5 Ways Outsourcing to India is Less Risky than Hiring Locally

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By Irfan Ahmad Jun 23, 2021
5 Ways Outsourcing to India is Less Risky than Hiring Locally

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest”, says Peter Drucker, validating the process of outsourcing. By removing the myths that are attached to overseas and remote offshore services, the Austrian consultant advocated outsourcing as a viable business strategy in the 90s.

Risks are a part and parcel of being an entrepreneur, but offshoring is the best pivot to ensuring that everything is operating smoothly.

Why should you give offshoring a try?

The traditional modus operandi of working has been very stressful for business owners where they have to hire professionals, allocate them their respective work, set targets, and pay monthly salaries for the work that is done.

But, when you give offshoring a try, you never regret investing in a model where no physical or mental effort is required from your end. You are not responsible for setting up office infrastructure, or incur lofty expenditures, but can focus solely on generating ROI with an experienced team behind you. You can prevent yourself from wasting the time and money on mind-boggling processes that bifurcate your attention and focus on growth and scaling up your business.

Are there any risks associated with outsourcing?

We always fear risks because losses are painful and unbearable. The first risk associated with outsourcing IT projects is trusting an unknown company located thousands of miles away

There are a lot of things that must be taken into account namely, data security, efficient costs, transparency in communication, that make entrepreneurs really skeptical about outsourcing their projects. These are all legitimate concerns, but not necessarily risks.

How about a scenario where you hire a professional in-house without the right paperwork (simply because they were the kid of someone you know), only to find that they decide to leave without serving their notice period and helping you find the right replacement?

You see where I’m going with this?

The moment we see the unknown, our brain deciphers it to be ‘high risk’. But just because you don’t know something, doesn’t make it risky. By this logic, people would have never ventured out to discover new lands.

Fortunately, outsourcing itself is the answer to put your mind at ease. All your concerns can be assessed and measured.

  1. If you’re worried about attrition, outsourcing companies have a rock-solid paperwork in place. Not only will resources work as per your schedule, they will ensure that someone as experienced as them joins your team should they decide to leave.
  2. If your main concern is data security, discuss the data security and GDPR protocols with your outsourcing partner.
  3. You can assess the resources that you want to hire with tests and interviews, to get a deeper insight into their capabilities. This will help you gauge if the outsourcing resource is as talented as a local resource.
  4. If you’re worried about communication, established outsourcing firms employ state-of-the-art technology to ensure seamless conversations. You can conduct meetings or connect over video and audio calls to keep everybody on the same page.
  5. With such technology it becomes easy to keep track of all deliverables on the pre-decided deadlines.

As you can see, outsourcing to India is less risky for delegating your business chores without hiring in-house professionals.

An interesting insight here is, your concerns will only get addressed if you decide to work with a reputed outsourcing company such as Virtual Employee. With experienced experts on your side, you can quickly turn the unknown into the known. Often, after fair assessments and working for some time with the right outsourcing partner, you will realize that your fears were unfounded.

5 ways in which VE reduces business risk – How to choose an outsourcing company in India?

Here are 5 things that you can do when you decide to outsource your business to India rather than hiring local employees:

5 Advantages of Outsourcing rather than In-house Hiring


  1. Get free trials: This is one of the greatest perks of outsourcing, where you can request resources on a trial for a specific tenure to decide if their skillset, communication skills, and experience suit your expectations. Before making financial commitments, you can gauge the quality and quantity of the deliverables committed by offshore staff in advance, thus avoiding any room for risk.
  2. Money-back guarantee: Many vendors offer a full refund on their services within one month. This is proven security assurance given by companies that are confident of the quality they deliver. This also should insure you against any financial loss that you might incur should you hire any talent in-house.
  3. Affordability: The beginning of anything, especially a business, demands cost investment and you do not want to burn a big hole in your pocket right at the beginning. Outsourcing work to India is a rescue in this case, by giving you a saving of as much as 70 percent on employee salaries. Apart from this, you can leverage zero start-up costs, capital investments, long-term contracts, and start-up costs. This drastically reduces your risk, not just financially but also in terms of collateral damage.
  4. Quick scale down: Say you don’t want to outsource anymore. Your product development is nearing the end. You will probably need just one full-time resource to maintain your platform. What now? Since you are not bound by any long-term contracts, it becomes easy to scale down quickly.
  5. Accountable staff: When you hire remote employees then your work goes to the right hands who have years of experience in serving clients globally with expertise. As opposed to in-house resources where there’s no track record of the individual. The employees at the outsourcing company stay accountable to you for all the work.


Outsourcing to India brings you a lot of fruitful reasons to delegate all your work to experienced experts. it’s understandable that the outsourcing culture has been misunderstood on the grounds of loyalty, reliability, and quality over the years, but the digital advancements and virtual relations have elevated the delivery levels significantly. Outsourcing today is more flexible, simple, and in fact, the go-to option for businesses of all size and types.

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