Three Ways To Boost Engagement Through Mobile Marketing

By Daya Mukherjee Jun 19, 2022
Three Ways To Boost Engagement Through Mobile Marketing

Mobiles have become a key platform for marketing today. However, to leverage your presence on mobile phones to the maximum, you need to zero in on some sound strategies

Here are three proven mobile marketing strategies that are known to enhance user experience and boost sales:

Focusing on micro-moments
Mobile devices are not used for deep research on any topic. Rather, users turn to their mobile phones for quick advice or information on something. When they want to delve deep into an issue, they use their laptop or desktop. On mobiles, they appreciate precise answers that enable them to take immediate action.

Here is an example. If someone wants to know the closest day care, they will require bite-sized information for it. Graphs, charts or in-detail comparison of various day care facilities won’t get you users’ praise. Users simply want to know about the day care facilities that exist closest to them.

Micro-moments, which every business owner needs to know about, are segregated into four types:

  1. Know – e.g. “What is the currency of Mexico?”
  2. Go – e.g. “Where is the nearest hospital?”
  3. Do – e.g. “How can I make a soup?”
  4. Buy – e.g. “Nike sneakers”

To connect with users, you need to anticipate the kind of information that your prospects may require and develop content that fits in with their requirements. This type of content should be offered to them in accurate bite-sized pieces and they will like it.

Using QR Codes To Offer Relevant Info
QR codes can be used effectively for providing relevant information to users in a quick and seamless manner. Consumers tend to use QR codes for comparison-shopping. They use their mobile device to scan an item’s QR code and then compare the prices online and in-store. Using a QR code for product comparisons enables users to capitalize on those lucrative ‘buy’ micro-moments; so it’s not that you will be overstressing their value.

Experts term QR codes as shortcuts that enable you to put valuable information into the hands of your prospects. Make sure that QR codes take your customers to highly specific and targeted content and not the home page.

QR codes on a website can be used for several purposes such as taking users to a campaign-specific landing page, offering in-depth information on a specific product or group of products, using the same as a Facebook ‘like’ button for your business page, offering a coupon, or taking users to a contact page.

Resorting to Hyperlocal Marketing to Connect at Neighborhood-level
Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones for finding location-specific information. Hyperlocal isn’t limited to a city. It indicates very small and specific geographical locations that could be neighborhoods or even some specific streets.

Hyperlocal marketing can be used for boosting mobile site or app ranking on the basis of location-based keywords. You need to get listed in local directories and review sites such as Google My Business and Yelp. Geographically target your ads toward mobile users in your area and promote your products/services in local publications. Getting mentions, links and reviews on locally popular blogs will also help you in achieving your marketing objectives.

Mobile marketing enables to you reach your customers and prospects even when they are on the move. Well-executed mobile marketing strategies generate direct and positive results.

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