How AI And Data Science Is Revolutionizing Our Social Visibility

By Arnab Bannerjee May 11, 2022
How AI And Data Science Is Revolutionizing Our Social Visibility?

We live and breathe technology, as we go about our routine each day. AI is an integral part of our world because this technology has already ventured into many aspects of our lives. In the coming years, we can expect groundbreaking inventions in the field of robotics and technology that will alter our lifestyle completely. Today, for the business world, artificial intelligence and data science are like water and food is for living beings. There’s a lot of competition and to stay alive and thrive, it is necessary to recognize the potential of AI in the social media realm.

The role of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP) within social platforms is rapidly growing. With all these components, AI is reinventing the way businesses manage sales and marketing, assess risks, and perform other acts- to offer enhanced customer experience. A lot of changes are sweeping through the business realm. All thanks to the advancement of AI technology, operations are more seamless and productive than ever.

AI Is Everywhere

You open your phone and check your Instagram. Suddenly an advertisement shows up in your feed and you are compelled to watch and act. It’s not a coincidence that a product you have been searching for online shows up on your feed. This is an outcome of the data science revolution that is guiding businesses in keeping a track of their audience’s digital footprints.

Every online search and activity adds to the Big Data and helps Businesses bridge the gap between customers and businesses. Artificial intelligence and data science aid in the extraction of strategic and coherent insights from the digital residues of more than 65% of the world population. This information extracted with the help of AI and data science is more comprehensive and detailed, which makes it an asset for businesses in various domains.

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Syncing With Your World Online

In the modern world, visibility brings in profits. As a consumer, we don’t just tend to look for what we want but reach out for something similar to our requirement. For instance, when a consumer searches online for soaps with low pH and switches to check his/her social media handle only to find an advertisement about organic low pH soaps, you can pretty much be sure that he/she will click the link.

The data science revolution has reached a new high, as social media platforms like Facebook are suggesting users, products and services as per their latest online search data. Personalizing the news feed of individuals and offering marketers a way to get closer to their target audience, artificial intelligence and data science walk hand in hand, helping businesses engage more people online.

AI For Social Visibility – What Are The Advantages?

There are many perks of a technology as adaptable as AI, let’s take a look at a few major ones.

Targeting The Right Customers

What good will an advertisement of makeup products be on the feed of a say, 16-year-old single boy, unless he is really interested in them? The answer, of course, is no good at all. You don’t have to reach everyone. We are not on just television anymore. In the current ultra-competitive world, businesses can’t wait for customers anymore. They have to run as swiftly and intelligently, as their consumers do in their day-to-day lives. Artificial intelligence is the much-need friend in this journey, allowing businesses to target the right customer and make a sale.

Bigger Reach

What if AI was not embedded in the framework of social media platforms? Would it still be an asset for businesses? No, the situation would be akin to you having a bowl full of cereals and no milk to go along with. How AI has benefited social media is another topic but for the business world, it is like the philosopher’s stone, turning everything it touches into profits.

Many businesses have mined solid gold, post the proliferation of artificial intelligence in the social media realm. It has provided businesses with the kind of reach that was impossible to achieve before AI came. AI’s capability to churn through huge quantities of data within seconds and placing advertisements as per the audience makes it an extremely valuable tool. So, businesses rely on AI to scan through humongous amounts of data and draw the right insights they are looking for.

The Reminders

Have you ever been online researching for a product but later forgot about it because of some engagements? However, you discover an ad about it while scrolling through your Instagram feed, and think what are the odds? Well, actually none. All your online searches are identified and tracked by the social media platforms, to update your feed with whatever you wish to buy. AI in social media has been an incredible tool to set reminders for users, who are looking for certain products that are advertised online.


AI has been a major game-changer in the field of User Experience. Today, online platforms like Netflix offer customized suggestion feed to every user as per the accumulated search data. It’s like going to a librarian, who is accustomed to the kind of books you usually check out. So, if he/she knows that you might be interested in a couple of books that came in recently, you get recommendations.

Marketers need to understand the impact of artificial intelligence on social media, to offer users bespoke recommendations. With wider access and a better understanding of the behavior and preferences of their target audience, hyper-targeted campaigns can be generated. These campaigns can be developed to focus on the interests of the target audience. For serving ads to the right audience, the combination of AI and machine learning helps businesses make intelligent decisions.

Valuable Performance Insights

The performance of every social media move needs to be closely monitored in order to achieve the desired results. AI can help marketers closely monitor the outcome of every idea, engagement strategy, and marketing campaign. The insights discovered via data science can provide valuable information to improve a business’s performance on social media platforms.

Facial Recognition & Tagging

Facial recognition is a significant development in the AI realm that is helping marketers in a big way. As automatic suggestions pop up when someone posts a picture of a place, person, or product, users are compelled to tag businesses, friends, and influencers. This has turned out to be an exceptional way to reach out to a huge audience online, without even posting anything from the official social media handle.

Analyzing Trends

Knowing what your audience wants is a different level of genius that will skyrocket your business to success. However, it’s hard to match the output of artificial intelligence and data science on social media with just surveys and feedback. To stay ahead of the curve, marketers need a deeper analysis of the ongoing trends and customer preferences. This can be achieved with the help of artificial intelligence.

Data science outsourcing can do wonders when coupled with social media. It can appeal to your audience, making you seem more relevant. Why should I buy your product? This is a question that needs to be simplified and be in sync with consumer perception. One can achieve this via the prolific data that can be sourced from social media platforms. You don’t have to feel exhausted, cruising through the piles of data. Let data science and AI join hands and weave magic for you by scanning through the data and offering insights you were always looking for.

Future-Ready Platforms

Deeming the exploding demand for dependable data that can enhance your businesses’ profits, staying future-ready is crucial for platforms like Facebook. The advanced neural network system has achieved the sophistication to take cues from the context of a conversation. Another major component of these platforms is the DeepTextAI that detects the type of account. There are many other factors that make artificial intelligence and data science an efficient solution for marketers. However, with so many advancements that are already preceding the requirement of users and businesses, we can expect some groundbreaking discoveries with deep learning.

We are on a constant quest to search for the next big thing that can change our lives for the better. AI has been a giant leap for the technology world and its amalgamation in our day-to-day lives is amazingly simple, yet so sophisticated. For the business world, this technology has been a major asset. Organizations of all sizes are able to profit from the presence of artificial intelligence and data science on social media platforms.

The data science revolution has bought us closer to witness a whole new world. Here, we have different ways to communicate than what we had just a few decades back. Children who were too young back then are now adults, who live and spend in a really different way than the generation before them. So, to stay relevant and function, businesses need to be aware of more than who their target audience is. They need to be close enough to know the details that they keep on missing while analyzing data or feedbacks. This is what makes the invasion of AI on social media platforms incredibly useful. Artificial intelligence can certainly add so much life to your marketing strategy. Investing and learning about it is a sure-shot way to success.

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