7 Virtues of Email Marketing Campaigns That You Must Know

By Daya Mukherjee May 05, 2019
7 Virtues of Email Marketing Campaigns That You Must Know

Email marketing offers a better ROI than social media marketing and this has been proved in various studies. This is because it’s more professional and target-oriented in nature as emails directly reach the inbox of people.

Here are the 7 virtues of email marketing campaigns:

  1. Helps build great relationships
    Sending valuable content to people helps build great relationships with them. It also helps increase people’s trust in a brand. You can send good blog posts, podcast notifications, tips, and other useful content to users. Provide them valuable content; don’t send pesky mails.
  2. You get a long-term audience
    Those people who feel that you don’t offer them something valuable will opt out; you can be sure about those who remain that they are interested in your content. This saves your time, energy, and money.
  3. Helps to maintain balance
    Copyblogger advises, “The best thing you can do for your list is send a balanced mix of high-quality content and regular offers.” So, you can have your email editorial calendar and make sure you maintain the right balance. Take a look at your email editorial calendar and make sure promotions and content are both part of your emails over the next few months.
  4. Writing focused emails that include a single but strong call to action
    Email marketing allows you to stick with a single call to action. You can continue focusing on sending clear messages and easily clickable links.
  5. It’s interactive
    It is interactive as you can launch campaigns using videos, graphics, music or a game. You can get your targeted clients drawn to your website. It will let you push your message directly to your clients.
  6. Increased sales
    Email campaigns allow you to contact many former and prospective customers via email in one go. You can enhance the interest quotient in your products or services, which will often result in increased sales. Although it is difficult to tell about the size of growth, but sales will increase for sure.
  7. It’s more humane
    Your subscribers would love to know your likes and dislikes; so you should not be afraid of introducing some element of individuality in your emails by telling stories, sharing opinions or displaying the personal side of your brand, and believe me, they will wait for your emails.

Summing up

These seven virtues will help you build stronger relationships with your subscriber and their impact will also be felt on your sales and bottom line.

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