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VE’s full-stack developer understands the project requirement, target audience, business goals and expectations.

VE’s dedicated full-stack development team analyzes and evaluates the project and its technical requirements to put a project plan in place.

The virtual full-stack developers then create a wireframe with design assets and mock-ups as per the project plan.

After the prototype is approved, development is carried out by our full-stack programmers to give shape to your final product.

In the closing phase, rigorous testing is conducted to ensure an optimized and bug-free product before launch.

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Tim Butterworth MD, EEC Software, UK

Despite writing code myself for over 20 years, the code that VE’s developers have produced is actually better than if I had done it myself.

Tim Butterworth
MD, EEC Software, UK
Ryan Hunidi CIO, PracticeLink, USA

VE’s team did great work, helped me migrate about eight different association websites from a Windows platform over to a Linux platform.

Ryan Hunidi
CIO, PracticeLink, USA

My VE is vastly experienced and my right hand when it comes to integration of our customer relationship management portal and software.

Ryan McCarthy
CEO, Green Global Media, USA

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FAQs on Our Full-Stack Development Services

VE’s offshore full-stack developers in India have impressive global certifications from recognized giants like Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, and all major cloud platforms. In addition, the teams keep upgrading their skills through self-learning and training.
Apart from responsive design, our certified full-stack developers conduct cross-browser testing to make sure your app functions as required and appears well on various browsers and devices, providing a consistent user experience.
VE’s full-stack developers consistently follow industry best practices for security, such as encryption, secure coding, and periodic security tests. They also perform vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to detect and rectify potential security threats.
Our full-stack development team always designs systems and apps with scalability in mind. This enables them to grow fluently as your data needs or user base expands. Moreover, they leverage scalable architecture and cloud services to put up with future growth.
Yes, of course. Since you are now working with an employee and not a freelancer or a project outsourcing company, feel free to change/modify the specs of your project. You enjoy total flexibility so that you can create the software you want.

Breakaway From The Pack – Hire Full Stack Developers from India

Over the years, the global demand for full-stack programmers has gradually increased. The overall demand grew by 200% starting from 2015 up until 2018. With the emergence of additional full-stack frameworks, several companies are searching for comprehensive application or website development solutions under the same roof. The requirement for full stack has lowered the need for developers from 4 or 5 to only 1. ...

As a result, companies get the opportunity to cut short the development cost significantly along with aiding the whole development process. Full stack development includes both frontend and backend development of websites and apps together with testing, security, quality assurance, deployment, etc. A programmer who’s familiar with all these development aspects is a full-stack developer and holds a lot of importance in an IT company.

Hiring a full-stack developer for a project not just improves efficiency and speed but provides more meaning to web and application development. A full-stack developer understands when, where, and how to handle bugs, focus on better UI or optimize the code. Every single aspect is quite important throughout application development.

Here are the top advantages of opting for full-stack development:

  • Reliable and error-free development process
  • Reduction of overall development cost
  • Reduction of development time
  • Highly productive apps and websites
  • Streamlined project ownership
  • Easy & faster troubleshooting
  • Properly defined accountability
  • Flexible project development

What are the Advantages of Outsourcing Full Stack Development?

When you outsource full-stack development, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive Development: A competent full-stack development company like Virtual Employee provides skilled full-stack developers who can deliver custom development solutions as per the client’s individual requirements. They can effortlessly switch between back-end and front-end development as and when required. Full-stack development companies are reliable enough to help you save money and time through certified full-stack developers who know their way around distinct project complexities.
  • Design Structure: One of the major advantages of outsourcing full-stack development is that it not only helps you with web development but also app design and structure while building an overall development strategy.
  • Project Accountability: A professional full-stack development company will take ownership of the whole app or website design and implementation.
  • Cost-effective: VE’s experienced full-stack development team has hands-on experience in several technologies needed to create a top-notch web application. As a result, the whole development process is carried out by one resource, and you don’t need to hire separate developers for distinct tasks.
  • Timely Project Delivery: According to your project requirements, our full-stack developers can delegate the design and development tasks and switch roles if needed. Hence, you can save plenty of time and get your project delivered promptly.
  • Technical Expertise & Communication: Full-stack development companies always stay up to date with the latest tools and technologies. VE’s full-stack developers are constantly learning new skills and provide regular project updates through meetings and reports from time to time.

What are the Technical Skills of VE’s Full Stack Developers?

As discussed above, full-stack developers are adept at handling several types of web and app development projects with hands-on experience in using various programming languages and frameworks. Consequently, they have wide-ranging technical expertise and are always in high demand. Some of the technical skills of full-stack developers are as follows:

  • Programming Languages: A full-stack developer is experienced in using a wide variety of programming languages. This comprises front-end languages like HTML, Java, ASP.NET Core, PHP and back-end languages such as Ruby, Python, etc.
  • Frameworks: A full-stack development framework is a combination of software required to offer comprehensive web development solutions. Full-stack programmers are familiar with various web and app development frameworks and can leverage them to deliver top-quality results. A valuable web development framework can comprise Django, ASP.NET Core, Python, MyBatis, JavaSpring, Hibernate, and much more.
  • Front-end Development: Front-end development is related to creating things that the user sees and interacts with. VE’s full-stack developers are experienced in using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. And can deliver responsive and eye-catching web solutions.
  • Back-end Development: Everything you can’t see on the website or app comes under backend development, which involves working on server-side software. Managing the backend is as significant as the UI and UX of your app or website.
  • Databases: Our full-stack developers are extensively experienced in working with databases. This helps effectively store, handle, and organize the data for your development project.
  • Version Control & Debugging: Effectively managing the changes made in your mobile application and large websites is as important as performing regular debugging. Your full-stack developer at VE has the required skills to build a version control system and keep your website or app free from errors or bugs.

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