6 Unconventional Ways to Increase Conversion Rate

By Daya Mukherjee May 04, 2019
6 Unconventional Ways to Increase Conversion Rate

Conversion rate has its weight worth in gold and that’s why both entrepreneurs and digital marketers take it seriously. A lot of tips and strategies about conversion rate optimization are available on the Web, but many of these techniques are quite common. Here is a list of 6 unconventional ways that you can try out to increase the conversion rate of your website:

  1. Show examples in your form fields: Most webmasters don’t think about form fields as this is a commonplace feature in many websites. Fields such as ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’ are quite straightforward, but showing an example can still help you increase your site’s conversion rate. Using the name of a fictional character can also help add some humor to otherwise boring stuff.
  2. Use a coupon code: Offering a coupon code can be a powerful strategy for website owners who want to sell certain products to their customers. Often slashed prices are used to show people that they are getting a good deal. This thing can be amplified by giving an extra deal via a coupon code at the check-out point. This can be used as a last-ditch effort for your users who are about to leave your website.
  3. Design traffic-specific landing pages: Have you ever thought about using custom landing pages to drive web traffic based on the source of your referral traffic? For example, you may think of creating a separate landing page for Facebook or Twitter traffic. This will make your offer more relevant for those specific users.
  4. Take advantage of ‘thank you’ pages: A ‘thank you’ page is used at the end of a conversion process, but you can use it as a potential source of further conversion. You can provide users an incentive to come back and purchase products from your website. For example, a coupon code or an exclusive discount on the next order can induce them to come and make a purchase next time.
  5. Use 404 page creatively: Most webmasters don’t think enough about the Error 404 page. You can use Error 404 as a landing page for a specific audience. This can be done by using a formal CTA. Be sure that people also respond to it if you use it cleverly.
  6. Create urgency in offers: Showing urgency in your offers can be a good strategy since it prompts users to act quickly. You can do so by creating more urgency in your CTA presentations, which you can do by making short-term offers. For example, you can let them know that the offer is available only for a short span of time. This strategy can often yield a positive result.

Some of the conversion optimization ideas discussed above may seem like out-of-the-box experiments, but implementing them may bring in positive results in most cases. That does not mean you should stop using the standard practices. The point to understand here is user behavior is quite unpredictable and you should keep trying new things to know what works with them.

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