3 Powerful Reasons for Using Multimedia and Animation to Boost Your Business

By Daya Mukherjee Jan 29, 2018
3 Powerful Reasons for Using Multimedia and Animation to Boost Your Business

The success of any business largely depends on how effectively one spreads a word about the company and creates awareness among the targeted users. This is where multimedia and animation can be really helpful. As per the latest research report by Aberdeen, a well-known consultancy firm, businesses using multimedia register a much faster revenue growth. This is possible because of their ability to showcase their products and services in a more powerful manner, which strikes a chord with their customers faster. According to a study conducted by Web Use, the average attention span has fallen from 12 to 8 seconds. So, you have extremely limited time to capture audience attention.

Although many businesses consider it expensive, you can still include multimedia and animation into your marketing budget without letting it break the bank if you hire multimedia design services from credible outsourcing destinations such as India.

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Here are 3 ways in which multimedia and animation can benefit your business growth:

1. Explanation of value proposition
Most brand communications fail because the intended message is not imparted clearly to the audience. The value proposition of the products and services in such cases is vague. Incorporating multimedia and animation in your marketing strategy can help you make your customers understand your product and services better. Christopher G. Fox, managing partner, Syncresis, writes in CIO dotcom, “In three to five minutes, a good multimedia video can do the work of a robust white paper.” For a small business or startup, animation tools such as explainer video can be extremely beneficial.

2. Product demonstration
Multimedia and animation can come in very handy in ably demonstrating the USPs of any product or service. M&A tools can let your customers easily navigate through your key features and services, learn everything about your offerings and remain engaged. This in turn increases the conversion rate of your website.

How Dropbox Attained Success With Animated Explainer Video
Dropbox has a fascinating success story about what multimedia can do to a business. It used an animated explainer video, which helped its user base grow from zero to 100 million in just 5 years. The home page of the website has a simple web design, an explainer video on the landing page and a persuasive Call To Action button. Dropbox ran video campaigns that increased their conversion by 10% and converted nearly 1 million users a year.


3. Easier Selling
Multimedia and animation also leads to quicker and easier selling. Using lively animated videos with eye-catching cartoons evokes strong emotions and adds an emotional quotient to a simple sales pitch. Such animated videos quickly stick to the memory of users and they also make for a much less obtrusive form of advertisement.

Another advantage is that they are consumed more easily, apart from managing to entertain and impress customers. You can hire multimedia design services in India, which will help you create shareable animated videos within a reasonable budget.

Multimedia and animation videos are one of the most trusted and powerful ways for connecting with customers. They convey your business’s value proposition more succinctly. The best marketers know the importance of creating a good first impression, and multimedia has always been their most potent weapon. So, taking a leaf out of their marketing book won’t be a bad idea.

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