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Want to give a boost to your business by outsourcing JAVA development services?

Hire remote dedicated JAVA software developers who are renowned for delivering customized solutions. The JAVA software developers in India have a wide range of experience in J2EE, J2ME, JAVA+ DOJO tool, My SQL, and Oracle.

Though these dedicated JAVA developers work from an offshore location, they remain exclusively your own employees. By harnessing modern technological devices such as Skype, IM, PC sharing, and videoconferencing, you can oversee the progress of your project and efficiently collaborate with your remote employees.

Java Development

  1. helps you hire one or several JAVA developers and build your own dedicated JAVA team
  2. The JAVA candidates are carefully selected from the abundant Indian IT talent pool and are further double-screened before you get to interview them personally. Thus, you get a truly handpicked team of JAVA developers
  3. The cost of hiring dedicated JAVA developers varies from US $1395 to $2495 depending upon the expertise and experience of the candidates.

Technologies You Can Hire

core java programming

Core Java

Applets, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Swing, Database driven Desktop or Web Application Java Server Faces (JSF)/Java Server Pages (JSP)/Servlets

advance java programming

Advance Java

Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI), Java Transaction Service and API (JTS, JTA), Java Message Service (JMS), Java Mail, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), RMI, CORBA

java programmer testing tools

Testing Tools

Junit, Selinium, JMeter

orm frameworks

ORM Frameworks

iBatis, Hibernate,Java Persistence API (JPA), TopLink

web application server

WEB Application Servers

Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Application Server and Sun Servers (Glassfish)

web application development

Web Application Development Frameworks

JBoss Seam, Oracle ADF, Wicket, Apache MyFaces, Tapestry,Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Hibernate, Struts 2.0, Spring

JAVA Software Development Solutions provides a complete range of JAVA development solutions, including:

  • J2EE, J2ME, J2SE Design Patterns
  • Design and Development of applications on J2EE compliant framework
  • Projects related to JAVA CORBA and JAVA XML
  • Systems Programming
  • Web Application Development
  • Web Application Maintenance such as bug fixing and adding new features
  • Life cycle testing for web-based application and client server products

VE’s JAVA Development Capability

Our supplies highly talented, remotely working dedicated JAVA software developers who have expertise in using technologies such as JCA, JPA, JDBC, custom ORM program, JPQL, Hibernate, iBATIS, and EclipseLink.

J2EE (Web Applications)

VE’s remote dedicated software professionals have a proven track record of providing mobile friendly web development and J2ME application development for JAVA-enabled devices. They provide gaming, multimedia, financial and various types of business applications on various platforms.

J2ME (Mobile Applications)

VE’s remote dedicated software professionals have a proven track record of providing mobile web development and native mobile application development for JAVA-supported devices. They provide solutions for games, multimedia and social networks, business and finance on mainstream platforms.

J2SE (Desktop Applications)

Our remote dedicated JAVA developers work at an affordable rate. They are known in the market for developing standalone applications, client-server application, plug-ins, and extension development. They strike a balance between quality work and delivering job within the stipulated timeline.

Commonly asked questions about JAVA

Why should you hire dedicated JAVA developers from

  1. gives you the luxury of choosing your own dedicated JAVA developers who work exclusively for you from India, thanks to our unique recruitment model.
  2. allows you to oversee the development of your project at every stage as per your own matrices.
  3. provides your remote employees with latest communication systems such as Skype, Instant Messenger, videoconferencing and a local telephone number of your own country so that you can easily communicate with them.

What are the advantages of engaging dedicated JAVA developers?

  1. Exclusivity – our Java developers work exclusively only for one client at a time
  2. Easy to hire, as assists you at every step
  3. Access to world-class talent at a reasonable price
  4. No responsibilities of taxes or employee benefits; your dedicated JAVA developers are employees of
  5. Freedom from HR and IT issues, and technical hassles; we take care of them
  6. No investment on office space, software and hardware; your JAVA developers work from our well-maintained office in India

How do you work with your JAVA developer?

  1. Delegate tasks and responsibilities to your dedicated JAVA developers in India
  2. Monitor and review the performance of your Java developers
  3. Relay constructive feedback to your JAVA developers in India
  4. Ask the JAVA developers to follow your own data protection guidelines
  5. Decide project deadlines and ensure that the JAVA developers meet them
  6. Make sure that your critical data is being handled properly
  7. Interact with your JAVA developer on a daily basis to make sure that your project is on the right track

Why is Java so popular?

Java is popular for its portability and security features. If you want to maintain maximum level of security on your website and web application without compromising its quality, Java is for you. It is the language which accelerated the growth on the Internet. There was a time when almost every website was using Java applets. With further advancements in Java, it has become more feature-rich and relevant for modern enterprise development needs. Although Sun Microsystems (the parent company that developed Java) was acquired by Oracle in January 2010, Java and its popularity is still intact.

Java is platform independent, what does it mean?

Java is platform independent. This means that you can run Java applications on almost any operating system. A Java application does not need specific hardware, operating system and software to run. Java is everywhere. You only need JVM (Java Virtual Machine) installed on your PC/device to run Java applications. Right from the PCs to any household electronic devices, like microwaves, televisions, music players, mobiles or any hand held devices, all run on Java.

What kind of applications can be developed using Java?

Java can be used to develop almost any kind of application. It is equally capable of developing desktop applications as well as large-scale web applications. However, the real potential of Java lies in client-server computing needs. That is the reason why Java is the default choice for enterprise development needs.

What skill sets do you need to look for while hiring a Java developer?

A Java developer needs to have knowledge of both Core and Advance Java. He needs to have complete understanding of Object Oriented Programming and have proficiency in DBMS, RDBMS and OODBMS. Basic understanding of web servers like Apache Tomcat and IDEs like NetBeans is mandatory for an ideal Java resource.