Why Outsource BPO Services to VE in India

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In the modern era of disruptive business models and rapidly-changing markets, successful businesses need to be adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Businesses lacking flexibility in handling changing client, vendor, supplier and partner needs can find themselves at a disadvantage. India, with its thriving BPO industry that accounts for more than half of the global market making it the world leader in the customer services industry, is a perfect destination for all your BPO service needs.

Virtual Employee is a leading business process outsourcing companies in India and offers the full range of BPO operations, including handling customer calls, addressing queries, and resolving issues on phone calls, emails and chats. They also provide technical services like installation, maintenance and troubleshooting computer hardware, software and peripherals. Our offshore BPO experts also provide data processing, back-office support, administration, quality assurance and workflow planning, among other such services.

Timely and adequate customer services help businesses retain customers and gain more of them with positive endorsement and word of the mouth publicity, meaning you can’t take a chance with your BPO service experts. VE’s virtual business process outsourcing services take care of all your BPO services needs so that you only focus on running and growing your business.

Whatever your needs may be, and whatever your industry, VE, one of the best business process outsourcing companies in India, offers you unrivaled expertise, experience and triple-vetted resources for all your business specific needs. With more than 1,500 employees onboard, VE offers you plethora of options to choose from. You get flexibility, security and authority when you hire BPO experts from VE in India

Here are 6 reasons why companies outsource BPO services to India

Handpick Customer Care(CCE)/ Technical Support Executive (TSE) of your choice
Assess your BPO expert for a week for free before hiring
Get your offshore BPO team setup within 8 hours
Hire one BPO service professional or a full team
English language expertise ensures zero communication hassles
Your BPO expert works from ‘your’ offshore remote office in India
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360° BPO Services

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Voice Process

Our voice process experts handle complaints, support-related calls and information inquiries from your customers. Your customers’ problems and concerns are addressed through inbound calls. Outbound calls, pertaining to telemarketing, promotions, sales, verification services etc. are also made to customers.

Chat Process

Chat process resources at VE answer live chat requests from customers on your behalf. It’s a text-based process. Chat support process outsourcing with VE ensures your availability to your customers 24×7, thereby boosting your business and increasing your return on investment (RoI). Hire VE’s offshore chat process outsourcing experts for best results.

Email Process

VE’s email process experts in India interact with your customers through email support; troubleshoot problems related to their emails; write emails to and receive emails from customers on a daily basis. They offer prompt solutions to your customers through emails and build a rapport with them for a long-term relationship.

Blended Process

VE’s offshore blended process executives provide customer services for both incoming and outgoing calls. They also provide telephonic customer support on numerous issues. Our blended process experts offer customer care services within the stipulated time frame and are available 24*7 for your clients.

Technical Support Executives

Virtual Employee has a team of highly qualified BPO professionals who are adept at troubleshooting and solving issues like installation, maintenance of computer hardware, software and peripherals. Our experts offer 24X7 network support, IT help desk, account management, etc.

Back Office Staff

As your business grows, your local team starts to feel the pressure of increased workload. Give your staff the back office support they need. Outsource to Virtual Employee and scale up your team in no time. Your virtual assistants help you get more out of your day and increase productivity significantly.

Virtual Help Desk

Virtual Employee’s executives handle a wide range of help desk services remotely for your business. Your remote help desk staff provides services like call management, call tracking, chat assistance, problem resolution and personal assistance among a host of other such tasks which are critical for communication with your clients.

Data Management Tasks

Sophisticated data analysis provides companies with huge amounts of information about their customers’ spending habits, growth or decline in sales, seasonal forecasting, and so much more. Hire data management experts from VE to get you the required insights that drive your firm’s growth and help you to take an informed decision.

Financial Process Troubleshoot

Virtual Employee has experts equipped with all the software and tools to securely handle and streamline back office operations for financial sectors like banking, capital markets, mortgage services and insurance firms. They are trained on a number of finance and accounting software and help troubleshoot problems that may occur.

Why Hire BPO Service Professionals from India

Happy customers means more business
  • Largest Talent Pool

    India produces 3 million graduates every year, thus providing you an unmatched talent pool to choose from.

  • Time Zone Advantage

    Your dedicated resources work according to your schedule and are available at all times to meet your business needs.

  • Massive Cost Savings

    Outsourcing BPO services with Virtual Employee instead of hiring locally helps you save significantly on costs.


6 Additional Benefits of Hiring BPO Experts from VE

3500+ entrepreneurs vouch for our expertise

Hire BPO Expert
  • Free Trial

    VE offers up to 3-day free trial with all its resources. Hire your exclusive BPO expert only after you are satisfied with their performance during the free trial period.

  • Full-time Employees

    VE’s resources are full-time employees on our payroll and work exclusively for you. It gives you complete control over your project or resource.

  • Triple-vetted Experts

    VE triple vets all its BPO experts for technical and industry expertise before hiring. This ensures that you only get qualified personnel for your custom needs.

  • Value for Money

    You can hire BPO professionals from VE at a fraction of your local cost. Get more experienced resources at 70% lesser costs.

  • No Overhead Costs

    Pay only for your hired resource and nothing else. VE takes care of everything including office space, infrastructure, admin, accounts and other overheads.

  • Diverse Experience

    VE offers a plethora of options to choose experts from varied backgrounds and experiences. Get the experts who match your exact needs.

Hire Dedicated BPO Staff within 8 Hours

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