art and the Artist

A good residential architect has the talent to turn your vision into reality.
You, as a client, would already know what you might need. You have your story but it is the architect who will translate it in design.

Architects bring their expertise and formulate the best plan for your space to maximize its functionality without compromising on the design. Experienced architects craft aesthetic and functional spaces that work best for your lifestyle and showcase your unique persona.

2. Walking the Talk

How about seeing your dream home before owning it?  Not, not on paper.

You won’t have to wait until the construction ends to see how your residential project will turn out to be. The architect or engineers, using the latest technology, can help you see your home come alive with interactive designs, virtual reality, and 3D renderings. All of this can be done by outsourcing engineering & architectural services to India where a professional team will bring your vision to life.

Interacting with projects beforehand also ensures that you have a dry run and make changes in the floor plan before the design is finalized. If anything, it will save you from making design blunders and save money in the consequential rework.

3. No Need to Speak with the Manager

You won’t to have to arrange for supervisors to maintain hawk-eyed scrutiny on your residential project. A professional engineer or an architect is well-trained to keep track of construction timelines and avoid unnecessary delays and redo’s.  So, if you outsource engineering & architectural services to India, your interests and data are protected. This in turn means that your money is protected, your project sticks to your budget, and you get to work with experienced and qualified architects.

Offering you the best residential engineering solutions, the architects at a reputed outsourcing company will engage, adapt, and be proactive with the contractor. This will bridge the communication gap between the two, ensuring everyone’s is on the same page.

4. Adding Value and Not Cutting Corners

Saving money is not always about cutting costs. Saving money is also about value. So, it is a key responsibility area for any architect to add value to the building materials so that they stand the test of time and nature.

While designing your residential project, an experienced architect will ensure that all the codes and rules are met in building plans. Also, with environment and energy efficacy taking the center stage, they will consider structural designs that are sustainable and take the carbon footprint into consideration.

Lastly, not to forget, architecture is art, and who better than the architect to understand the importance of heritage and history? So, be assured, hiring an architect will mean that if you are renovating an old building, its heritage would be preserved and respected, if you so wish. This is why the residential engineering solutions must be a complete package.

5. Painting on the Canvas

The design is ready. The site has been selected. Hiring an architect will ensure that the painting comes alive on the canvas. Meaning that the design is such that the area around the residential project is also taken into account.

You don’t want to feel like being on an island, after all. Well, in most cases, anyway!

A professional architect or engineer will take every factor into account before beginning on a project. The engineer or architect, you choose, will work to come up with the best use of space, be it parking, entry/exit, landscape, electrical utilities and such.

See, building a residential project is one of the most difficult endeavors to undertake. They are expensive as well, to boot. So, why take chances and leave everything in God’s hands? Why not hire someone who knows their job? They will lead, manage and help complete your dream project.

Hiring an architect who is experienced will ensure that you start the residential project on the right note as they will not only pull their weight but will also ensure that your assets are protected.

6. Tailor-made Solutions

Why hire an architect, you ask? Well, the most obvious answer is that they will work for you and with you. Because ultimately, it is your requirement. Sure, you can get the regular “cookie cutter” solutions but why would you want to settle for the ordinary anyway? And most importantly, why would you pass up the opportunity to get tailor-made solutions, just for you?

You can hire an architect or engineer by outsourcing engineering & architectural services to India and get them to work for what works for you.

7. Team means ‘Us’

A housing project is not a one-man show. It requires team work. A complete residential engineering solution includes architects, architectural technologists, site managers, services engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, contractors, construction managers, and safety managers, besides others. It’s all hands on deck! You may hire them individually, of course. This depends on your requirement.

But when you hire a firm, you get the whole army; an entire team of experts working solely on your project.

Learn more about by outsourcing engineering & architectural services to India here.

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