VE Chairman meets the leader of the largest state
in the country  

VE Chairman meets the leader of the largest state in the country

On September 7, 2013, the Chairman of Virtual Employee Pvt Ltd, Mr Narinder Singh Mahil met the Chief Minister (equivalent of a Governor of a state in the USA) of Uttar Pradesh, one of the largest states (population-wise) in India, when Yadav was in the city to inaugurate the NASSCOM headquarters in Noida, near New Delhi.

The Chief Minister of any state in India enjoys the same powers and functions as the Prime Minister. As the leader of the ruling party, it is the Chief Minister who chooses his council of ministers, allots portfolios to them, presides over meetings and can even demand resignations from erring ministers.

Uttar Pradesh has been home to some of the most powerful empires of ancient and medieval India. The state is also famous for the one of the world’s most loved and universally admired masterpiece, the Taj Mahal in Agra – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Yadav is one of the youngest politicians to hold the office of the Chief Minister in the country. From studying environmental engineering in Australia to joining his father’s political party, the Yadav scion’s rise in politics has been nothing short of phenomenal. Young and ambitious, he is a man with a mission and a vision, who wants to spread computer literacy in a state that has produced the maximum numbers of Prime Ministers in Indian politics.

Incidentally, Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd is a member of NASSCOM, the premier body of all the IT and software industries in the country. The media was present on the occasion in full strength and camera bulbs popped and flashed as Mr Mahil and Mr Yadav met each other. (The media was keen to take a picture and record the occasion for the news channels and so all that jostling has resulted in slightly blurry pics).

In his brief speech, Yadav stressed his government’s commitment to propelling Uttar Pradesh right to the forefront of IT-dominated states in the country, adding that his government was determined to change the economic landscape of the state. Noida houses more than 600 Information Technology/ Business Process Management firms that include about 50 MNCs. Companies like Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd can only grow from strength to strength since the state government supports such IT companies.

Several heavyweights from NASSCOM as well as other industry leaders and government representatives were also present at the occasion.



What’s New at VE

The management recently added to its fleet of existing vehicles by purchasing a luxurious 29-seater bus for ferrying its growing number of employees to and from the VE office complex at the Special Economic Zone (SEZ). This makes it the fifth four-wheeler to be purchased in a little over a year and the second bus in our fleet. All legal paperwork and other formalities have been completed and the brand-new bus is all set to take to the road by the month’s end. read more...

We have opened another unit in the SEZ

Virtual Employee Pvt Ltd’s office is expanding even in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) premises. We have taken another floor and work is on in full swing. As our clientele grows and more and more employees join the company, another unit within the SEZ was the need of the hour. Several teams will move into the new unit by the end of the month.

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